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  1. Just made "the call" into Directv and said "cancel" when the recording came on. The first person was not able to help so he escalated it the next tier or something. I was friendly with the female that came on and said that I've been with Directv since 2002 but the bill is just consistently high and my wife always complains about it. She proceeded to give me a $10 discount for 12 months and another $5 off for 6 months because I have Showtime. Then I asked what she could do about Sunday Ticket Max. After putting me on hold twice, the best she was approved to do was half off which is $163.93. I got ST Max for free last year and the year before so they could do it again, but at $163 I wasn't satisfied so I asked to speak to her supervisor. Again all he could do was half off ST Max, but he added another $5 per month for a year plus HBO for free for 3 months (enough time to watch Hard Knocks). I was going to agree since the discounts off set half price for ST Max but I asked that the $163.93 to be split up into 4 payments. He tried over and over again but could not split up half of the ST Max into payments. He said since he didn't want my account to go diligent, he was now going to override the other half of ST Max after saying multiple times he couldn't do anything else. I received $20 off the bill for 6 months ($120) $15 off the bill for the second 6 months ($90) HBO free for 3 months ($54) ST Max for free ($339.86) Total: $603.86 Basically if you call in trying to get ST Max for free and they say they can't do it, ask to speak with a supervisor. It looks like a supervisor CAN override it for you to get it for freeeeeeee! Now let's just hope everything happens as mentioned.
  2. Made the annual call this morning. Got a nice girl on the phone and let her know about the Dish deal with giving away a free iPad. I said I would like to stay with Directv but a free iPad was tempting. She was going to check to see what she could do for me. After going back and fourth a couple times and with checking with her manager, this is what I got: ST with Max for $40 Genie receiver for free $53.97 credit for HBO for 3 months. Since Hard Knocks is starting tonight, I wanted to make sure I worked in HBO for a short time Showtime for free for 3 months I did have to agree to a 2 yr commitment because of the genie. I didn't like that to much, but I've been a customer since 2002 so I'm not going anywhere. Just hope it doesn't jeopardize ST for next year.
  3. Just called DirecTV and said cancel when prompted. When the first person came on I said that my bill was just to high and I would like to cancel. He said he could reduce the ST by $10, told him unfortunately that wouldn't be enough to keep it so he transferred me to retention. A lady named Renee came on, really nice and let I her know that the bill was just to high and with other competitive offers out there I'm thinking about canceling. Renee responded by checking to see what she could do. The first offer was ST Max reduced from 6 payments of $49.95 to 4 payments of $36.95. Also free DVR service for 12 months which is $96 savings and $10 of our bill per month for the year, another $120 saving. I said I appreciate it, but my wife would still feel that the ST Max is to much. She put me on hold and came back with ST for free but I would need to pay 4 payments of $25 for the Max plus getting free DVR for the year and $10 off the bill for the year. I still wasn't satisfied with that and said that I would like to get ST Max for free. I also asked about getting HBO for free. She again put me on hold. Once again coming back with an offer of ST Max for free, DVR service for free and $10 off of the bill for the year. However she couldn't give me HBO for free. I could get Showtime for free but I explained that I'm very interested in Hard Knocks. I asked if she could increase the $10 off per month to $20 off to offset paying for HBO. For the third or fourth time she put me on hold. FINALLY, after going back and fourth, here's what I agreed to: ST Max for free $299.95 $20 per month credit for a year $120 DRV service for free for a year $96 Pay $15.99 for HBO per month. Will cancel in a month or two after Hard Knocks Bottom line is that you need to try and get what you want until you're happy.