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  2. Yea, this is a ridiculous post, sorry. Half of the reason reason they drafted him was to put him in there in clock-killing mode after Rodgers builds a lead. They haven't had that clock-killing ability and it's cost them games the past few years. Now that we have him, we shouldn't use him for fear of injury? If McCarthy saw this post he would laugh in your face. This is Lacy's job. You can't play scared. I, for one, am glad they finally got "the guy" in the backfield and I hope they feed him until he pukes when the Packers have a big lead.
  3. I'm having a balling year. I don't have a losing record team. That's not gonna last, but still pretty cool. 8-0 8-0 6-2 6-2 5-3 4-4 4-4 4-4 + 3rd in a total points league (not H2H)
  4. well , at least you got something from him. yeah, it's not great, but it seems his value's only going to keep going down.good point. How can his value get lower than that? Lol. If that's all you can get, you're better off holding through next season. No way I'd sell his potential for a couple low lottery tickets.
  5. What exactly do you propose they do? Give Manning a free pass to the AFC championship, duh. Better ratings.
  6. Yeah. I thought when they put in Starks in the 4th that was the end of the night for Lacy. He'd already had 20+ carries and GB had a 2 td lead vs an inept team. Made zero sense to run him out there so he could slam into a stacked line. Starks had been in there for two full series in the late 3rd / early 4th. Plus, he's coming off an injured knee. Lacy was the only option to carry the ball late. Last time they gave it to someone besides Starks/Lacy in game-killing mode was when they were holding a lead against the Bengals, driving in Bengals territory, with 5 minutes left on the clock. How did that turn out? Franklin fumbled the ball for a defensive score and they lost the game. I'm glad they didn't put Franklin in there. And there was nobody else to give it to at that point. I find it funny that people are now complaining that they use Lacy TOO MUCH. Can't have it both ways.
  7. BGE didn't have much more. Weird game, they got up so big so fast, 3 def TDs. Went into the game looking to wing it, i don't think they had much intention of running it against the Jets D. He's a rookie in a timeshare. He'll have a lot of up and downs. Total fluke. If people are selling cheap I'm definitely buying. I only needed to see what he did in the Packers game to know he's a long-term buy, even if BJGE is in the way this year. His vision, acceleration are excellent and he was getting most of the red-zone snaps in that game. Maybe he's got to work on pass protection? I'm not sure. But this game was kind of a fluke where they didn't need him. I picture Gio getting more involved against really tough defenses where they need to use him as a Sproles-like player and use mismatches. That wasn't really needed today. Are you going to poop on Le'veon for only having 24 yards? Hell no. They both have bright futures, but had off days where they were either ineffective or weren't used in the scheme because of game circumstances.
  8. wow this is so frustrating. Blount is in there when they open the two biggest holes of the day, for 30 yards on two rushes.
  9. Ridley got a carry!!!! Actually two!!! Nice. I won't get skunked. Then Bolden gets the next two. Barring a fumble I have at least one point from him.
  10. I'm becoming convinced that Belichick and the Pats organization is more concerned with looking smarter than everyone than actually winning games. Look at us, we let our best receiver go to our biggest conference rival for peanuts! Look at us we use fat *** Blount to return kicks! Ridley doesn't have a carry in the first quarter... this is unreal.
  11. Manning's entire season has been checkdowns. The deep pass has been largely absent from his game, and if it seems like he threw a lot more bad deep passes than usual against Indy, that's because he threw a lot more deep passes PERIOD than usual. Demaryius Thomas, in particular, probably came close to doubling his number of targets 20+ yards down the field for the season. Manning definitely looked like the situation and the pass rush were both in his head last night, but I also think that over a small sample size you're going to get a lot of variance. Sometimes that variance is good and you throw 7 TDs. Sometimes that variance is bad and... well, you still throw 3 TDs. I would be a lot more concerned with Manning today if he hadn't come out on fire in the fourth quarter and moved the ball at will (at least, when Hillman wasn't fumbling it and JT wasn't getting used as a turnstile). As it stands, yesterday's game reminds me a lot more of Atlanta/New England/Houston/San Diego last year, where Manning suffered some really bad stretches early and turned on the jets late. All in all, I view it as something to watch going forward, but not yet a serious cause for concern. Another week or two of this level of play, and absolutely I'm going to be worried. You know what, for a guy that claims to know the Broncos inside and out, and has been wrong on several things (including the one real question mark - the backfield), I'm totally calling BS on this. For most of the year Peyton threw anywhere he wanted. He threw checkdowns, crossing patterns, deep outs, fly patterns. Didn't matter. And he had zip on the ball. Saying that his whole season has been check downs is just preposterous. +1 Whole season has been checkdowns? That's ridiculous. Manning has thrown the ball in tight spaces everywhere on the field up until last game. If a higher percentage of his throws have been less than 15 yards it's because that's what the defense has been giving them (i.e., not giving up the big play). But when the big play has been there, Manning has converted.
  12. They contained Denver? They scored 33 and where 2 yds away from 40. I don't include garbage time. You have to look at the whole picture. Indy has the blueprint/personnel to beat them... solid cover 2 and getting a pass rush with 4. Maybe not every team can do that, but that's how you beat them. That's how KC beat the one-dimensional 2011 Packers when they were 13-0 and had no run game... covered well and got pressure with four. And what happened to the 15-1 Packers? They flopped out in the first round. Anyway, that comment was more about Manning's health issues. Add those to the fact that their offense is having struggles vs an average defense and it's concerning. The shark move might be to be selling Manning high this week.
  13. Is anyone considering selling him high right now? The fluttering deep ball, two ankle issues, and the fact that Indy (of all teams) figured out a way to contain the offense is super concerning, IMO. I guess I wouldn't consider it unless I had a great QB2... in one league I have RG3 behind him so debating selling Manning for AJ Green type player.
  14. You dropped Le'Veon Bell? At what point was that remotely a good decision? He was expected to miss only a few games then come back to be the bell cow. Yikes.
  15. I grabbed Clay off the WW early so I'm OK for a week or two until he gets back... but I own him 4 leagues so I really need him for the playoff push....... I think he's likely to ease back into it ... at 5-1 they really don't need to push him back. I bet they lean on Colston/Sproles this week.