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  1. Welcome To Jamaica, Have A Nice Day
  2. Well, aren't we fancy Mr. Rockefeller?
  3. Wait. Drinking poison that causes your liver to lose function in detoxifying your blood stream can cause cancer?
  4. It's a tough balancing act. But I think we have been way too far on the other side for a long time. Admittedly, I'm in an area with a lot of police corruption and I see some at work. And I share a wall with internal affairs. But there are a lot of screw ups, and people get hurt as a result. And the officers who commit these acts do not show up and say "yeah, totally my fault." More often than not, they blame the person who was hurt. And that's pretty messed up. I guess I'm of the opinion that while there may be too much scrutiny right now, there was definitely too little historically. And the pendulum will swing back some. I think the endgame will be substantially preferable to what happened previously.
  5. Read the policy. It'll tell you what it covers.
  6. It really depends on the industry. Frequently for some, seldom or never for some, systematically for some.
  7. Allow me, as a Louisiana resident, to dispel this myth. Fat people own a lot of guns.
  8. Is that what I typed? Let me check.
  9. Criminally? Not particularly.
  10. I'm no better and in many ways substantially worse than most of the people from any category I could be placed in. Lawyer Male Ginger Liberal Atheist you could list a thousand categories, and I'd be an example in many ways of how we shouldn't trust, give rights or privileges to, have compassion for, or help that group of people.
  11. Slowly. And when we get there, wait a sec while we catch our breath.
  12. The people I know from the Middle East and North Africa have assimilated just fine.
  13. Sorry, am I spewing incessant hate? I mean, obviously I don't have a job.