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  1. I literally posted his handwritten job application and Greenpeace’s response.
  2. My point being if you stop caring about the actual words of the authorization it’s a blanket authorization for the executive to kill anyone it wants. Which is bad.
  3. Right. How does that differentiate it from the authorization as we were discussing it when I posted that question? The discussion we were having was that Iran doesn’t fall under that umbrella and opponents were saying that doesn’t matter because Soleimani was a terrorist. And defined as one by the US State Department.
  4. Why not? If we’ve determined that terrorists as defined by the executive branch fall under it and US Citizens fall under it, what’s the reason?
  5. There are now articles out from writers who allegedly contacted the guy. Honestly seems weirder to me that you’re continuing to be certain of this.
  6. That tweet was a direct quote of a campaign email copied and pasted. That’s not the weird part, really.
  7. While it may sound that way to you, many people say “the military” to mean “the top administrators and generals actually making the decisions.” I don’t know which one he meant. I do know that no one here wants to see a single member of the American military die.
  8. I don’t believe I’ve made any such generalizations, so I’m not sure who “you guys” are in this sentence.
  9. This isn’t really a hard topic. Everyone has agreed until this notice to Congress that it doesn’t include Iran. At all. And can’t. In his nomination for Defense Secretary in July 2019, then-Secretary of the Army Mark Esper testified that the 2002 AUMF could not authorize the use of military force against Iran.
  10. No. The administration realized it got caught in a lie and made up a post-hoc rationalization which directly contradicts is own analysis from last year of the AUMF.
  11. Here’s what you’re quoting. It’s entirely about Al Qaeda. Notably It specifically cites on page 2 that the authorization is for use of force against Al Qaeda and its associated entities:
  12. The process of obtaining authorization for the use of military force from Congress.
  13. Are you sure? We already know his administration lied about his reasoning. How do you know nothing went wrong (this time)? We also know that 100 service members got brain injuries in the aftermath of this from the retaliation by Iran. Which they also lied about. And the President laughs off as headaches.
  14. Sure. Why not have a guy who can make decisions like that all alone? What could go wrong?