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  1. They had a couple of good ones in the 80’s- Reggie Langhorn and Webster Slaughter
  2. Gotta be a Tennessee Titans wr can’t think of who tho
  3. I just got this one in my inbox for my one point PPR dynasty league (from someone who I thought would offer better) His frank gore and devante parker For my Kerryon Johnson and Mike Evans ?? not sure if if it was a joke or a real offer it’s so off the wall
  4. Must be saving him for the stretch run.........
  5. No lie. 30+ year keeper league with supposedly knowledgeable owners who I thought would know better. Started getting excited at around 2.07 that he was dropping. Started making trade offers nobody accepted at 3.01 and fell into my lap at 3.05. Still can’t believe that happened as I wanted him since he took over for gurley at Georgia and saw some of those runs he ripped off Glad it did as it looks like he could be something special
  6. I debated him at 1.03 didn’t take home and got him with my next pick at 3.05. Not sure what others were thinking. Maybe Hyde and Duke and all the losing scared them off but I’m glad it did if it did
  7. What the heck did the owner in question do to possibly be removed? ive been in hundreds of leagues and the only reason we get rid of owners is because they collude. I can’t think of any other reason to boot an owner
  8. Just traded up to get him at 1.09. Was sitting at 2.04 and couldn’t risk him not making it to me there. Cost me 3.10 but I think it was worth the cost
  9. finfansteve

    ***Official 3rd Pick - REDRAFT***

    Bump. My draft is tomorrow just wondering what the latest results/surprises/trends might be
  10. I’ve got pick 1.01in one league and I’m seriously thinking of going Gurley/LB/Zeke whichever one when it’s time and then at the 2/3 turn Howard and Mixon or another RB if anyone drops. It looks like I can grab serviceable wrs at 4/5 and later. Not sure if I’ll have the sack to pull the trigger if someone like Evans or AJ Green is still sitting there at the turn but I’m pondering it. There’s two flex slots in this league with only two start wrs and no TE start. I like going three rbs in rounds 1/2/3 and I KNOW I can trade those rbs for a kings ransom in this league once the season is underway.
  11. finfansteve

    The New “Dive” Rule

    Stupid rule. Just let these guys play for gods sake
  12. finfansteve

    ***Russell Wilson Bandwagon***

    I’m surprised this isn’t being discussed more in this forum or in general
  13. finfansteve

    ***Russell Wilson Bandwagon***

    Anybody concerned about him this year? Once again the offensive line is a mess, they have a new coordinator that likes to run the ball, he lost graham and Richardson, and the team is falling apart around him not to mention Baldwin out for all of camp and who knows how effective he’ll be when he plays. In dynasty is it maybe time to entertain thoughts of seeing what you can get for him and in redraft should he still be a top 5 QB? the situation around him concerns me more than he himself actually does but color me concerned
  14. finfansteve

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    I’m happy I made the trade I’m just wondering how it’s all gonna play out in this and coming years
  15. finfansteve

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    I guess maybe I just like JG a lot and think he can bounce back but in a dynasty league I took the surer thing (and younger) IMO