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  1. "Why don't we just give one of you a nice Merino wool? Problem solved!"
  2. I listen to it every Thanksgiving. Family tradition.
  3. Conservatives' general response to liberal outrage is "whoah, relax." That's not great for art. It's Thomas Kinkade, not Jasper Johns. The current Republican party isn't very conservative, so we may get some more heated right-wing work, but it's not likely to be the kind of thing the radio wants to play.
  4. Part of that was the shift in his voice. The shift to conservative voice for him went along with him deciding "well, yeah, things are messed up but it'll be okay. We always seem to make it work as a human race. Somehow." It doesn't make for great conflict and tension. His own personal stakes just aren't as high - so neither are the stakes of his characters.
  5. Also, that isn't a knock - conservatives are needed for exactly that characteristic. Too much, too fast is dangerous for the country just as stagnation is.
  6. I think the salient characteristic of conservatives is resistance to change. Hard to write a protest song that just goes "keep stuff the same!" Instead you get things like "Dixie" - nostalgia songs for the way things used to be.
  7. I’d say closer to the “Another Fine Myth” series by Robert Asprin, but it’s not dissimilar in tone.
  8. A woman who’s nine months pregnant lost her mind over nothing and turned it into a massive issue, then backtracked. Clearly this should be national news.
  9. Yeah, Clinton had to treat him as normal because the Clintons and Trumps were friends. And she lost as a result. Anyone else who does that against him is a fool.
  10. Abso-freaking-lutely. I agree with you every time you say it.
  11. That thread is the truth. And it’s exactly what the Democrats should be using as a strategy guide.