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  1. I'll make a play for 1.01 and plan to offer 1.05 and Jeremy Hill. It's a TD league so Hill is a top 10 player in this league. I expect it to be rejected. "If you don't ask the answer is always going to be no." me
  2. I second this, obj hill Kelce JulioThese would be my choices as well. Great nucleus to start a season.
  3. I'm in a Keeper league where we keep our starting lineup so our draft tends to be a rookie draft for most of the 1st round. I have the 4th pick and figure Gurley, Gordon and Cooper go off the board 1-2-3. At 4 I was looking at White but was also considering Yeldon. Given the 1st week of pre-season and White's injury concern I am leaning towards Abdullah now but will be torn between him and Yeldon.
  4. See. This is the problem. Sure they do. But they aren't always right. I'm sure Sankey went early. Moreno, Wells, Trich, M. Ball. Don't get caught up in the NEED to take a guy because "that's how it goes". In dynasty, if you are looking at Amari Cooper, Kevin White, or Devante Parker at 4, I think you could live with that for a LONG time. I could take the consensus next best at #4 based on other drafts or rankings but the guys you mention are no more of a lock for success than Yeldon. I understand what you're saying but if I wait and select an RB with my next pick the fall off would be huge whereas the WRs will have hardly been touched and I will get more value picking one later than sooner.
  5. I have the 4th pick and am seriously considering Yeldon in that spot. I figure Gurley, Gordon and one of Cooper/White will be gone. It's a reach but I really like Yeldon and RBs tend to go quick in this league. I'm not sure if I trade down he would not be picked in this spot anyhow or a couple after. I have all summer to make the final call but if the draft were today I think I would lean that way.
  6. I wanted to get him into the lineup this week but rolled with Blackmon and D Moore instead. I'm going to have a hard time not starting him going forward. CHI playt NYG & WAS the next two weeks. This and his upward trend kinda seals it.
  7. #13 train leaving the station!! Choo-Choo!! Dropped Shorts for him. Probably not the best FA move but I have Blackmon and one Jacksonville WR is enough for me.
  8. Yeah, my feeling is that it's a little too much to give up as well. I got him down to a 3rd round pick but he wants to look things over and see if he can get a better offer. I also offerred him Mike Wallace for Vick straight up. I'll see what he likes best. We keep a starting lineup. QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-TE-K-Def/ST. It's a TD league, bonus points for 100 yard games and anything over 50 yards is double points. I asked Sigmund Bloom on Twitter and he thinks I should pull the trigger. 14 team league and my starters are: Kaep Rice Murray Wallace D. Moore Cameron K Def/ST
  9. I owe Kaep and Rivers currently and am trying to get Vick. I'm offerering Rivers, Short and the 2014 pick. I can win the league but not the way Paep is playing. Baed on what you said about Rivers I think you're saying pull the trigger and get Vick. I can insulate him by picking up Foles in case Vick goes down. Then I can ride the Kaep/Vick platoon and make a call on Kaep after seeing him play a little more.
  10. I'm a Kaep owner looking for QB help and am curious if anyone has an opinion on this trade I am trying to orcastrate for Vick. Keeper league TD heavy (very little yardage points) Vick for Rivers Cecil Short 2nd Round 2014 draft pick My feeling is that a 2nd is a little high and have offered a 3rd in its place. I am still not sure this is a good trade for me to make. I wonder if I'm better off rolling the dice with Kaep and Rivers as opposed to Kaep and Vick.
  11. I'm considering trading for Vick (owner has Manning). I've started the negotiations but the asking price for Vick is too high IMO. Keeper league so I would likely keep Kaep longterm and platoon them this year.
  12. It's not the message, it's the messanger. ITS puts himself in the middle of a lot of arguments on these boards and for that has people jump on him no matter what he writes.
  13. Don't be lazy... this thread has 25 pages to answer your question.Hilarious!!