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  1. Agreed 100%. Yet coaches do it every single week. It's mind boggling.
  2. Agreed. Thought the Chiefs were attempting to draw the Steelers offside, with a play call to be run only if the defense was playing into it. Then they ran the play that was...well, not ideal. Field goal seemed like the play. ??
  3. Every game Mitchell seems to have numerous questionable plays. He's got a little Vontaze Burfict in his game.
  4. Rampant speculation by me below... The way Rodgers just gave Hundley a five, that's a right/throwing shoulder injury. Same type as against the Bears a few seasons ago? Maybe back for end of regular season/playoffs (if that's a thing)?? Fike.
  5. So we're finding out that Kobe didn't pass for over a decade? Time to rebrand...Mamba Steel!
  6. From a strictly W-L perspective, the Cowboys would have been better off if Zeke had served his suspension the first six games. I'd argue they'd be better off from a distraction perspective as well.
  7. The Cardinals will cut Chris Johnson. This news has me a bit more interested in ADP. The oline is a bigger concern to me than what ADP has left in the tank. He's got enough juice left to be a serviceable fantasy RB with some TD upside if that line can do anything.
  8. Cutable in (almost) all formats. The last veteran addition to go down this path in New England was Chad Ochocinco. If owners have any reasonable options, it's time to move on.
  9. Agreed. His play was really questionable through 3, but the Bucs were right there. Unlike most young QBs, I question him more in the first 3 quarters than when the game is on the line in the 4th. He's a money time he just has to figure out how to get his team into comfortable leads rather than having to play all world to win down the stretch.
  10. Winston has some accuracy issues, but he does one thing that I wish every single quarterback did...he attempts to make plays that could win the game for his team. Way too many QBs will check down when it makes little sense or avoid risk at almost all costs. That may be the play with a big lead, but some QBs play that way by default. You'll still see Winston make some head-scratching decisions yet, but I feel those will lessen as he matures. His stats have improved each year in the league and his leadership style seems like the type his teammates will rally around. He's not elite, but he has as good a chance to enter that category as any other young QB. Buy.
  11. Likes to everyone that makes this thread a must read each week. Thanks!
  12. Cutler just lit a stogie to celebrate.
  13. To allow Luck to practice for an extra week or two. ...and to sell tickets?
  14. When he throws it deep down the sideline I'm more surprised when it stays in bounds than when it inevitably sails out of bounds.
  15. You're missing out. Romo may already be the best color man doing pro football. The biggest problem is the Packers backup left tackle/McCarthy's unwillingness to change his playcalling to accomodate and the lack of difference makers in the front 7/Dom Capers being Dom Capers.