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  1. Yea, this is a ridiculous post, sorry. Half of the reason reason they drafted him was to put him in there in clock-killing mode after Rodgers builds a lead. They haven't had that clock-killing ability and it's cost them games the past few years. Now that we have him, we shouldn't use him for fear of injury? If McCarthy saw this post he would laugh in your face. This is Lacy's job. You can't play scared. I, for one, am glad they finally got "the guy" in the backfield and I hope they feed him until he pukes when the Packers have a big lead.
  2. well , at least you got something from him. yeah, it's not great, but it seems his value's only going to keep going down.good point. How can his value get lower than that? Lol. If that's all you can get, you're better off holding through next season. No way I'd sell his potential for a couple low lottery tickets.
  3. Yeah. I thought when they put in Starks in the 4th that was the end of the night for Lacy. He'd already had 20+ carries and GB had a 2 td lead vs an inept team. Made zero sense to run him out there so he could slam into a stacked line. Starks had been in there for two full series in the late 3rd / early 4th. Plus, he's coming off an injured knee. Lacy was the only option to carry the ball late. Last time they gave it to someone besides Starks/Lacy in game-killing mode was when they were holding a lead against the Bengals, driving in Bengals territory, with 5 minutes left on the clock. How did that turn out? Franklin fumbled the ball for a defensive score and they lost the game. I'm glad they didn't put Franklin in there. And there was nobody else to give it to at that point. I find it funny that people are now complaining that they use Lacy TOO MUCH. Can't have it both ways.
  4. BGE didn't have much more. Weird game, they got up so big so fast, 3 def TDs. Went into the game looking to wing it, i don't think they had much intention of running it against the Jets D. He's a rookie in a timeshare. He'll have a lot of up and downs. Total fluke. If people are selling cheap I'm definitely buying. I only needed to see what he did in the Packers game to know he's a long-term buy, even if BJGE is in the way this year. His vision, acceleration are excellent and he was getting most of the red-zone snaps in that game. Maybe he's got to work on pass protection? I'm not sure. But this game was kind of a fluke where they didn't need him. I picture Gio getting more involved against really tough defenses where they need to use him as a Sproles-like player and use mismatches. That wasn't really needed today. Are you going to poop on Le'veon for only having 24 yards? Hell no. They both have bright futures, but had off days where they were either ineffective or weren't used in the scheme because of game circumstances.
  5. I've been pretty impressed by Glennon so far, given he's a rookie. That deep ball on the left sideline should have been a TD if the receiver held on to it. There's been a couple inaccurate balls, but I think they made the right choice getting this guy going than keeping Freeman. Maybe Schiano isn't such a schmuck after all. Glennon would be having a much better night if the center would snap the ball above his knees.
  6. Fixed.
  7. I think they need to completely clean house and rebuild. There are tons of holes on this team, and we aren't just a QB away from making the playoffs. The O-line was supposed to be a strength, and they suck. They couldn't register a single sack vs. Atl's patch-work O-line, and the secondary has made Riley Cooper and Harry Douglas look like Probowlers. And on offense there are no weapons besides V-Jax, Doug, and Williams. This team needs, 1-DE - Great job by the GM dumping Bennett for Bowers who isn't even a starter 1-TE - Stocker and Crabtree suck, TIm Wright looked ok 1 game 1-slot WR - Neither Tiquan Underwood or Ogletree are worth a crap 1-QB - Glennon isn't the future 1-CB - Banks got toasted by Riley Cooper 1-OT - Penn has become a liability 2-OG - Nicks and Joseph are too expensive and not reliable As far as HC, I think we have to makea big splash and go with a proven guy. I have no interest in seeing another college guy, or assistant with no HC experience. Here are my choices in no particular order, -Cowher -Lovie -Holmgren -Wisenhunt This is bad and you should feel bad. But seriously...How successful are re-tread coaches vs. aspiring coaches? History hasn't proved re-tread coaches to be very successful. The front office could also pay someone like Clements half of what Cowher would make and the former would be more motivated, and has just as much coaching chops. Also, Glennon has started a handful of games. Give him a year or two before you lambast him. There are any number of examples of hall of fame QBs that tanked their rookie season. And he doesn't exactly have a super supportive atmosphere. I actually like what Glennon has showed given his situation with no running game, only 1-3 real offensive weapons, an a toxic coaching atmosphere.
  8. Does he make it to week 9? We should put up a poll for the next head coach. I say Tom Clements.... he was interviewed then passed over for two head coaching vacancies last year. Then again, that would be the smart move. If they are looking to sell tickets they'll go with a "big-name guy" even if it's not the best football choice.
  9. Coaches aren't stupid. Even Schiano. He might be an ##### and have the wrong personality for an NFL head coach but he's not stupid. Neither is his defensive coach. There's probably a damn good reason they aren't using Revis in man-to-man. He's probably not ready for it after the knee issue. Everyone was lambasting the Bills coach last year for not using Spiller more, and instead using Fred Jackson in key situations. The coach said Spiller wasn't an every-down player. Guess what happened? Spiller played the every-down role this year, got hurt, and now Fred Jackson is doing well. Coaches aren't dumb.
  10. stop PFF is pretty damn good at analyzing football. Their opinion should be noted.
  11. 2nd round? How did you get him in the 2nd round? I was in 4 snake drafts and he never lasted past the first. Most of us blew 1st round picks on him.
  12. The last team where I have him was just offered Mendenhall.... arggg. Actually thinking about accepting.
  13. This could be Nick Collins 2.0. I hope he's OK. I wouldn't count on him being back the next few games, possibly season. Collins' neck injury was career ending after he had to have fusion surgery on a neck vertebrae.
  14. I still own him in one league... seriously debating dropping him for Donald Brown (short benches). He's a flat-out line-up killer at the moment. I'm not starting him the rest of the year unless I need a bye-week filler.
  15. Defenses are going to adjust to him. He was given a free pass for a couple games since teams didn't know what to make of him after the suspension, but I have to think he's going to get shut down by any decent defense. It's not like they need to play the run. I own him in several re-drafts this year and am heavily considering packaging him with a low RB2/TE1 for a definite top WR like Demaryious/Marshall/etc. and see if I get any bites. This seems like the definition of the perfect sell-high point for a player. QB play can only go down if they bring back Gabbert for some ungodly reason, the pass defense schedule looks middle of the road to terrible for the rest of the season, and defenses are going to adjust to take away the Jags only real offensive threat this season.