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  1. Get your kind out of here! This is only for Anti-Hillary and anti-Trump people pretending to be undecideds!
  2. Tim Tebow
  3. First one was Gordon for 2.7(middle of a rookie draft, still in the first round) Second one was Gordon for the 3.8 and Sanu. 3rd was a 2017 3rd round pick.
  4. Lowball offers keep rolling in.
  5. This is me right now. I have people circling. The one guy at 1.8 doesn't want to give it up for him, where as I don't want to give him up for the 2.7 either
  6. Already getting offers in for an on-going rookie draft. Was just offered their second round pick and Sanu.
  7. How many times have you and your wife since you've been there?
  8. We have a reality TV show star as a presidential candidate for one of our main political parties.
  9. That campaign is definitely run by old people. See the Steven Seagal AMA for how this is going to turn out.
  10. Isn't Obama the worst president ever?
  11. Sounds like a coup d etat. Be sure to pick the winning side or you'll be screwed.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me. It seems Putin feels like a Trump presidency will set back U.S. relations with the rest of the world and Russia will be able to step in and make a major power grab. Brexit, Turkey, and a potential Trump presidency with nothing but U.S. isolation and bluster with it's own European allies? Things are looking up for Russia.