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  1. Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in Catch you then.
  2. But... then that's 200 days I have to feel like Moses in the wilderness. Only, you know, slightly more forsaken.
  3. Sort of, but I think I understand what you mean. Now, if they're a member of or spending a lot of time around people who are members of an extremist organization, that's enough for me. In either case. You're a contributor on "Daily Stormer"? Or you spend a bunch of time chatting with Nazi Twitter accounts? Fine. You're under investigation. You're a contributor on some jihadi website? Or you spend a bunch of time chatting with ISIS Twitter accounts? Fine. You're under investigation.
  4. I think both are pretty offensive. There has to be more to it than “Muslim” or “conservative.”
  5. Can you explain what you mean by "target muslims in the fight against Islamic extremism"?
  6. I assume if that's proven incorrect, you will change your position substantially on this issue.
  7. After rewatching that Manafort clip, I am shocked that Mueller and his team were able to figure out he was lying to them.
  8. Where are you seeing that?
  9. If I may, I'm pretty sure I know the exact moments what you're referring to as left wing bias (and I don't agree that's what it is) started on this board. There were two. Both have been removed from the board. The first was when a sizable discussion of "white genocide" started. The second was a long and involved discussion of pizzagate and Spirit Cooking. Honestly, if I ran a message board and those topics started up like a forest fire I would crush any related discussion point as quickly as possible for as long as necessary from that point forward. Either you allow it or you raze it to the ground and salt the earth. And nobody wants to be the message board owner where someone first got radicalized. Given those episodes, I think the board moderators have been remarkably permissive, all things considered.
  10. I find it's usually the fault of the person who doesn't get the joke. All jokes are inherently funny, it's the audience who is usually wrong.