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  1. They're thinking maybe people will pay money for the magazine.
  2. Don't be weird. That's Melania.
  3. If there's one thing the right is terrible at, it's a boycott.
  4. Most people I know aren't reacting with "OMGWTF" based just on what he's saying. It's "OMGWTF" based on the people still supporting and defending him.
  5. No. Could be while giving information to the lawyer.
  6. Not being "his" attorney doesn't mean a relationship hasn't been created on certain issues... if a CEO speaks to the corporate attorney he's covered by privilege at times.
  7. But precisely the kind of guy to support if you're a "hate the gays and vote against the Violence Against Women Act then pretend it's because you're a libertarian" kind of guy.
  8. He's a defender of the Constitution when it's interpreted how he likes it. Otherwise he wants it changed to ban things he doesn't like.
  9. I'm not familiar with all the ins and outs, but he arguably has an ethical duty not to disclose those conversations.