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  1. Based on the numbers and the reality of this situation,, both the number of cases generally and the number of deaths are almost certainly undercounted. We’ve just “discovered” this was active in the country at a minimum weeks before we previously realized it. For months (including now for some) there weren’t enough tests for living people with severe symptoms and many people who couldn’t get a post-mortem test and/or who died at home have not been counted. I’m not sure it matters. Given that the new IHME modeling indicates an expected loss of 135,000 Americans, the fact that we are already officially over 75,000, and the fact that the IHME model is still optimistic (in my opinion overly so) all suggest the same course of action as a larger number (or, frankly, even a significantly smaller number) would suggest. Stay. Home
  2. If you use Sweden’s expected death statistics per capita based on their social distancing methodology and apply it to the United States, close to a half million people would die here. That’s not even taking into account packed cities here that Sweden doesn’t have; Stockholm doesn’t even compare to them with less than 2/3 the density of Los Angeles and less than half of NYC. I’m not okay with that. And those are the same models that predicted less than 60,000 deaths total in the United States a couple weeks ago or so if we stayed locked up through May. We’ll break that number well before most lockdowns are lifted.
  3. Because we have a vaccine and that’s what limits it to 61,000 people. Much like social distancing might limit it to 75,000 people.
  4. No. It isn’t. We are already past a normal flu season. Overall the CDC estimates are between 12,000 and 61,000 deaths are attributable to flu annually since 2010. And what we have done is make a flu vaccine available every year. We are at 55,000 Covid-19 deaths in a month and a half or so with these measures in place, and that doesn’t include a lot of people who may have died of it. It also doesn’t include long term organ damage issues with lungs, kidneys, and neurological symptoms, and we are nowhere near through a full year.
  6. There isn’t a state in the US with less than 2.5x the number of deaths per capita that New Zealand has, and we’re not close to done. Our smallest state, Wyoming, has less than 600,000 people and has 3x as many deaths per capita as New Zealand.
  7. While the overwhelming majority of the country is locked down. And over the period of a month. In 30 days with everyone wearing gloves and masks and mostly not allowed to leave their homes we have the equivalent of a full bad flu season with no such precautions. I can explain it, but I can't make people understand it. Seacrest out.
  8. Kind of you to say. Lovely to see you too. Not sticking around, but this entire concept - that the cure has become worse than the disease at this point - is dangerous, wrongheaded, and will kill a lot of people. The Boston Globe ran 16 pages of obituaries yesterday. The New Orleans Times-Picayune/Advocate ran 8. And this thing is just starting to really hit some of the more rural areas of the country. The time to stop it before mass economic damage was in February and very early March. Our government bodies did not do that. This is the consequence. And mass deaths are not an acceptable tradeoff.
  9. No. It isn't. I'm not really on this board anymore and don't have any intention of getting into a back and forth argument. But the cure - saving lives by ceasing non-essential economic activity until we can get a real handle on keeping people alive - is not worse than the disease - killing people. I know people want to talk about how an economic depression will kill people on a mass scale. That's simply not borne out by studies on the reality of even the Great Depression. In other words, what you think will probably happen because it sounds right to you isn't the same as what will happen. It isn't reality. It's made up, much like "they're going to make your wives less safe in the bathroom" astroturfing against the Equal Rights Amendment. And similar opposition to the Civil Rights movement. And everything else opposed by this sort of coordinated effort to whip up opposition in order to preserve something for people of great wealth. And as suggested previously by @Lutherman2112 in the Government response thread, the protest "movement" is astroturfed, not some huge grassroots movement going on. As far as I've been able to trace the statements made in this Reddit thread, the poster is correct. These "against excessive quarantine" groups were overwhelmingly created by a few persons or groups, one significant one based it appears out of Jacksonville, from an address that belongs to a company offering to lease its machines, which it claims sterilizes N95 masks, to hospitals. He is a Republican lobbyist named Michael Murphy. The protesters here are not by and large the downtrodden masses looking for a way to make rent. They are people literally holding signs saying they need a haircut or want to go golfing, driving expensive vehicles and screaming at counterprotesting nurses, as part of a coordinated movement created by wealthy, powerful people in order to convince others that the nation wants to get back to a dangerous situation to make them more money. As a nation, we are still experiencing now on our best days more than the equivalent of a 9/11 ground zero number of deaths every two days. There will be a second wave of this virus when restrictions are lifted. And it may be terrible. How terrible will in part be decided by how low we get these numbers before things reopen. Remember Singapore? How great their response was? Their second wave has hit. Let's try to avoid that here.
  10. Kind of you to wonder. Several people I know have tested positive, including a lawyer who’s spent quite some time on a ventilator but is getting better. I am alive, I assume primarily because of my deep disdain for human beings and my desire under normal circumstances to stay away from them all. I left the board but left email notifications on in case someone has an emergency I can help with. Good luck to everyone. Stay at home. This is not a joke. This is not the flu. Anyone who tells you this is the flu and not to worry is the kind of person who would hide a zombie bite. Do not trust that person or his/her judgment. Stay safe. The veil of civilization is thin, but beyond it lies not only unimaginable horrors, but also unimaginable humanity.
  11. I've been pretty supportive and optimistic about this forum. I understand it's fun to pull the "hey, I got you suspended!" bit. I understand it's nifty to play the "favoritism/victim" card for some segment of people here. But when your glee and your fun is based on reporting a man with progressive dementia to the moderators and lobbying to have him suspended, and then making fun of him when he comes back and posts an angry statement, you've lost me. There are some really good people on this board. I hope for good things for them. There are some people here wasting air. I hope they plant trees or something to make up for it.
  12. Almost four years ago, DW posted on this board that his faculties were declining due to disease and a diagnosis and prognosis he was unwilling to share. He's discussed it vaguely on a number of occasions with a number of people.
  13. Given the board response to his last two posts, I just can't imagine why he wouldn't.
  14. I think last time he left for a year or more and was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition. Might want to just say goodbye.
  15. You can always skip it if you don’t want to read it. There won’t be a test later.