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  1. It is interesting how Darrel Williams put up roughly the same numbers as Todd Gurley today, yet the perception is so different: Darrel Williams is the toast of those who picked him up, and Todd Gurley is simply toast.
  2. Dissly had a great matchup today,and he has strung together three consecutive scoring performances, but I still lack confidence in Pete Carroll to use his talented Tight End consistently. I am in a great position with Dissly backing up Kelce and Mark Andrews in Dynasty, and I will give it another week or two before I trust Dissly as a flex option, but this is obviously very encouraging.
  3. Darrel Williams' 2-TD game salvaged what was otherwise a disappointing performance. The fumble was not the result of poor ball security, however. It was simply a good defensive play, and Reid demonstrated he had lost no confidence in Darrel Williams by relying on him when the game was on the line. (On a side note, Shady has been flirting with disaster with how he carries the ball.). Darrel Williams put up a paltry 13 yards on only 8 carries. Most of that is attributable to multiple short yardage attempts (including 2 short rushing TDs), but it is concerning that Darrel Williams was not more involved in the running game today. In fairness, Matt Patricia had his defense dialed in today, frustrating the Chiefs attack, and the Chiefs offense never seemed to find a rhythm, but on a day Mahomes under-performed, Reid seemed unwilling to trust his running game (Shady had only 11 carries and Darwin never saw the field). Darrel Williams had a nice 30yard reception, but his role overlaps with Damien Williams' strengths, and Darrel Williams did little to distinguish himself today.
  4. Bo Derek or Bo Jackson? Bo Derek's average YPC was nothing special 😁 I absolutely agree Darwin is a stash and wait player if you have the roster space. However, Darrel has a chance to seize a share of this backfield now, and he displayed his ability last week against a tough Baltimore D. Shady is less than 100%, so look for Reid to once again mix Darrel Williams in. Last week, Darrel ran hard and decisive, and his final stat line would have have been even better if a nifty 17 yard catch and run had not been negated by a hold. Darrel is a good receiver, adept at picking up his blocking assignments and runs hard. He has a bit of Kareem Hunt to his game. It is a crowded backfield in KC, especially once Damien Williams returns, but I like the idea of owning a piece of this backfield. Injuries are not predictable, and the season is still early, but if I can pick up a potential late-season gem at an early-season discount, I am all about bargain shopping.
  5. Unless you get points for Canadian Football League stats, you are probably wasting a roster spot.
  6. That is why I said "until there is more than mere accusations, he should be allowed to play." I simply do not think the threshold of corroborating evidence is going to be particularly high in this case, given the multitude of alleged incidents and the corresponding media frenzy. Each case should be evaluated independent of other cases that have preceded it and decided on its own merits, so Goodell should not worry about how this affects future cases. The exempt list is a tool available to the League, but I do not support using it to truncate the investigative process. I can foresee situations where a claim is so egregious that it would be necessary to invoke such a measure (exempting a player until the League is able to investigate the matter), but I do not think this rises to that level.
  7. "A man who sounded like AB answered. I introduced myself. He hung up. In a text, I asked him if he would share proof of his claim that the woman asked him for money. He replied “foh clown” So we’re extremely confident that’s AB who sent the text messages." Which part convinced them this is AB? The fact that somebody answered the phone who "sounded like AB"? Or was it the "foh clown"? This just gets crazier all the time. I have no clue how you can confidently identify someone from answering a phone or texting "foh clown". In the words of Col. Jessup, "Please tell me you have something more." Please tell me you haven't pinned your claims on an unidentified man saying "hello" and a text message saying "foh clown". Please tell me this isn't the depth of your claim that this has to be AB. Look, I believe AB sent the text, and I suspect that will come out in short order, but this is not especially convincing. By all accounts, AB is a racist, a womanizer, a thug and about as bright as a dirt clod, but until there is more than mere accusations, he should be allowed to play. That said, I don't believe it will take much evidence to convince Roger Goodell to put AB on the Exempt List.
  8. I don't know that AB's text messages should be characterized as threatening. He denied the claims and called her a "super broke girl" and claimed she had a lot of kids. That is not especially intimidating. Poor judgment? Absolutely. Threatening? Hardly. Let's call off the lynching and allow AB due process. Everyone is piling on AB now, including claims of dead fish and farting at his doctor's office. If AB is the monster he has been described by his accusers as, I am confident he will face suspension, but let's not act too hastily. Thus far, we have accusations. Let the investigative process play out. I am not defending AB, but the process that should be afforded an accused.
  9. The phrase that perplexes me is when an announcer says "he threw an absolute dime". Pray tell, what does that even mean? The phrase "drop a dime" was a reference to making a phone call which comes from the cost of a call at a pay phone for many years (usually used in the sense of being an informant, a "dime-dropper", or "diming someone in"). Basketball began using the term to refer to an assist (I suppose the parallel here was, like a phone call, an assist is a "connection" between two players). Football has borrowed the term of "dropping a dime", and, again, I suppose the same parallel exists. However, when the announcer exclaims that the QB just "threw an absolute dime" to his wideout, the parallel is pretty much lost. I do not think that means what they think that means!
  10. I am not suggesting the Commissioner's Office will necessarily take any action toward AB. I am merely pointing out that the mere fact that this is a Civil accusation as opposed to criminal charges does not prohibit the League from taking action. Roger Goodell has great discretion in these matters.
  11. I would have to disagree with that claim. We have seen several instances of players being suspended or put on the Commissioner's Exempt List despite no criminal charges being filed, including Zeke and Kareem Hunt. The League does not need there to be criminal charges to mete out discipline. Moreover, the Exempt List is not necessarily discipline, since the player is still being paid, but it allows time for the NFL to investigate accusations. This is an accusation. That said, it seems to me to be a fairly flimsy accusation.
  12. It is puzzling to me how a man with a college education can be that difficult to understand. That is some variation of the English language that I am unable to fully interpret.
  13. Kelce Ertz Kittle Engram Andrews I don't know that Andrews ends up a top 5 TE, although he certainly looks like the real deal. Howard, Henry, Walker, Hockenson, Cook, and others may have something to say about that, however.