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  1. The results of this poll will be right up there with the Coach K one in the FFA. Part of being a great coach is empowering your players. If you can't/don't trust them to do what you've coached and practiced they shouldn't be in position to make poor decisions on their own. Weak decision by the Cowboys staff.
  2. The article above does a nice job breaking it down.
  3. Aikman mentioning analytics is the announcing equivalent of your father insisting on tucking his shirt into his shorts.
  4. With each of these ridiculous stories the NCAA loses more and more people. Good.
  5. Hilliard had 7 touches last week and 5 the week before. That would seem like the floor for Hunt. I'd guess over 8.
  6. It ain't a thing anymore. Sell for what you can and move on (after he puts up a decent game).
  7. Daniel Snyder won't tell the remaining fans who won until they fork over more money.
  8. This. McCarthy has the background with the Browns Front Office, brings stability, and has developed a young QB with upside.
  9. Clemson opens at #5. Dabo has to be pretty fired up about that. Could be the best thing for his team to feel disrespected. Ohio St being #1 right now was the easy pick. Then next week the LSU/Alabama winner will be #1 anyway. So stupid.
  10. The Book of Basketball was awesome. Pat Riley's "the disease of more" is legit when it comes to building a long-term winner in basketball IMO. It's what makes an all-timer like Tim Duncan somehow underrated or why a player like Robert Horry may be a better fit next to a superstar than another all-star player. As far as the podcast series, I can understand why it's not for everyone. The opening pod and interview with Steve Kerr didn't bring anything brand new to the table, but I enjoyed the breakdown of Steph Curry and his updated spot on the all-time list. Also liked the audio clips woven in. Haven't listened to the rewatchable breakdown of GSW over OKC in game 6 a few years ago, but that match-up is a huge sliding doors game. One I find myself going back to. Very interested to listen to this series moving forward myself.
  11. Jrue was very good defensively in the home opener against the Mavs. One of the single best defensive moments of the season thus far was him locking down Porzingis in the post in back-to-back possessions in the 4th quarter. That said, I agree with the majority of your post. Excellent points on the Pels overall.
  12. Ingram is definitely playing well, but c'mon. Jrue Holiday is a top 10 defensive player and can seemlessly play the 1, 2, or 3 alongside any other combination of talent around him. He's underrated big-time by too many NBA fans. That's a bummer. I really like his energy on defense and he has nice inside moves and a developing 3. He was fouling too often on defense and was learning when to create his offense, but I really liked what I saw from him at the 4 early on. The Blazers may need to pull out another Enes Kanter like pickup this season.