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  1. I thought it was close with Trump winning, but I can't think of anything he said that helps him get votes from women and minorities. So even though he may have won, I don't think he gained anything.
  2. SOL.
  3. SOL.
  4. SOL
  5. This. Yet again. In other news, water is wet.
  6. Where did I claim to be a medical professional? Also, I have had pneumonia before and spent 3 days in the hospital. That and basic stuff I have read and heard is the limit of my knowledge...which is similar to what others in this thread know about pneumonia.
  7. I know as much (no more, no less) as everyone else in this thread. Which is not much other than assumptions and speculation.
  8. It depends how bad it is and how far along or how long she had it. I do know when you are lightheaded and dehydrated and get an IV to hydrate you, you feel better pretty quick but there is no way she should have been doing anything except resting. Of course, imagine if she actually did that like she was supposed to. The story/narrative would be that she is halfway to her deathbed because of not showing up for a 9-11 event so frankly I would have done exactly what she did. She loses much more by not showing up at all versus what happened. As far as believing it, none of us know the full truth. Whether that's what she really has, whether there is something else with it, the severity, etc are all seemingly dependent on people's political leanings, especially in this thread. Her known symptoms (bad lingering cough, dehydration, lightheaded/fainting) are all symptoms of pnemonia. That's all I know.
  9. I also had it before.