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  1. It would be rude to tell the President what names he can post under.
  2. Give it three more months and you'll be chanting "Lock Her Up"
  3. I literally posted the statutes I believe she should be arrested and charged under and made what I thought was a pretty decent argument in favor of prison time.
  4. I really don't. Wait, are you another one of the people who's so clueless he thinks I really like Hillary Clinton?
  5. Nothing personal, he's just a 70 year old man with a short attention span, tiny hands, and a whole lot of real estate back there.
  6. I definitely don't have enough confidence in his ability to "feel" to find out.
  7. I'd be a little weirded out if the President didn't know how to wipe his rear end.
  8. Seriously, you guys. We should boycott this left wing nutcase news website "Breitbart" over this.