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  1. And to be honest, I’m more than okay with meeting actual violent fascists with actual violence. There’s nothing wrong with that. The question is whether that’s what’s going on here.
  2. How significant do you believe it to be? And what do you mean by “in Antifa”? I believe that a significant component of the antiabortion movement is men who believe women’s value to the world is primarily or solely as mothers. Are you good with me labeling the anti abortion movement as simply being about getting women back in the kitchen and nursery? I’m not.
  3. Also, “he was out there looking for a fight” doesn’t equate to “he is an evil terrorist.” A lot of these guys are probably jerks, and nobody I’d ever spend time around, but it’s not like in my youth I never went out on the town spoiling for a fight with any willing participant. And my motivations were a lot less pure than “I hate Nazis.” Every person at that protest - on either side - is aware of what’s going to happen. Some people fight violent hate with peace and love, some with logic and words, and some fight it with a baseball bat. And all options were in full force. I weirdly have more sympathy for Richard Spencer getting punched in the head while giving an interview on the street than I do some guy with tape on his hands so he doesn’t skin his knuckles fighting who got pummeled into the pavement.
  4. Yes. Now, is that “Antifa” or “some people in the Antifa movement”? Just for full disclosure, I do intend to ask a follow up regarding membership in right wing organizations defining their entire organization, as well.
  5. “Yes, FBI? The Goombah from Mario Brothers is missing.”
  6. Frankly, I’m starting to think it’s possible we’d be better off as a society if we’d get into group fistfights more often and blow off some steam. Maybe we’d shoot each other a little less.
  7. I hope so. Make sure it isn’t something evil.
  8. I believe he asked for an example of them not countering another group and you answered with a situation where a speaker is coming to speak to a crowd. I’m confused about this response.
  9. Why is that evil? Are children who meet by the flagpole after school to fight doing something evil?
  10. Which actions are evil? That guy got pushed from behind and challenged to a fight and won. Was that evil?
  11. By the same token, ignoring these idiots is how we got here. There’s a whole generation who thinks whether or not someone is a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic Nazi is just a difference of opinion and we should just try to accept their views. But I do think public beatdowns are generally the wrong way to go.
  12. I think so, too. But I don’t think these people are “evil.” I just don’t think they should be fighting in the streets.
  13. Let’s just say it’s wrong. It shouldn’t be happening. We should all endeavor to make this stop. It doesn’t have to be the embodiment of some supernatural view of wickedness to think we’d all like it to be over now, and with good reason.
  14. So what? Why are sporting events exempt from being evil?
  15. Each member of these protests and brawls thinks he or she is justified.
  16. I mean, “violence” probably means a lot more than you’re thinking it does, but even within your own definition, you’d agree that football is a violent game, right? Or boxing? Or MMA? Are they evil?
  17. I don’t think I view “evil” the same way you do. I think calling violence “evil” in general terms is manipulative and melodramatic. So, no.
  18. You can be operating within the legal framework of the day and still owe damages for your actions. I’m not saying they should have their CEOs arrested.
  19. Notice how he gets punched several times and then the evil liberals drag everyone off of him and hold everyone back because he is no longer a danger and they don’t pile on. Such evil!
  20. “Innocent man tapes hands to avoid blisters from peaceful hugging protest, attacked by radical, evil left-wingers”
  21. Oh, and @JohnnyU, this is how he got beat up. Edit: probably want to ignore the description in the tweet. Hint: he tried to tackle someone.
  22. Deflections? The guy showed up to fight. He lost. It will only stop when both sides decide to stop showing up to fight.