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  1. "You see when I raped that girl, it wasn't because I wanted to hurt her. It was just because I was really horny."
  2. "Ready the NUKES!!!" -Trump
  3. I'm about to take a shower and finish packing for my trip. My flight leaves at 3:50pm. I'll probably head to the airport at 2:00pm.
  4. Ball cancer
  5. It might be a good idea to stop giving Trump intelligence updates. There's no telling what that psycho is going to do with it once he officially loses?
  6. So, what are the Trumpkins plans for election night?
  7. good job nominating this orange #### face!
  8. I'd start hiding poop filled underwear around the office.
  9. Started watching last night. 2 episodes in. Enjoying it so far. For the boobage
  10. Just once today. I'll go back on November 8th.