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  1. When the media either has news that Trump doesn't like or news that turns out to be inaccurate, Trump and his team calls it "fake news". When Trump lies or is mistakenly inaccurate, he never apologizes, he and his tean says it is " alternative facts".
  2. If you don't like the thread, just stay out of it.
  3. His comments about the media and everything he has said and done relating to Russia are much worse and frankly dangerous. Blowing this stuff off like its no big deal is is a really big deal.
  4. I agree but it depends on what the Democrats have to cave in on to get it.
  5. He may be OUR president, but WE (people that did not vote for him) did not elect him. YOU (people that voted for him) did. You did it, you own it.
  6. If he (or anyone else) wants to see what a swamp looks like, just take a look at Trump's cabinet.
  7. Hard to know with all the "fake news" out there.
  8. Level of dishonesty of the press is out of control.