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  1. What I am hearing out of Dallas makes perfect sense to me. The Cowboys are using Gathers almost exclusively as a blocker because that is the most significant flaw in his game and the thing most likely to prevent him from being a part of the team. Gathers is a very poor blocker. Also, as we would expect from someone who lacks experience at TE, he does not appear to have a grasp of other nuances of the position. When a defense shows blitz, does Gathers understand his assignment? Will he break off his route and give Dak an outlet receiver? Will he pick up a blitzing defender? Yes, he can outrun linebackers. Yes, he can out-maneuver defenders for contested balls. Yes, he has soft, natural hands. Yes, he is a dangerous weapon every time he touches the ball. However, Gathers is a major liability for the Cowboys' offense until (unless) he develops. If Gathers did not invest the last year working hard to improve his deficiencies, he will not and should not make the final roster. My suspicion from what we are hearing is that Gathers has failed to make that kind of commitment to being a professional football player. I hope I am proven wrong.
  2. Great to have you aboard. we are still looking to fill the final spot
  3. The rules may seem a little archaic at some points, sorry. We wrote the League Manifesto back in 1990 or 1991, and back in those days, owners did actually submit their lineups by calling my answering machine Sunday mornings while I was at church, and I scored the games when the stats came out in the newspaper. We have evolved some since then, and we now use Lineups are submitted through that site, although they can still be e-mailed to me or called in, if for some reason an owner cannot access the site, and as Commissioner, I can go in and change lineups. It is not a true Dynasty where you retain your entire roster. We keep 20 of 25 every offseason and have a rookie (and unclaimed veterans) draft to bring rosters back to 25. However, in advance of the rookie draft, free agency does provide for ranking players and potentially losing or gaining some players beyond your 5 Franchise and 5 Transition Players (3 years or less). The remaining 10 players are designated as either Restricted Free Agents (5 players ranked 6-10) or Unrestricted Free Agents (5 players unranked). Each team may submit blind bids on an assigned date to acquire Restricted Free Agents and Unrestricted Free Agents from other team's rosters. For example, if I ranked Doug Martin #8 in my Restricted Free Agents, you could bid out a #7 (or higher) to acquire Martin. If your bid is successful, you will acquire Martin, and I may choose any player ranked #7 or below from your roster as compensation. There are some limits built in, but it allows for teams with weak rosters to get stronger very quickly and forces strong teams to carefully consider their rankings. To be fair to the two incoming owners, I am pooling the players from their rosters (50 total players) and allowing the two teams to draft (20 each). The order for the supplemental draft picks will be random, and the order for free agency and the order of the rookie draft picks will be the reverse order. Each team has a full compliment of picks in the rookie draft. One team has the 4th pick, and the other has the 8th pick, and while it is a non-serpentine draft, the order between these two teams will be in reverse order for even-numbered rounds. You can shoot me an e-mail if you are interested. Ideally, we would conduct the supplemental draft this weekend, but I do not want to push any new owners too quickly Rob
  4. I am hopeful we can fill these openings and draft the two teams in the next few days. Shoot me a message if you are interested. Thanks
  5. The two teams which have been orphaned are Suck it Trebek and Brees Bayou
  6. Weekly head-to-head matchups starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB, WR, TE), 1 PK and 1 Team Def/ST. Scoring is full point PPR, 6 points for a TD, whether passing, rushing or receiving. Fractional scoring, 1 point per 10 yards rushing or receiving and 1 point per 20 yards passing. Payout structure as follows: 50% to league winner; 25% to 1st place on overall points; 15% to 2nd place points; and 10% to 3rd place points. Each offseason we rank players and conduct free agency. Each team may fully retain 5 players on a developmental squad (3 years or less in NFL) and franchise 5 more players. The remaining 10 players may be signed by another team for compensation. I will not get too deep into this, as it can be confusing at first glance, but it allows teams to quickly build. We have had several worst-to-first occurrences over the years. Both available teams have all of their picks in the upcoming rookie draft. Picks 4 and 8. Non-serpentine. Assignment of the rookie draft picks between the two new owners will be random, and we will reverse that order for both the initial supplemental draft and free agency.
  7. To make it fair, I will pool the players from the two teams and let the new owners draft their teams. We have unique free agency following that draft, which allows wholesale moves as well, so rebuilding can be done in very short order. Annual fees of $50 (plus a 1/10 share of RTSports site fee) collected through Leaguesafe. This League has been in existence since 1991, and we are looking for some long-term committed owners who enjoy an interactive league. Rosters will be drafted to 20, with a rookie draft in August to expand to 25. Rosters: Russell Wilson Alex Collins Devonta Freeman Davante Adams Larry Fitzgerald DeAndre Hopkins Jason Witten Stephen Gostkowski Detroit LionsD/ST Aaron Rodgers Javorius Allen Rex Burkhead Tevin Coleman D'Onta Foreman John Brown Randall Cobb Chris Hogan WR Paul Richardson Mohamed Sanu Taywan Taylor Stephen Anderson Jordan Reed Kyle Rudolph Jake Elliott Kansas City Chiefs D/ST Drew Brees LeGarrette Blount Jalen Richard Nelson Agholor DeSean Jackson Marvin Jones Julius Thomas Adam Vinatieri Baltimore Ravens Carson Palmer Matt Forte Chris Johnson Adrian Peterson Shane Vereen Jamaal Williams Kerwynn Williams Tyler Boyd Jaron Brown Sammie Coates Julian Edelman Allen Hurns Dontrelle Inman Cooper Kupp Jake Butt Coby Fleener
  8. Please enlarge the text
  9. I have Chark well below Miller, and I would put Pettis and Callaway a tier ahead of Chark. How are you guys ranking him compared to J’Mon Moore, Deon Cain, Tre’Quan Smith, Coutee or Hamilton?
  10. Judging by the voting, Rico Gathers is being lauded as the second coming of Jermichael Finley. As a fantasy owner with some shares of Gathers, I am hopeful he shows enough development as a blocker that he can make the field, but I am not optimistic.
  11. Gathers has the physical attributes to be successful at TE; however, this could be a make or break year for him. Despite his impressive size, Gathers is overpowered as a blocker, and, if this has not been improved significantly, he will prove to be too big of a liability to be anything more than an occasional receiver in Dallas' run-first offense, and he could be out of the league in short order. His blend of size, speed, balance, soft hands and athleticism make him a potential matchup nightmare as a receiver, but there is more to the position than that, and the coaches have challenged him to step up. I am concerned about Gathers' commitment level. Hopefully he can put his rap career on hold and focus on the task at hand. This preseason will be telling. If Gathers put the time in during the last year toward strength conditioning and blocking technique, he could challenge for the starting job. The comments from the coaching staff suggest that has not been the case, however.
  12. But he looked pretty dominant doing it
  13. Agreed. I would love to see Rico Gathers playing in New Orleans: I believe he would get on the field, and I believe Brees would take advantage of the mismatches Rico can create. Part of Rico's problem in Dallas may be that Witten has set the bar extremely high; he was a complete TE who excelled in all aspects of playing the position. There is no Witten-type talent currently on their roster. While I voted Swaim, and I expect either Swaim or Jarwin to open the season as the Cowboys' starting TE, if Rico picks up where he left off last preseason, dominating defensive backs and flying past linebackers, I expect him to make the 53-man roster. With the departure of Dez Bryant, the Cowboys are bereft of playmakers on the outside . If Rico has made significant progress in other areas of his game, he could easily earn the starting TE spot for the Cowboys. Let's not pretend the other TEs on Dallas' roster are special talents.
  14. I would love to see Gathers terrorizing defenses, but Swaim and Jarwin are more complete TEs, and that will be the difference. Gathers is a physical freak and potential matchup nightmare for opposing defenses, but until he gains a better understanding of the blocking schemes and other nuances of the TE position, he will prove to be a liability in Dallas' run-first offense as anything more than an occasional receiver. Schultz brings a Stanford pedigree and excellent blocking skills, but he will likely take time to develop. My money is on Swaim opening the season as starter. I am pulling for Rico to take a big step forward and force the Cowboys into playing him.
  15. Mahomes got to spend a season learning the offense and watching Smith . He needs game reps to develop further. That was not going to happen with Smith in front of him. There will be growing pains, but the only way to know what you have in Mahomes is to get him into action.