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  1. 16tm ppr w/ IDP & ret yard scoring 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/2OFlx 1DL/2LB/1DB/2DFlx Gave: 1.10, '20 1st (should be late), 3.13, 5.02 Got: T Hill, Jaylon Smith
  3. He's also going up against Vic Fangio the week prior vs DEN... So if you're still alive week 16, he could have had a good look at what concepts CHI might be running against him week 16. EDIT: Just realized that Pagano is now the DC of CHI, not holdover from Fangio's staff w/ them... So my comment is likely irrelevant to the week 15/16 matchups
  4. We might get some new Hill news soon....
  5. 2019 Building the Browns: Episode 1 | Cleveland Browns I've been really impressed the past few off-seasons with the Browns social media team. They've produced their own version of 'Hard Knocks' the past few years.
  6. Spotrac @spotrac Tevin Coleman’s 2 year $8.5M deal w/ the #Niners is essentially a 1 year $3.6M contract. He gets $3.25M guaranteed, all in 2019 after which SF can release him with no dead cap hit. Full Breakdown:
  7. It's the nickname he goes by. His twitter handle is @JetMckinnon1
  8. 16tm PPR - 1QB 2-4RB 2-4WR 1-3TE 1-3DL 2-4LB 1-3DB Gave: James Washington, 2.02, 2.04, 5.04 Got: 1.03, 3.03
  9. Via Rapsheet The Antonio Brown saga is finally nearing a close. Sources say the #Steelers are dealing AB to the #Raiders in exchange for a third round pick and a fifth round pick in this 2019 draft. Brown will also get a reworked contract that makes him the NFL’s highest paid WR.
  10. AB tweeting a photo of him in a raiders uni Via ProFootballTalk: Per source, Antonio Brown's three-year haul will increase from $38.925 million to $50.125 million, per source. No new years will be added.
  11. Going Hunt/Herndon at the 6/7 turn over taking a QB sure screwed me... Wasn't expecting such a mad run on QB... Looks like it's time to go the distance and see if I can make up points by taking the CHI DST
  12. This is likely the result of shuffling things around in the first round due to timeouts, similar to what @BassNBrew mentioned earlier in the thread
  13. Crap sorry. Haven't been checking much. Lots of snow days for my kids, not as much checking FBG I tried to link to my account and it didn't work using the past above?
  14. I'll give it a go if there's a spot