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  1. Even if he is on the team, there is ZERO excuse to use him in a 2 run game. Period.
  2. I really don't get bringing in K-Rod in a tie game for his 3rd game in 3 nights. Should have went with Rondon.
  3. Despite what Sanchez has done beyond 6 innings this year, I have no issues leaving him in to pitch in the 8th. The bullpen is gassed.
  4. For most of the year this team has only had 2 consistent starting pitchers...Verlander and Fulmer. Zimmermann had a great start but has been hurt and/or ineffective since. The rest of the starters have been inconsistent for most of the year. K Rod has been money since opening day. Justin Wilson had one bad week but has been great otherwise. Shayne Greene saved the back end of the bullpen. The others have all been up and down for most of the year but showing signs of improvement lately. Given all that (especially having only 2 consistent starting pitchers for most of the year), if anyone had told me this team would be contending with all those pitching problems, I would have called them crazy. I have been as critical as anyone of Ausmus. I thought he should have been fired last year and earlier this year. But its time to give credit where credit is due and Ausmus deserves a ton of credit for having a team with the above serious pitching flaws contending for a playoff spot and the division. He kept them together earlier in the year when they easily could have fallen apart. If this team makes the playoffs (and especially if they win the division), Ausmus should get strong consideration for manager of the year. I never thought I would ever think such a thing but he has done a great overall job this year.
  5. I'm fine with Norris as a #4 starter and Pelfrey at 5. My main concern with Norris is he always seems to be hurt. His stuff is definitely good enough. Pitch count is a concern. I'm not as comfortable with Boyd but his last 3 starts have been good. I would be fine with trading for a 4th starter if that's the route they choose. I agree that we need another late inning bullpem arm but only if the cost is reasonable. Of course, I would prefer to see that spot filled by Jiminez.
  6. 10-0. It might be Lowe time now.
  7. Well, the Tigers just made it 8-0 after 6 innings. We just need 2 more runs to get Lowe in the game.
  8. Joe Jiminez struck out Omar Infante on 5 pitches in his first game in Toledo. The Tigers can deny it all they want but I fully expect to see Jiminez this year and before September. I might be wrong but I can dream.
  9. How is Lowe still on this team? A 4-month sample size should be enough to see. He is terrible.