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  1. I don't see a possible defense for the above.
  2. I will give Fox credit for a hard hitting story about how a $15 minimum wage will create a bunch of robot hamburger makers.
  3. Fox News headline says "Mainstream media goes after Jared Kushner". In the limited time I watched there was no discussion of the actual story.
  4. Anibal Sanchez optioned to Toledo.
  5. To some degree I think you're right but there is no way we could follow the discussion about Russia in that thread because that thread is so big it moves too fast to keep up. This thread also has more specifics.
  6. Whats the reason? I think its a bad idea and completely unnecessary. The Russian investigation absolutely needs its own thread.
  7. My previous post about the speech being good was the part of the speech before the above hypocrisy.
  8. I think this is a good speech thus far.
  9. Trump is so full of ####.