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  1. I probably should’ve googled it before typing that. I remembered it as more of a sneak but you guys were right it was a scramble
  2. Didn’t Carson Wentz get hurt on a similar type play a couple years ago?
  3. Reid must not trust him yet but with Tyreek coming back sometime soon his time might be running out on my roster. I don’t understand the lack of usage
  4. I’m staying away personally but am pretty tempted. I just don’t see him continuing to thrive in this jags offense this year for whatever reason
  5. That’s what I’m thinking. Everyone expects them to take tua but they could trade the pick for tua away for a kings ransom build up the team just enough to not possibly lose the number one in 2021 and take Lawrence
  6. I actually think Trevor Lawrence in 2021 is the actual target at Qi for this team. They’ll trade number one next year for a kings ransom build the team at the lines and some skill positions and wait for Lawrence in 2021 im probably wrong on this but who knows
  7. Either one would be my main flex or spot starter at their respective position. Both have pluses and concerns for me. AB with his federal charges and learning the system. McCoy has his age and Williams to worry about. I currently own McCoy but the AB owner is pondering putting this trade up on The league site. Should I accept it if he does? I’m set at both positions but trading McCoy would leave me feeling somewhat unbalanced roster structure wise even tho I still has justice hill, Royce freeman, and Peyton barber on the bench behind starters D.J. and Derrick Henry
  8. What are we thinking about this guy both this year and long term with Arizona and Murray? He had an alright game yesterday stat wise but I wasn’t able to watch that game to see how he was used or if he was open much and just wasn’t thrown the ball. Fitz had a nice game will he continue to be the go to there or was his nice game more a result of circumstance and coverage?
  9. This is definitely true velocity was the big red flag on him at the time
  10. Any new thoughts on this guy going into the season? Watching him in preseason action I think they HAVE to find a role for this guy in the offense this year
  11. Nope. I agree 100% with you on this. That organization terrifies me into trusting they will help make Jacobs a good fantasy player. I just traded down from 1.01 to 1.03 for the very reason you just stated
  12. I’m starting to think he might be the best running back from this class in the future. Maybe not as much production this year as Jacobs Montgomery etc but for next year and going forward I think this could be the guy to own
  13. I’m still leaning that way but I’ll admit I’ll be watching him up until draft day. If he can generate a ton of points like some are saying on this board (possible greatest fantasy asset or something like that ever) I have to at least consider him