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  1. I’m still leaning that way but I’ll admit I’ll be watching him up until draft day. If he can generate a ton of points like some are saying on this board (possible greatest fantasy asset or something like that ever) I have to at least consider him
  2. I hold the number one pick this year in my keeper league rookie draft and while I usually eschew drafting qbs and just stream them weekly or draft a few and roll with who I drafted I have to admit I’m intrigued by his passing and running potential in that offense. I’m just gonna wait until preseason games start and then see how he looks and make a decision based on the games and camp news. Im definitely intrigued tho
  3. Oh shoot I put this on the wrong forum was at a wedding reception and just clicked on the wrong link sorry guys!
  4. What it comes down to in this particular situation is how you felt about the situation, how you read it and read into it, and what you were willing to do if you owed him or were willing to gamble if you wanted to trade for him. There are no right or wrong answers in a situation like this and each and every owner whether or not you owned him or not had to figure out if he was worth the risk to either keep him or trade for him. Some owners received offers that they thought were too good to keep him so they traded him away. Others made offers to assume that risk and might be rewarded because of it. Some owners wanted to wash their hands of the whole situation and gave him away for whatever they could get for him. Each and every owner in every dynasty/keep fantasy league across the country had to make a call what they wanted to do with tyreek and they made it. Some will be rewarded some won’t. Some will be sorry with how they handled it. But in the end I’m assuming everyone did what they felt was right in their own individual situation. There are no rights or wrongs on this
  5. I think he gets one game. Maybe none. You can’t punish a guy for doing nothing wrong besides fathering a child with a psycho.
  6. Same here. Hit many times with a belt. No marks what I got were more of a learning hit than a real whipping.
  7. So to Barack’s bullet point number three above I believe Chubb might be a generational talent and hunt will eat into his stats but not significantly enough to really hurt Chubb but just enough to generate some trade interest to a running back needy team for the 2020 season
  8. I don’t know how many of you remember how beastly Chubb was in college before he injured his knee but he was an absolute stud int the college ranks. No less runners than Gurley and Fournette (two study runners themselves) proclaimed him better running backs than they were at the time when all three were still in college. That’s always stuck with me and I think the Browns feel the same way. I believe Chubb is going to be the main runner there all year long and they signed hunt to keep Chubb fresh later in the season by giving him breathers and taking a few series here and there to keep him fresh because I’m feeling the Browns feel like they can make a run deep into the playoffs this year and they’ll need Chubb fresh and hunt contributing to get them where they think they can go. I also believe they’ll use hunt just enough in situations he can be successful in to generate enough stats and show off his abilities to create a trade market for him next off season maybe they feel like they can get a second or third round pick for him if he shows well and keeps his nose clean. Just my two cents
  9. I think when you have a talent like him in the system he’s in and attached to the quarterback he’s attached to you don’t make any panic moves and trade him. You just sink with him if he goes down because if you trade him for pennies on the dollar you’ve locked in a loss on him instead of holding and potentially reaping the rewards of keeping him. He’s sort of like the stock market you can sell and lock in the loss and acquire lesser assets that will never provide you the return he could if you just didn’t sell. Sometimes four quarters don’t equal a dollar. I have him in two leagues and I’ve held him since this has all begun rather than sell him for what I’ve been offered. I’d rather keep him and take the chance he’s playing this year than lock in a loss and trade him for an unknown draft pick or Alshon Jeffrey or someone like that who’s more than likely not gonna help my team on his best days and instead just clog up a roster spot on my team
  10. You called it Soulfly I gotta admit I’m pretty impressed
  11. If I owned him in any of my dynasty leagues I’d be looking to sell high as I don’t think this level of success will continue for him, especially with a new regime coming in to coach the broncos
  12. 1. Cleveland 2. Denver 3. TB 4. Cin 5. Miami 6. NYJ 7. GB 8. ARIZ
  13. They had a couple of good ones in the 80’s- Reggie Langhorn and Webster Slaughter
  14. Gotta be a Tennessee Titans wr can’t think of who tho