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  1. I'm on about once a week. Moo.
  2. Look up what? What that rule was for over a hundred years ago in France when child brides were legal and there were no laws about bestiality? I don't think there were women's restrooms when it meant what you're using it for. Because they were property, so they should be at home. It's like saying you should ideally buy a 10-year old house with a new roof because it's already settled but it will last you. I'm discussing the modern usage. Also, the rule meant "ideal" because you want a bride as young as possible without being creepy. Which is why the rule evolved to what it is now.
  3. It's the minimum age for dating and not appearing creepy.
  4. Took two responses to get to the actual rule. I assume the next five pages is filled with people vehemently agreeing with this, so no need to continue reading.
  5. Signed by Minnesota today.
  6. I did this dance with Jahvid Best a few years ago, so I cut him. Hopefully that decision will be vindicated when Bostic is reactivated
  7. Not anymore. New rule this year, I believe.
  8. But if you're the Lions, do you bring back Abdullah? Or Bostic? I have to think Bostic is the play.
  9. I find myself there at times. Especially around anniversaries of some difficult times in my life. I was was going in for surgery the day you lost her. And in recovery thereafter after some weirdness. And I'm so sorry. Many people think about it. Or even write the note as an exercise. If you ever find yourself making a plan, please make sure you talk to a professional. It's worth it. And helpful. I still wish you hope.
  10. Good thing all those people shied away from Bernie thinking he looked too frail and Trump would take advantage of that in the GE.
  11. See, he's an 8th grade shop teacher. So he doesn't have two thumbs.
  12. And somewhere, Henri the 8th grade shop teacher shook his head, cried, and whispered "ce n'est pas moi..."
  13. Wait, what do you think hollandaise sauce is? I think I might see the problem. Also, as I've been telling my wife for years, anything you put in your mouth should be judged by quality, not quantity.
  14. ####. I died and I'm in the circle of hell where no one has any taste in food.
  15. By the way, if you ever want to see a hospital go to Defcon 1, go tell the head nurse that the medical malpractice plaintiff's lawyer in post-op is bleeding internally.