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  1. In general I agree with this. Then again, the China issues and Covid are really going to do a number on the cap next season and add a big element of the unknown into the equation this off-season. Add in a number of teams looking for the off-season after that and the big free agents possibly out there...and I believe that moving those big contracts will be as difficult as ever. I'd guess this off-season is just moderate compared to the craziness we typically see. Many, many teams may end up in a holding pattern early, but we could see the teams make a ton of moves before the trade deadline once the haves and the have nots have been determined.
  2. Basketball fans that like charges tend to also be fans of the college game where try hard, gritty type players constantly get rewarded for borderline cheap slides and the undercutting of offensive players. The defensive charge attempts feel like they've gone up in the NBA as much as three-pointers. Why? One athlete attacks the hoop and goes airborne to score / make a play. The other player typically slides late under that player to draw a charge. Which side of that play do we want to discourage? Agreed. Teams must now consider the immediate pressure players feel to win it all or push for a change of scenery. This is a constant chirp in their worlds now and can't be ignored. It only makes the job of most GMs that much more difficult.
  3. With talented teams like Golden State and Brooklyn out of the running, this may have been the best shot for a lot of teams to win a title. That certainly includes the Heat and probably the Lakers as well.
  4. 😆 James Harden barely moves off ball now and his defense has always been an issue. Now imagine him at 34. Good luck.
  5. Through three quarters Anthony Davis has 1 rebound. So odd.
  6. Abram is an absolute beast. He goes 100% all the time and is trying to smash the opponent on every play. Which is entertaining as hell to watch...not so great for his likelihood of playing 16 games each season. He reminds me of Bob Sanders (former Colts safety), only larger.
  7. ?? The Lakers have Anthony Davis and LeBron James. AD is on the all-defensive team and LBJ just finished 2nd in MVP. LA also has two centers in Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee that can be physical with him for as many minutes as Coach Vogel deems appropriate. That's about as much ammo as any team can reasonably have to slow down a player like Jokic. All that said, when push comes to shove, this is the exact type of situation that Anthony Davis has to take on. This is why he forced his way out of New Orleans, this is why LeBron did what he had to do to get him to LA, and beating Jokic head-to-head is exactly what AD will need to do if the Lakers are going to be champions this season.
  8. Answered no and no. Would need to see cases drop significantly and people responsibly protecting each other. Sadly, that just isn't the case. Way too many people appear to be making exceptions to whatever rules they do have...which means this thing never gets under wraps. We live in Wisconsin and 8 of the 20 cities with the fastest increase in COVID-19 cases in the United States are here. Also, Wisconsin has the highest reproductive number (transmission rate) in the country right now. This is when the weather is still very nice and people have the benefit of being outside a lot. 😒
  9. That I've read. Typically TL:DR. Very correct. 😆
  10. 1 This may be the longest DJax post I've ever read. 2 A lot of good points in there, and those points cover many of the reasons why he probably shouldn't be a head coach in the NBA again. His name getting brought up a lot doesn't mean much though, so does his announcing partner Jeff Van Gundy...and he's probably not getting a gig soon. 3 I'd like Jackson to get a head coaching job for some desperate college team willing to pay and give him the keys to the program. Mainly because he's a horrible announcer and would prefer he's off national television as soon as possible.
  11. AD ended the game with 2 rebounds. He shot well tonight but that rebounding total is unacceptable from him.
  12. We've seen Denver come back to win so many games, it was odd to see the Nuggets hold off an opponent trying to come back against them. Great finish for Murray to put that game away. A few of his teammates got tight and he made the winning plays to put away LA.
  13. One of the two responses above is correct.
  14. This. Horrible defense. Malone loves him some Plumlee...much, much more than his play consistently warrants. Plumlee may be underrated from an athletic and skill standpoint, but he makes poor decisions on the court and consistently attempts to do more than he's capable of. He's a decent passer, but he'll start thinking he's Jokic and turn the ball over. He can block shots and move his feet okay, but he starts thinking he's Bam and he'll commit unnecessary fouls on a regular basis. This is the same thing you'll see on Portland with Mario Hezonja.
  15. Jokic made two huge plays to tie the series for the Nuggets...and then AD hits the game winner at the buzzer. Unreal, clutch shot. AD needs that as much as anybody. Came up biggest when the Lakers needed it, scoring the last 10 points for LA. Big time performance.