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  1. Riddick and Witten
  2. I like Taylor and the dual threat he brings.
  3. PPR league, am I the only one starting Michael?
  4. Following this, I am starting Michael over ware in PPR. I would also go with Landry
  5. Miller ASJ
  6. Tyrod Taylor absolutely! Help with mine?
  7. I have faith in Julio Help with mine?
  8. Lacy sproles
  9. I was ready to start Allen until Clausen was announced starter
  10. Tough, I would go spiller and duke is sproles available? He's getting a start also Watson. Rivers apparently really sick
  11. I would go Lacy in your situation. Sproles is to be "featured" Help with mine?
  12. Similar situation for me. I think I'm leaning Lacy with Clausen starting now
  13. I would go Hill think he's good for a score
  14. PPR league starting shady as my rb1. Who is the better rb2 Lacy vs Cowboys Buck Allen vs Seahawks Gurley vs lions Hillman vs raiders
  15. Better QB start? Also starting Allen Robinson so I like the pairing but I am also starting Julio