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  1. Senior Bloom, Pick 2 to start this week (TD league): K. Allen, J. Maclin, T. Prior, P. Richardson (I sat AJ Green Thursday) Thank you in advance!!
  2. I'll second Evan Engram.
  3. I'll make a play for 1.01 and plan to offer 1.05 and Jeremy Hill. It's a TD league so Hill is a top 10 player in this league. I expect it to be rejected. "If you don't ask the answer is always going to be no." me
  4. I second this, obj hill Kelce JulioThese would be my choices as well. Great nucleus to start a season.
  5. I'm in a Keeper league where we keep our starting lineup so our draft tends to be a rookie draft for most of the 1st round. I have the 4th pick and figure Gurley, Gordon and Cooper go off the board 1-2-3. At 4 I was looking at White but was also considering Yeldon. Given the 1st week of pre-season and White's injury concern I am leaning towards Abdullah now but will be torn between him and Yeldon.
  6. See. This is the problem. Sure they do. But they aren't always right. I'm sure Sankey went early. Moreno, Wells, Trich, M. Ball. Don't get caught up in the NEED to take a guy because "that's how it goes". In dynasty, if you are looking at Amari Cooper, Kevin White, or Devante Parker at 4, I think you could live with that for a LONG time. I could take the consensus next best at #4 based on other drafts or rankings but the guys you mention are no more of a lock for success than Yeldon. I understand what you're saying but if I wait and select an RB with my next pick the fall off would be huge whereas the WRs will have hardly been touched and I will get more value picking one later than sooner.
  7. I have the 4th pick and am seriously considering Yeldon in that spot. I figure Gurley, Gordon and one of Cooper/White will be gone. It's a reach but I really like Yeldon and RBs tend to go quick in this league. I'm not sure if I trade down he would not be picked in this spot anyhow or a couple after. I have all summer to make the final call but if the draft were today I think I would lean that way.
  8. I wanted to get him into the lineup this week but rolled with Blackmon and D Moore instead. I'm going to have a hard time not starting him going forward. CHI playt NYG & WAS the next two weeks. This and his upward trend kinda seals it.
  9. #13 train leaving the station!! Choo-Choo!! Dropped Shorts for him. Probably not the best FA move but I have Blackmon and one Jacksonville WR is enough for me.
  10. Don't be lazy... this thread has 25 pages to answer your question.Hilarious!!
  11. pretty sweet deal for you if you can swing it. i kinda doubt he gives that much for andre tho.I am under the impression that he already owns Wallace and the trade would just be Moore for Johnson; otherwise I am with you 100%. At this moment I'm not sure I make the swap of Johnson for Moore, with all the questions surrounding Johnson; unless you are out of it. I think, especially in a keeper league, that you have to hold onto Moore with what we've seen so far between Palmer and him; Palmer has a 4-year contract with OAK, correct?I was under the impression that he had all 3 and and was just lookin to deal andre. I would also think about having moore as a keeper over aj, too many injuriesI am going to agree with your impression. That is a nice core of WRs to have, especially now; he must of had a few restless weeks waiting for AJ to return and Moore putting up zeros.lexdizzle read it right, I had AJ, Wallace, Moore and Boldin.I traded AJ last night for a 1st, 3rd in 2013 and a 3rd, 4th in 2012 along with a swap of a bunch of lower picks in 2012 so I moved up in draft position in all cases. The last 6-7 weeks have sucked not having AJ but Wallace, Moore and Boldin did me fine (start two). I hold the last playoff spot at the moment with a pretty good schedule to close. BTW, for those that care, I had Wallace and AJ coming into this year as keepers, drafted Moore thanks to this message board late and traded for Boldin (B. Jacobs) to provide depth when AJ was on/off/on/off. pretty'm not sure if this is what others think but it's not what I believe. For this year it remains to be seen I would say given everything written here about Moore's matchups, targets since Palmer took the reins, etc. I wanted to play Moore more this year and if I had AJ I'm not sure I would be able to not start Moore. Trading AJ was the easy way out if that's even possible.Moving forward into next year and beyond I would rather have AJ over Moore if I had a gun to my head. But given AJ's age, 9yrs in the league, his physical style, coming off injury, run first team in the Texans, suspect QB situation AND what I think is a pretty good compensation package for AJ I pulled the trigger. This is a TD heavy league, almost nothing for yards, so the consistency you get from AJ doesn't really apply. We also get 2x points for 50+ yrd TDs which enhances Moore in this league to a certain extent. The Chat-room in the league is split on the trade. I think right now the other owner won the deal since he got the best player. This is a gamble on Moore no doubt. But it sets me up nice for next years draft and gives me 1,1,2,2,3,3 picks already going into 2013...I had the other 2nd from a previous deal.
  12. More Moore hype. I'm seriously contemplating trading Andre Johnson in a Keeper League and rolling with Wallace and Moore this year and beyond. These type of endorsements are not helping me sway from pulling the trigger. If you are so incline please chime in on my Assistant Coach thread.