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  1. Recently been offered Tyrod Taylor, Desean Jackson, and Dion Sims for Cam Newton and CJ Anderson in a 20 team dynasty league. Said it was a "Starting Point"
  2. I hope he starts next year as the #1 RB
  3. What does everyone see happening with Denvers RB situation next year. I love CJ Anderson (Yes, I am an owner from last year.) He's been running well as of late. Does he return to form next year as starter?
  4. I was able to get him last year. Holding onto him in case he is the winning lotto ticket. I hope!!! Even if it's 1 year.
  5. I was offered Josh Gordon for Keenan Allen to the guy who won the championship last year. (I would receive Gordon.) Do I make the trade? It would put me back another year, when im trying to win... Should I ask for More/Less?
  6. Kelvin is going to get a lot of chances I think. I am not to worried about his stat line. I think it will be heavy on red zone and 3rd down catches this year. More well rounded next year. Agreed. A LOT of chances. I prayed a few months ago that Carolina would go after Benjamin. I remember watching him play last year and was impressed with his hands, even though he has had some drops. I don't even know what I would project for Benjamin right now. But on the depth chart they just released, Cotchery is the #1 WR
  7. Disagree. How do you compare Baldwin to Benjamin? The dude is WAY more talented than Baldwin on all sorts of levels. He may not produce RIGHT away. But once the chemistry is developed, the Cam/Benjamin connect is one QB/WR combinations the NFL is going to enjoy for years to come. Cam has needed that WR1 since he was drafted. Steve Smith did him well and all, but a 6'5" 230-240 pound WR is exactly what they needed since he was drafted. The past few months I have been praying Carolina would draft Benjamin, and it happened. So we will see!
  8. I'm calm!!!!!! Just stating facts. SO MANY PEOPLE HATE on Trent, and I get why... I just obviously plan on keeping him, waiting for the breakout. I'd be content with 1000yd season and a few hundred catching yds. 10+ total Tds would be nice . Time will tell. I LOVE the fact Andrew Luck will push the ball down field and Trent will receive the goal line carries. Hopefully POUNDING IN goal line TDS. (Waiting for the "only thing he's pounding in is porn" - comment)
  9. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and I respect that. But I love how people bash on me because I feel like the dude still has a future. He is still young (my age), and has all the opportunity in the world to succeed. Only time will tell, not these opinionated forums lmao.
  10. I really hope Trent bounces back and gives all 51 pages of haters sour looks on their faces all season. Getting beat by Trent owners. Call me delusional. Or call me genius for sticking with the underdog with the most upside. God bless
  11. With Steve Smith Signing, alongside Torrey Smith... Does this mean Dennis Pitta is in store for a pretty good season? 2 Speedsters to open up the short pass game/and the middle! Id like to think so! I traded for Pitta, thats for sure!
  12. Get in there and sell!! sell!!! sell!! Patience is the key! If they land a decent rookie in the draft, and end up with Miles Austin or Kenny Britt, Their WR core may look a lot better than we thought it would.
  13. Opportunity > Talent, sometimes. Look at what Jennings did. He was nothing more than a Backup RB when behind Maurice Jones-Drew thats for sure.
  14. I am hoping they draft Kelvin Benjamin. From the games I watched of Benjamin, the dude has GREAT hands, always making GREAT catches... its like he has glue on his gloves. But with Benjamin being Cam's GO-TO WR for the next 5-10 years, I could NOT complain. Going to be a BEAST move if they land both Desean and him.. That would not even be fair. Cam needs a 6'5" 245 LB WR like Calvin to throw to..! 7 a speedster like DJax. O-GOD