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  1. His cap number is almost 12 million next year. Good draft for RB's. Chip just cut a guy coming off a Pro Bowl season (albeit, there were other reasons). I don't think it's that crazy. If he's just a product of having an elite o-line last year, then he's not worth that much money and a combo of Sproles/Polk/rookie RB should be fine.
  2. Eagles wanted to sign him long -term. Maclin declined. I guess if he makes some outrageous contract demand the Eagles might balk, but personally i'd have a hard time selling unless somone wants to pay up big. He also made it very clear he wanted a long term deal as well. They just couldn't agree on the numbers and he signed the 1 year deal.
  3. Stealing this from my timeline. DJax's first 3 full games with Foles in 2013: 15 catches, 294 yards, 4 TD Maclin's first 3 full games with Foles in 2014: 16 catches, 296 yards, 3 TD Oh, and Maclin could have had an even bigger game against Washington. Had an 80 yard screen TD wiped out by a penalty. Ended up as a 40 yard catch. Then Foles missed him on what would have been a 75 yard TD. So that's 115 yards and 2 TD's he should have had.
  4. Interesting. Really like Sproles, but I think Spiller in that offense would be amazing.
  5. Riley Cooper got drunk at a concert and said something really stupid. There's no excuse for it, but the team felt comfortable with him going forward. DeSean Jackson has a history of being a problem in the locker room. I trust Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman. If they think he's not a good fit, might as well get rid of him now while he has value. Once his speed is gone, he'll have little to no value in the NFL.
  6. The one thing the Eagles know not to do is to ask Desean to take a pay cut. They have already seen how he plays when he thinks he is being disrespected, and they don't need that on the current team. Their options are to cut him or keep him, and after last season they will keep him. I think you are right that he is most likely gone in 2015. With this WR class, it wouldn't surprise me to see them take a deep threat the first two days who can take over for DeSean in the future.
  7. Maclin is not going to be much of a factor. DJax, Ertz, Celek, Cooper, McCoy lots of passing targets. His stats have never really been impressive when he was the obvious #2 in all reality. Now on a run first team with more options in the passing game he looks to be even less impressive. While he has had some good seasons with good TD output, he is just a decent WR3/4 in fantasy. I really wish he would have signed somewhere else for fantasy purposes, but he is what he is with the Eagles. Completely disagree. People forget that he had good chemistry with Nick Foles in 2012 AND is more talented than Riley Cooper. Cooper had a breakout year because the Eagles had nothing else at WR. I think the targets will go Jackson -> Maclin -> Ertz -> Cooper -> Celek.
  8. Maclin's back with Philly for one year.
  9. How is he going to blow up taking Avant's job in the slot? Don't think he's exclusive to the slot. Each guy can play snaps there.
  10. Maclin and Foles had good chemistry in 2012 and that offense was awful. Think Mac could blow up in this offense.
  11. Eagles close to signing Riley Cooper to a new deal per Jeff McLane EDIT - still think Maclin signs on a one year deal here. Why wouldn't he? Blow up in Chip Kelly's offense, cash in in 2015.
  12. The 'it's the system' argument fails to account for just how horrific Matt Barkely was. Is it the system - sure, but not just any QB can run it. I am sure other QB's besides Foles could run it, but I don't think he is 'JAG' - he seems to really get the system. I'm not sure Barkley will ever become more than a solid backup, but I don't think it's fair to say the system doesn't work because of him. He played meaningful snaps in two games. He was not the starter and did not get starters reps during that week in either situation. Give him a whole week of reps and preparation as the #1 and I think the situation would have been different. Don't think he would have done what Foles or Vick did, but I don't think he would have been as bad as he was against Dallas and New York.
  13. He had a concussion that game? He suffered a concussion in the 2nd half and did not return. Though some have speculated he had some sort of groin injury that wasn't reported prior to the game.
  14. Kind of bored so I just ran some numbers. If you took Nick Foles' fantasy points from only the games he started and finished this year, he's averaging 31 PPG, which would put him at 527 points in a full 17 week season. Peyton Manning is projected to finish with 394. Foles is also averaging: 15.5 PPG overall (that includes 4 games he did not play in) 21.7 PPG in games he played (that's counting every start, the 4th quarter against Denver, and the 2nd half against the Giants when Vick was injured) 27.1 PPG in games he started (so all starts including his awful game against Dallas)
  15. ROS: Pats, Bears, Jets, and then Steelers (if you play week 17). Talib could be a bother, but no way you ever bench Gordon if he's playing.