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  1. What a crazy run on kickers! I swear it's been way more spread out past years
  2. I just checked the site from last year and didn't realize I won it all until tonight haha. I knew I was close most of the year but must have stopped following once all my main leagues wrapped up. I had no TE almost the entire year with both Eifert and Doyle hitting IR pretty early on.. Rode that Mahomes lightning Pressure's on this year!
  3. Not sure how "connected" this person is, but came across this when looking into seeing if anything else has been talked about his meeting yesterday
  5. Please let it be the Giants so we can see the Gettleman and the OBJ trade unfold (if it was already on camera), panic about how many other teams were targeting Daniel Jones, and then the bagel shop guy afterwards
  6. I believe that was Matt Harmon that made this call that offseason.
  7. Cheeseburger first! It was the first thing Tony wanted when he got back from captivity in Iron Man.
  8. My guess on Vision is that he'd make a future appearance after Shuri fixes him. There would have been no time between the new snap and them appearing for her to repair him sans stone. Thanos killed him, he wasn't snapped in IW
  9. Do not look at LeSean McCoy's twitter TL if you don't want to be spoiled at all
  10. I thought the movie was great. I got super emotional at the interactions at the end w/ Morgan Stark. Hit close to home being a dad of two littles. The movie felt kinda slow to start... I know they had to get the infinity stones, but no action for half the movie was a bit of a drag I'm not a fan of Professor Hulk. It would have been nice to see him try and get some revenge on Thanos, but even if he didn't do the snap, I think Thanos would have wiped the floor with Professor Hulk. Thor was hilarious. I have a feeling that my wife will be super disappointed when she gets around to watching it tho LOL I was surprised w/ how much trouble Thor, Cap, and Iron Man had w/ a non-Gauntlet wielding Thanos. You'd think they would have had an easier time since he's wasn't getting the extra power boost from the infinity stones? I laughed a lot. I smiled a lot. I really enjoyed the movie. I can't wait to see it again.
  11. DA has declined to press charges
  12. 16tm ppr w/ IDP & ret yard scoring 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/2OFlx 1DL/2LB/1DB/2DFlx Gave: 1.10, '20 1st (should be late), 3.13, 5.02 Got: T Hill, Jaylon Smith