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  1. He wants to be king... BREAKING: Trump tells Reuters that he disagrees with Fed to hike rates, "not thrilled" with Powell; asked if he believes Fed should be independent, Trump says he believes in "what's good for the country" adding "I should be given some help by the Fed" MORE: Trump tells Reuters that when the U.S. puts tariffs on China, China artificially lowers price of Yuan; Trump also says it is "very dangerous" when companies like Twitter, Facebook self-regulate
  2. Still deliberating. No notes so far today.
  3. Totally not racist. https://twitter.com/joshtpm/status/1031628693238685697
  4. ICE

    Jennifer Jacobs‏Verified account @JenniferJJacobs FollowFollow @JenniferJJacobs More “You’re not nervous are you?” Trump says, calling a Hispanic-looking immigration official to the podium. “Speaks perfect English,” Trump says of the agent, who arrested someone for trying to illegally smuggle 78 immigrants into the US.
  5. Further reasoning why people just need to put posters like that on ignore.
  6. @RVAwonk FollowFollow @RVAwonk More NEW: Top Democrats on the House Oversight Committee & Subcommittee on National Security have requested info regarding national security adviser John Bolton's security clearance after it was revealed that he worked with alleged Russian spy Maria Butina. https://democrats-oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/top-democrats-seek-information-on-bolton-s-security-clearance-after-revelation …
  7. The colonel gave up strategic advantage in the bed without any sort of probing for enemy weakness? Those mountain peaks provide superior tactical advantage and were yours for the taking!!!
  8. And it doesn't even matter if the meeting was a "flop." If the intent was there, they're still guilty.
  9. Isn't he the one that copy and pastes from the Free Republic message board?
  10. Clapper on a talk show. Trump tweeting and ranting about an ongoing investigation while dropping his morning deuce.
  11. Probably too late now. If I see it again I’m gonna spray it once more with the hose.