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  1. Start hiding calories.
  2. Do we? In some perfect world replay would be okay, but I'd rather get rid of the whole damn thing than keep going in the direction it's going. The pace of play is so bad now and the (almost) complete randomness of close calls is laughable. The NFL is easily the worst run major sport and the way they conduct replay is just one of many ways it manifests itself. They used to go to a peep tent. Now they have some person holding a screen on their body like a prisoner of war holding a dated newspaper. Either way NFL replay intrusive to the games flow and does little to make the officiating more accurate. Let's quit blindly expanding it hoping the next addition will be better.
  3. Saban with the magic touch. Only so many more things he can do to add to his resume at this point. Making a QB switch at half that leads to a National Championship would be.
  4. The ref also said 1st's 3rd. Somewhere Jeff Triplette smiles.
  5. Refs blew the blocked punt off-side, facemask, and punt return clip...all in favor or Alabama. Georgia fans must be going nuts right now.
  6. None. Irsay is just gonna Irsay.
  7. Andrew Luck missed the season because he took too many hits. Jacob Brissett was sacked more times this year than any other QB. The first, second, and third priority for the Colts should be to keep their starting quarterback off the turf. Having a game-changing running back could go a long way, but without major improvements along the offensive line none of that will matter.
  8. | | | | | J Sniffs stinky bait, swims away.
  9. Um, no. Tell that guy to have another one. Winston has some work to do, but the Bucaneers will attempt to find the right head coach to get the best out of Winston before they trade him away.
  10. If that scenario plays out the Packers better not select a running back. Other than kicker, punter, and long snapper, that may be the very last position Ted Thompson should look at. The organization just invested three selections at RB last season and they have a slew of needs on defense.
  11. Seattle is one of the few teams that is pretty straight forward with injury reporting. You'll probably know before the noon kickoffs. Best guess...Wagner doesn't play Sunday.
  12. Not enough draft stock invested on that side of the ball...or it's something/someone else entirely. Tough to ignore this type of performance. The times, they will be a changin'.
  13. Coming into today's game the Browns had scored 3 TDs in 32 drives. Today 2 for 3. Fire Dom.
  14. What would he do differently than McCarthy? The last thing the Packers need is another voice repeating the same mantras. The offense seems to do much better when there are various formations and personal...not 3 wides and run the same damn thing over and over. On defense...blow the whole thing up. It's time to move away from the 3-4. Partially because Clay Matthews is no longer a field tilter and partially because the scheme has major flaws in today's game. Those flaws are also more exploitable when combined with a draft and develop philosophy.