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  1. I know Moya has been pretty bad in the field but they send him to Toledo and keep Tyler ####### Collins? Unreal.
  2. This team simply cannot win with their current starting pitching.
  3. No water guns allowed? Guess I'm not going.
  4. Norris and Zimmerman expected to each miss another start. Boyd will start one of the games and of course, Sanchez will start the other one.
  5. If I was Hillary, I would not waste a minute talking about this. She has nothing whatsoever to gain. Even if she told the truth 100% about everything, the people that don't like her would just call her a liar or say something else negative. She won't gain many votes. Better to stick to policy and attacking Trump. I am not a supporter (I voted for Bernie) but I am voting for her.
  6. Exceptional post. And you are spot on...his revolution is just getting started.
  7. Please tell me this isn't real.
  8. Alex Wilson should never be in a game when you have a 1 run lead in the 8th.
  9. It might be even more nuts that you think. I was going to mention this before. What politician out there (past or present) is or has been considered honest/trustworthy? I am in my mid-50s and only one (past or present) that I can think of right now that I truly believe is/was both honest and trustworthy is Bernie Sanders. Maybe I missed someone but that's honestly what I believe and it's pretty sad.
  10. Zimmerman on the 15 day DL with a strained neck. Sanchez starting game 2.
  11. A 6 year contract for a 32 year old player. Holland must want to corner the market with bad long contracts. What a ####### idiot.