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  1. To you, or you believe they’d say that at a Trump function?
  2. I look forward to an official determination of the circumstances surrounding his death.
  3. I don’t know, it sounds like Turkey asked us not to according to his tweet.
  4. Possibly. There are a number of ways this could go. But there’s no question that Russia, Turkey, and Assad now have a strong base for an alliance that just forced the US military to retreat from and abandon its base in Syria.
  5. I think ISIS is stronger today than they were 48 hours ago. That’s not ideal.
  6. Weird how that works out. The Kurds are now aligned with Russia and Syria. Erdogan, Assad, and Putin get significantly stronger, the US gets significantly weaker. ISIS gets a thousand soldiers back, including dozens of leaders. Is this what winning so much we get sick of it feels like?
  7. I’m mostly kidding. It is a weird situation. Also, honestly, yes - if you murder a drug dealer for what’s in his pockets you’re remarkably stupid even compared to someone who murders a drug dealer for twelve pounds of weed and thousands of dollars.
  8. Tell Mitch McConnell. The other side has been trying to prevent things like this for two and a half years.
  9. Trump’s decision to turn and run from Turkey in Syria led to leaving behind those dozens of high value ISIS prisoners. They’ll be back on the battlefield and in ISIS leadership in hours.
  10. President Trump just put ISIS leadership back on the battlefield with State support from Turkey and Syria behind them.
  11. The US left behind those dozens of high value ISIS prisoners while scrambling to retreat.
  12. 1. Lamar Jackson is up for trade in exchange for a RB who doesn’t make me cry every week; 2. Thank you, Beatdown Brigade, for not starting Diggs.
  13. So our “tough guy” president is evacuating Syria like Saigon.