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  1. Great to be back! Minshew or TTaylor in superflex J Taylor or Mack PPR or start both over D Jax with Phi injuries? PHI or TEN
  2. I know we'll need to wait, but want to play out some scenarios to be ready for anything come Saturday/Sunday/Monday. Need 2 flex spots, in PPR: Boone vs GBY Monday (he's in if we hear both Cook and Mattison are out obviously) OBJ vs BAL Sunday Smoke vs NE Saturday B. Scott vs DAL Sunday Higbee vs SF Saturday Mostert vs LA Saturday Have Boone & Mostert In right now. If we don't have any clarity by Saturday, wait it out and pivot to OBJ or Scott on Sunday if we still don't know who's playing? Or just roll with Boone regardless and pray? Finally a K question, stick with Z Gonzalez or pick up Bailey, Sanders or Forbath? Thanks for all of your help and wouldn't be here without the FBG community. Hitting on Mahomes last year and Jackson this year was a huge advantage and allowed me to overcome my 2nd round pick of OBJ and 4th round pick of Michel and 5th round pick of OJ Howard.
  3. Need 1 flex spot, PPR: OBJ, Smoke, B Scott, Higbee, Conley or Perriman?
  4. Need 1 RB, 2 flex PPR: C Carson R Penny McCoy D Thompson OBJ J Brown Mostert Also stick with PIT D in weeks 15/16 or grab NO (IND, @TEN) or KC (DEN, @CHI)? Finally need 1 PPR: M Sanders, OBJ, Chark?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving Sig! Better bench stash for playoffs (weeks 15/16)? Goedert (have Andrews), R Anderson, Snell, Armstead, Edwards, D Thompson (have McCoy/Darrel)? PPR Also this week start 3 (2 RBs/1flex): Carson, OBJ, M Sanders, McCoy or Darrel? PPR
  6. Hope you're feeling better Sig (same for Waldman) Best flex option this week, PPR: Guice, Goedert, Laird? Or drop one of these guys to pick up S Shepard, R Gage, J Gordon, Snell or R. Freeman to plug in? Looking ahead to playoffs (8-3 tied for 1st). Superflex league, PPR, start QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 2 Flex, 1 Superflex, 1 TE QB - L Jackson, Mahomes RB - Carson, M. Sanders, Penny, Guice, Laird, Pollard WR - Adams, OBJ, Moore, J Brown TE - Andrews, Goedert D - PIT Worried about RB2 for the stretch run. Was offered Foles/Jacobs/Kirk for Mahomes/Brown/Pollard from the Zeke owner. Take the downgrade at QB and WR for the upgrade at RB2? Roll with PIT or grab a PHI or GBY to pair with them for the ARI or BUF matchup in weeks 14-15 (would need to drop one of my RBs or Goedert)?
  7. Need an upside flex this week PPR: Have Goedert, but Deebo, Hardman, Dorsett, TreQuan Smith are available. PPR (rank in case I can't get first choice off wire). If not Goedert, drop him or McCoy to pick up other option? Best RB upside stash, PPR: Pollard, Armstead, M. Davis/Bonnafon, Edwards, Darrel Williams Any interest in Ajayi? Have Sanders.
  8. Roll with PIT D or drop for NYG, DET, ARI, CLE, or KC this week? Like them for ROS and don’t think I could get them back if I drop them. Best bench stash? Henderson, Pollard or Bonnafon? Don’t own any of the starters, PPR or take a shot on M Davis who was just released. Start T Edmunds over G Edwards PPR? i’m 6-3 but have limited options at RB2 but strong at QB and WR. Start QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 2 flex and 1 superflex. QB - L Jax, Mahomes RB - Carson, Penny, McCoy, M Sanders, G Edwards, Henderson, Guice WR - Adams, OBJ, J Brown, DJ Moore TE - Andrews Being offered Zeke/Foles/Kirk or Ridley for Adams/Mahomes. Would you take the deal?
  9. J. Gordon a priority add this week? Go for upside RB back up like Armstead, Bonnafon, Pollard, Thompson or Gordon? Rank these defenses this week: PIT, PHI, TEN, DEN Best option for late game sub in case Adams is out: P. Dorsett, R. Jones, H. Winfrow Start L. McCoy or M. Sanders, PPR Rank these QB options if Mahomes is out: K. Allen, M. Trubisky, M. Rudolph, R. Fitz
  10. Hey Sig bye week’s killing me. Start M Sanders or D Henderson in PPR?
  11. Need an upside WR, PPR - Lazard, Conley, Dorsett, C Davis, or AJ Brown? Can you rank in case I get beat off the wire for first choice. Trade M Sanders for Singletary? Better upside ROS? PPR Start Edmonds or Henderson if DJ and Gurley start? PPR
  12. Lots of uncertainty at RB this week, but need 3 starters (1 RB, 2 Flex) - McCoy, M. Sanders, Hardman, Pringle, Edmonds (assuming DJ plays, obvious start if he's out but late game start is tricky) Looking to buy low on some guys and worried about Andrew's injuries: Trade L. Jackson/M. Andrews/C. Edmonds for K. Murray/T. Kelce/D. Singletary to DJ owner? Super flex, PPR league with Mahomes as my #1 QB or just simply flip Edmonds for Singletary? Buy, Sell, Hold OBJ and D. Adams?
  13. Need 3 (1 WR/2 Flex) PPR - M. Sanders, Smokey Brown, DJ Moore, Hardman, T. Eifert, Darrel Williams Or pick up and start one of C. Edmonds, A. Tate, M. Sanu, D. Pettis, Mattison, Coutee? Best D for this week: CAR, NO, CIN, HOU, SF, KC Best stashes 2 RB/WR for season changing potential (have room for 2) - Mattison, Pollard, Edmonds, Armstead, Mostert, D. Thompson, D. Harris, Pettis, Coutee Have Carson, trade Moore for Fuller and Penny?