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  1. 15-zip (I believe) run by the Nuggets to pull it off. Huge, huge win. The #2 seed is Denver and the other best 3 teams may all be on the other side of the bracket in the West.
  2. Great comeback by OKC tonight. The Rockets had a big lead and the #2 seed with a win, but came up short. Paul George has gone from below average in the clutch to a money player this season. Now Houston may end up having to deal with the Thunder in a 3/6 matchup pending games tomorrow night. If that happens it can't be the matchup Houston wanted.
  3. It's time for pundits to start recognizing Tony Bennett among the best college basketball head coaches out there.
  4. Great, great championship game...until the review. Instant replay is the worst (and I was rooting for Virginia to win).
  5. See below. Agreed. How many times have we seen this during the season? I do. James going to the Lakers wasn't strictly basketball related, neither will Durant to the Knicks. The Warriors are one of the historically best fan bases out there. Watched a ton of them as a consistently entertaining west coast team for the past 3 decades. They didn't always win but their fans were always there and made their games more entertaining. Same currently goes for the TrailBlazers and Kings (and was true for the Sonics as well). Now newer ownership and the team success has changed the financials for GSW and a huge portion of those rabid fans have been priced out. It sucks, but those fans are still there, but 'there' is now on-line vs being in the arena. There is also currently a large number of band-wagon fans that any successful team will accrue. I understand wanting a dynasty to fall, but the Warriors long-term fan base is really, really solid. As a long-time fan of the Milwaukee Bucks I can only hope to have such slings and arrows shot our way over the next 5-10 years.
  6. Too much Giannis. He just took over the game down the stretch. The Sixers were shooting the hell out of the ball in the 2nd half until The Freak went MVP on Philly.
  7. The dirt is now out there. The responses to the articles written the past two days will probably be as interesting as the pieces themselves. A lot of takeaways from them, but one I hope isn't lost among the more compelling McCarthy/Rodgers drama...Mark Murphy probably doesn't know what he's doing. This all took place under his watch and what was done? Nothing until it was obvious to everybody that changes had to be made. Also, the once proud 'small town' football first vibe has almost completely been replaced by a business first approach. That's fine as long as a future Hall of Fame QB is in place, but good luck afterward (when he'll probably leave). The guy has been slowly using up the huge bank of Packers fan base goodwill IMO. Daniel Jeramiah & Bucky Brooks (of Move the Chains and NFL Network) will refer to quarterbacks as a truck or a trailer. A truck if they can carry their team to victory, and a trailer if they have to be carried. As a team executive Mark Murphy is a trailer, not a truck.
  8. I can only assume Beal has already asked out or it's so obvious there's no need to make it official. When he said (to paraphrase) that he's been dealing with this for years earlier this season...that may have been the final nail in the Beal/Wizards coffin. If it wasn't, the Wall injury and realization the team was going nowhere anytime soon should be. Beal seems like a prime target for the Lakers and the talented young players LA can offer in return seems like a great win for everyone involved.
  9. There had to be at least one MVP voter that saw that clip (or another similar one) and decided to cast their MVP vote for Giannis.
  10. Players only is the absolute worst. Agree on the insta-mute. I'll listen to podcasts during those nights. I'd prefer a no-players only broadcast night myself.
  11. Good call BF. The Warriors looked dominant tonight. I especially liked what I saw in the 2nd quarter. They look ready for the playoffs.
  12. Buzz left Marquette & Wojo may soon. It made sense when Tom Creen left for Indiana, but leaving for the Virginia Tech's of college basketball just doesn't make much sense. More coaches need to stick around instead of bolting for the first 'stepping stone' job that's offered.
  13. So the NFL isn't the only poorly run American football league?
  14. As noted in the posts above, this firing was way, way overdue. With that said...what a horrible situation for any GM to now enter. The Wiz have the albatross John Wall contract, sad vets like Dwight Howard still under contract, and the only real "out" for a decent overhaul is to trade away Bradley Beal for the franchise's new talent foundation.