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  1. Flex 2 in PPR - Crowell, Eli Rogers, Marvin Jones
  2. I am in a 12-team PPR league where we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex, 1 DST. My roster is currently as follows: QB - Cousins, Jameis RB - Miller (5th-round keeper), Gordon, Jennings, Crowell, Blount, Kelley WR - Beckham (14-round keeper), Jeffery, Evans, Decker, Marvin Jones TE - Marty B, Dwayne Allen DST - Texans My "burner"/"flyer" roster spot is currently occupied by Rob Kelley. Because of the way this league is set, where you can conceivably start as many as 5 receivers, it is uncommon to carry more RB than WR. However, I feel like my 5 starting receivers are quite strong, and there is some uncertainty surrounding my non-Lamar Miller RB. Because of that,and because I don't think Matt Jones is particularly good, I am currently stashing Kelley. I am, however, considering swapping him out for Jamison Crowder or Eli Rogers for additional WR depth. ShauN Draughn is also available, but I don't really want any part of that 49ers offense. What do you guys think? Continue to stash Rob Kelley and see how it plays out for at least a couple of weeks? Or go ahead and grab Rogers or Crowder?
  3. Need to flex two of these in a PPR league: Vereen Dion Lewis Cole Beasley Vereen seems to have a great matchup, given how Philly RBs (especially Sproles) abused ATL LBs in the pass game. Even with Blount back, NE may need to attack BUF with intermediate passing, which would bode well for Lewis. Beasley could be in line for a lot of targets in DAL's reconfigured passing attack, but it may be wise to approach with some trepidation until we see how it shakes out.
  4. Christine Michael to Dallas. Looks like I'm staying put!
  5. Yeah, I think the value of being the WR3 in Green Bay may be a little overblown (other than that random year where James Jones had 14 TDs, has there been that much there?), but they do seem to like him, and who knows if Cobb's shoulder lingers/resurfaces? I originally drafted David Cobb, but I'm just not seeing much upside to that Tennessee running game.
  6. Our league is a 12-team, 16-player per roster. PPR scoring. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex, 1 DST (no kickers), so there's the possibility to start as many as 4 RB or 5 WR in any one given week. We had our draft last week (Aug. 28th), so obviously some stuff has happened since, and I've made some moves in response. Currently, my roster stands as follows: QB - Eli Manning (had hoped to pair him with Bradford, but he went right before I could take him, so I'd rather rely on the waiver wire if I need a Carson Palmer-type) RB - Marshawn, Lamar Miller, Ellington, Vereen, Dion Lewis, Christine Michael WR - Odell Beckham, TY Hilton, Mike Wallace, John Brown, Amendola, DGB, Tyler Lockett TE - Kelce DST - Dolphine I picked up Michael yesterday after the news that he could be traded, just to see if he'd end up in a desirable location. If Michael doesn't get moved (or does, but not to a good spot), I'd rather use that roster spot in a different manner. Possibilities are as follows: RB - David Cobb, Antonio Andrews, Karlos Williams, Roy Helu, Damien Williams (to handcuff Miller) WR - Ty Montgomery, Josh Huff I like Montgomery, but wonder whether rostering 8 receivers to 5 running backs is a bit much (even though, again, it is PPR and we can start as many as 5 receivers). Should I go for a more balanced approach? And if so, which player from the above list (or someone else I may be overlooking would you recommend. Happy to answer your question in return.
  7. Roll the dice with a potentially gimpy, Keenum-fed Hopkins over Stills and/or Landry in PPR?
  8. With the news that Lamar Miller will be limited today, should I flex Torrey Smith or Andre Holmes over him, or ride with Lamar? PPR.
  9. It's not a bad trade, per se, but I don't think it accomplishes what you want to do (make a playoff push). Since you only start 2RB and no flex, Johnson/Ringer would just sit on your bench unless or until something happened to Rice or DMC. Unless you believe/fear DMC's injury is long-term, there's no great benefit to the move. For this week, Tolbert is a fine fill-in for DMC.