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  1. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    @matttyl If someone came to you, and you only had those silly doorknob locks on your doors, and said “we can have 24 hour a day surveillance of your home with armed response in moments for a cost of $10 per month or we can install a deadbolt on your door for $75,000.00, which would you prefer?” what would your response be?
  2. Henry Ford

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    #WheresMitch is getting pretty funny.
  3. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    I see the point you’re trying to make. It’s just not as good as you seem to think it is.
  4. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    And if that lock cost $25 bn I would advise you to just not have it installed.
  5. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    1. You would hear it; 2. You can hear glass breaking for 3 acres; 3. If no one could possibly hear your door being kicked in or your windows breaking, no, cheap locks aren’t very effective at anything but making you feel better.
  6. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    Also, I’m going to start calling myself an “Ultimate” lawyer. I had no idea the power that would have.
  7. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    Because in order to bypass them you have to make enough noise to alert people who can then respond. Which is why people with money get alarms, so there’s always noise and people always respond.
  8. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    Because that’s the thing: the only real security is response. Knowing what’s happening and being able to respond. If someone kicks in the door you need to be able to have a response. The kick and sound are a warning. To you or an alarm company or whatever. If you had 24 hour surveillance you wouldn’t need to lock your doors. And if you lock your doors, if you think someone’s coming you will still get 24 hour surveillance.
  9. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    When I hire tens of thousands of agents to patrol my yard and have drone surveillance over it I will concede that I take home security more seriously than border security.
  10. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    Extreme? It’s a lock. It’s a good lock, but it’s a lock. I don’t see your point. Your point seems to be that I suggested you should stop locking your door. Which seems odd.
  11. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    There’s a sheet of steel with a hole in it running through my wooden door frame. That hole takes the deadbolt from an unpickable lock designed to take 4000 lbs of pressure (when the button is depressed - when someone’s home - it cannot be unlocked even with a key.)
  12. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    I’m saying my door frame has steel in it and I use this lock system. And I have windows but you can’t reach my lock through them.
  13. Henry Ford

    Do walls work?

    That would not work for my locks. You should get better locks.
  14. Henry Ford

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Okay. Under-30 use it for kicking ### working a quest or job in video games with a non-sexual meaning on a pretty regular basis.
  15. Watching the games. It’s certainly possible he didn’t have concussions, but he was definitely repeatedly evaluated during games this season. I could well be misremembering He had one at the end of last season, too