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  1. Yeah, but Ingram was decent running the ball his first three years. Nowhere near as bad as Richardson has been.
  2. When you watch him run, you still see the physical talent. He's just lacking good decision-making at the pro level. I think he's a bad NFL running back right now (as I've stated in this thread), but I do think the light could go on at any moment. If that happens, he could still be very good.
  3. And accounting for situation, he's performed worse than almost every other running back in the league, every year of his career. By contrast, Ingram had a fairly low (3.9) YPC the first two years of his career, but graded out decently by stats that account for down and distance.
  4. So maybe it isn't so much that McKinnon isn't capable but that Asiata is just a wall back there? Sounds like it's both.
  5. Wait, there are still people who think Trent Richardson is a good NFL running back?
  6. So what's this guy's story? Why hasn't he gotten a chance to play until now? Was he recently bitten by a radioactive spider?
  7. I had this impression too, but overall they have 426 YPG and 23.8 PPG, vs. 399.4 YPG and 25.9 PPG last year. Though their two big offensive days were against Atlanta and Cleveland.
  8. 3 of 5 starters will be back this Sunday. Lane Johnson is back, and they had Peters and Herremans. They only had 1 of 5 playing in position, since Herremans was playing RT. With Johnson back, he can move back to his usual position at RG.
  9. Usually the stats from the combine are pretty accurate, though obviously their weight could have changed since then: Teddy Bridgewater: 6'2 214 Matt Ryan: 6'5 224 Andrew Luck: 6'4 234 Robert Griffin III: 6'2 223
  10. This week is big. The Eagles get Lane Johnson back and play the Rams. There is some question whether Johnson is in football shape, but Kelly says he will start if he is in shape. If Lane Johnson plays and McCoy does badly, I will start to panic.
  11. He's been a bit of a matchup play so far --- his big games have come against bad defenses (ATL and @CLE). And as a guy who relies on quickness, he probably benefits a lot from being on turf. This week at home vs TB should be nice, but the Saints schedule looks pretty rough after the bye.
  12. Which advanced statistics are you referring to? I'm looking for a baseline going forward. Football outsiders DVOA, DYAR, and SR. Advanced Football Analytics EPA, EPA/P, and SR.
  13. No stat is perfect, but Richardson's 3.3 career YPC over 500+ carries suggests he's a bad runner. This is supported by the eye test, advanced statistics, and his performance relative to other backs on the same team. His performance this year is entirely consistent with what he's done to date, so it hasn't budged my prior one bit.