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  1. I've been pretty supportive and optimistic about this forum. I understand it's fun to pull the "hey, I got you suspended!" bit. I understand it's nifty to play the "favoritism/victim" card for some segment of people here. But when your glee and your fun is based on reporting a man with progressive dementia to the moderators and lobbying to have him suspended, and then making fun of him when he comes back and posts an angry statement, you've lost me. There are some really good people on this board. I hope for good things for them. There are some people here wasting air. I hope they plant trees or something to make up for it.
  2. Almost four years ago, DW posted on this board that his faculties were declining due to disease and a diagnosis and prognosis he was unwilling to share. He's discussed it vaguely on a number of occasions with a number of people.
  3. Given the board response to his last two posts, I just can't imagine why he wouldn't.
  4. I think last time he left for a year or more and was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition. Might want to just say goodbye.
  5. You can always skip it if you don’t want to read it. There won’t be a test later.
  6. Most of the people I spoke to said they mostly like him, especially after the Michael Harriot articles, but if he becomes President it’s just another perfect example of an unqualified White man falling into a dream job where a black woman had to work for years and be perfect first and still dropped out first. I know a lot of Harris supporters. They all went Biden.
  7. When older, black, southern voters as a bloc say they don’t believe a candidate or that he’s full of it, it’s worth listening to. Right or wrong, it is unlikely that one will change the collective viewpoint there. The older, black, southern voters I’ve spoken to don’t believe a word he says. They believe he’s selling a pie in the sky and knows he can’t do anything he says he will. And every one points to him skipping the Selma commemoration to prove he/she was right.
  8. Well, ####. DW, you are a good man. And a good lawyer. And an irreplaceable voice. I shall miss you. And, I think, not be far behind. Save me a glass of water if it is as you say. I’ll bring the wine in case it isn’t.
  9. It isn’t a lock. But it’s a hell of a lot more likely with Joe than with the other guy.
  10. They both keep talking about me as a collective I definitely don’t belong to.
  11. This “we” seems remarkably like Bernie’s “us”
  12. And got the votes to raise the debt ceiling and lower the bush tax cuts to only cover people making 400k or less per year?
  13. It got him the first state win and first delegates for an openly gay candidate in the history of the country and his only resume bright spots were a year in Afghanistan and being Mayor of a city of 100,000 people.
  14. Who's the guy who turned three Republicans for the stimulus bill?
  15. His new right hand campaign man is Pete. Who had unquestionably the best ground game and social media game in the race, as evidenced by his going from Mayor of South Bend to serious contender for the nomination despite not having his own money to play with.
  16. I think there's a pretty big distinction between Biden's supporters right now and "Biden fans." It appeared based on the first couple of states that another candidate was building the only coalition of Democratic voters that cut across demographic lines, which has been Biden's real selling point. South Carolina, and then Super Tuesday after the dropouts exposed that view as wildly off base. Which means he's unquestionably the most electable candidate in the race.
  17. It isn't. I believe several can be turned by the bully pulpit. Biden's really good at that. One of the best, weirdly. If Lyndon Johnson can get the Civil Rights Act passed, I think Biden can get this done.
  18. Well, if he gets those he has 50. As I said, name me 50 for M4A.
  19. Also, nobody voted at all on Graham-Cassidy. But yes, it's safe to say they opposed it.
  20. That would be weird. I said "it would be something like it." In response to saying it's "nothing like that." It's not pretty close. But it's not "nothing" like that. But there's a provision in there that is has some things in common with a provision Biden's trying to pass. And he doesn't need 50 Republicans, he needs 10-13 maximum. And wouldn't lose any moderate Democrats. I believe he'd get it passed, likely in less than two years.
  21. Fortunately, they won't be working as Handmaids in Gilead because the Republicans won't sweep the House, Senate and Presidency going up against Sanders as a drag on every race in the country on the ballot.
  22. It would be something like it. It didn't actually repeal the ACA, it changed it significantly. It did repeal the Medicaid expansion, but explicitly provided for state-run public options, repealing the ACA prohibition against those.
  23. Because a big chunk of the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare bill was based in providing block grants to states for public options on a state by state basis. And it kills M4A for at least a few years, which is likely a bit of why Graham signed on to that one in the first place.