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  1. Bucky86

    PSA- Buy a house in Sicily for $1.15 a 1 euro/Immobili a 1 euro.htm
  2. The Hill‏Verified account @thehill FollowFollow @thehill More JUST IN: Senate Intel Committee subpoenas conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi
  3. Exactly. Trump would be even more dumb and tell someone else to go tell Cohen to lie to Congress. TWO witnesses to the crime!
  4. Who knew that running a country could be so difficult?
  5. I don't think he'd win.
  6. Phew! Betsy Woodruff‏Verified account @woodruffbets FollowFollow @woodruffbets More RE Daily Mail photos of Michael Cohen with his arm in a sling: Source close to Cohen tells me he had prescheduled minor shoulder surgery today 11:47 AM - 18 Jan 2019
  7. Repeating the same lies over and over? Sheesh, Ren. Have some respect for yourself.
  8. this real? Cohen arrives to apartment with a black eye and arm in a sling.
  9. Probably Pence and then pour money into protecting as many Senate seats? They're in a terrible spot unless they bail on Trump like tomorrow and start positioning someone else soon.
  10. Needs to change the news cycle.
  11. The guy is doing almost EVERYTHING to Putin's liking...
  12. As @Zow would say. I'd really love you on my jury.
  13. Wonder if they did one of those "Dbnr" things that lawyers do. Can any lawyers weigh in. Does that protect against responsibility for what is in the note?