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  1. If no one wanted to trade for Bell the past couple seasons.... Why would a team want to trade for him now that he's got a big long term contract? Back after the signing, it was reported that Gase didn't want Bell... And he should be fired regardless if they trade Bell or not...
  2. I need 13.5 pts from Juju in PPR to survive facing Chubb, Adams, and Woods while also taking a 0 from Agholor
  3. Nothing gets your trust back w an organization like posting what appears to be a secretly recorded phone call between AB and Gruden to social media
  4. QB: Mayfield, Allen RB: Cook, Montgomery, Carson, Duke, Breida WR: OBJ, Lockett, Westbrook, Samuel, Gallup, Gordon TE: Walker, Andrews, Herndon PK: Meyers, Carlson, Seibert DST: DEN, SEA
  5. Josh Gordon He was basically free all offseason, so was picking him up in the final rounds in the best balls I participated in and for late round rookie picks in dynasty
  6. 12tm PPR Gave: Barkley, Fournette, Gabriel Got: Tyreek, Gurley, Freeman, '20 2nd (guessing 13-16 range) Not super sure how I feel about it... I have Henderson rostered as well FWIW
  7. TMQB: KC, PHI RB: Kamara, CMC, Barkley, Elliott WR: OBJ, Hill, Hopkins, Thomas, Adams TE: Kelce, Kittle Flex: Gurley PK: Butker, Zuerlein DST: DEN, SEA
  8. What a crazy run on kickers! I swear it's been way more spread out past years
  9. I just checked the site from last year and didn't realize I won it all until tonight haha. I knew I was close most of the year but must have stopped following once all my main leagues wrapped up. I had no TE almost the entire year with both Eifert and Doyle hitting IR pretty early on.. Rode that Mahomes lightning Pressure's on this year!
  10. Not sure how "connected" this person is, but came across this when looking into seeing if anything else has been talked about his meeting yesterday
  12. Please let it be the Giants so we can see the Gettleman and the OBJ trade unfold (if it was already on camera), panic about how many other teams were targeting Daniel Jones, and then the bagel shop guy afterwards