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  1. It bodes better for application of the law. In this case, I would assume it bodes well for the prosecution, but it depends on the jury.
  2. Actually pleasantly surprised by this. They didn't push to finish before the weekend, and are likely going through the charges and evidence like they should be. Two thumbs up.
  3. I'm sure it's just me. And Forbes. And the Financial Times. And TheStreet. Financial Times had an article earlier this year titled "The Unstoppable Rise Of Trading Market Volatility." It had this nifty gem in it: I understand that this isn't a conversation about Black Friday. Regardless, yes, the market is more volatile than it had been, in part because of vacillating consumer and investor confidence brought on by weird foreign relations and foreign market decisions. The sky isn't falling, but it's something to watch.
  4. Did you just link to the CBOE Volatility index to try to prove that volatility levels are low? Since that's basically a stock to predict future volatility, let's look at what investors think instead: https://www.thestreet.com/investing/stocks/how-to-handle-market-volatility-14638447
  5. 12.09 Ty Montgomery RB GB @Keerock
  6. Here. Picking in one minute.
  7. I’d say we should go protest, but since the article is two and a half years old we’re probably too late. Also, guess it didn’t take. Whew!
  8. right, but that’s not his only relevant appointee. FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, military intelligence, every other DOJ appointment, Space Force... none of them have come up with anything. It’s not just Sessions.
  9. Oh, shoot, I thought I was talking to StealthyCat. My apologies.
  10. How’s inflation? How are wages? What’s the percentage of people who can work a 40 hour week and are not food insecure? I agree that the economy has been trending upward for some time, but the indicator you think the stock market is is really an indicator of confidence. Watch the swings in the market - not whether they are up or down but the wild swings. Publicly traded Corporate profits are way up. That’s cool. How are small businesses doing? How many went out of business this year? What’s the profit margin for a local business hiring and paying a living wage? Are businesses able to make a profit that also allows them to contribute to the tax base significantly?
  11. I guess you have to explain what you mean by all those questions because context gives very different answers. Trends for what? Great with respect to what? Where do I see us in what respect?
  12. The stock market. Is not. The economy. It never has been, no matter who was President, and it never will be. Just like Vegas sports books are not the NFL or NBA.
  13. Sheep No More is my new band name. First album will be “Getting Fleeced On The Internet”.
  14. Seems more like he has conservatives off kilter. They’re the ones not acting like themselves.