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  1. As a preemptive PPR move, you might grab Lance Dunbar. I'm uncertain how large a role he will play once he returns, but he is reportedly due back soon.
  2. You are suggesting that a court of law determined that Zeke was "not guilty", and that is simply untrue. To prevail in a defamation suit, Zeke would need to show that the NFL made a false claim, which would be exceedingly difficult to prove. The burden of proof would be upon Zeke, not on the NFL. That would almost certainly be a PR disaster for Elliott.
  3. Huh? Suspension after he is reinstated? What does that even mean?
  4. I am holding McGuire in a couple dynasty leagues, but he managed a paltry 20 yards rushing on 11 carries and 2 receptions for 10 yards this weekend vs. the Browns in extended duty with Powell and Forte injured.
  5. When you drafted Henderson, you understood he would likely have little or no fantasy value this season. Henderson is buried in Denver, such that he has little chance of emerging in year one. I still like him as a deep dynasty hold, but it will take a degree of patience and an available bench spot. The sad reality for Henderson owners is that even if Anderson were to miss time, there is still Charles and Booker ahead of Henderson to contend with, and Jonathan Williams is also lurking behind Henderson. I still believe in Henderson's talent, but talent without opportunity won't score you any points. If you release him, he is not going to suddenly blow up, but other savvy owners may scoop him up before you can get him again.
  6. The suspension would not have to wait until Zeke failed to get an injunction. It could start immediately.
  7. Zeke would seek an injunction. I have no idea how that would be decided. The issue of "irreparable harm" favors Zeke; however, he must also convince a judge that he will ultimately prevail on the merits of his claim, and that could be where he fails in the NY Courts based on earlier precedent.
  8. Seeking relief and getting it are two separate things in any court.
  9. If this goes against Zeke, he will immediately seek relief. The only way I see that possibly changing is if Zeke were to suffer an injury in the meantime, in which case he would want the suspension time tolling while this sorts out.
  10. Fair point, and I agree it is very unpredictable. Typically, I would agree that the League best advances their argument of irreparable harm by immediately suspending Zeke; however, they must still reconcile their decision now with their earlier decision to voluntarily delay the suspension, as it will be a key point argued before the Court. Perhaps they justify taking a different approach based on the fact that there is now a Final Arbitration Decision, which was not in place at the time they voluntarily delayed the suspension earlier. Who knows? And of course all of this hinges on what this Court does.
  11. I think immediate enforcement of the suspension depends on how late in the week a ruling is made. The League established a precedent by voluntarily allowing Zeke to play Week 1, claiming that in deference to the team they chose not to enforce a suspension so late in the practice and game planning week, and deviating now from that earlier precedent might hurt the League's argument down the road on the issue of irreparable harm. Zeke would immediately seek a new injunction.
  12. I have not followed this closely, but I believe if it is determined this was filed prematurely, the Injunction is lifted. If this matter was not yet ripe to be heard by the Court, you never get to the question of irreparable harm.
  13. With injuries to both Montgomery (ribs) and Williams (knee) last night, Mays could see some action going forward along with fellow rookie Aaron Jones. I don't know how long Montgomery could be out, but don't sleep on Mays. While Jones may be the next man up, Mays will be mixed in and could outproduce Jones. Jones may be a hot waiver wire add this week, but Mays might be had for pennies on the dollar.
  14. Last season, Collins bulked up thinking he needed more power to his game. This season, he showed up for camp in phenomenal shape, trimmed down to 204. He is not going to steamroll defenders at his current weight, but he has back the burst he showed in college.
  15. Well done, Chaka!