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  1. Most of the time listening to the radio guys makes sense because the TV announcers are so bad, but Golden State has some really solid local TV guys that do their games (unsure on names, but I watch enough league pass to know the 4 or 5 teams that have decent announcers. I listen to podcasts and mute most games). Seem to recall reading how most states make sure to tax wages on players that play games in the state (athlete tax - ie, blatent money grab). Could be wrong though. Not sure that was the play for Ainge. I think the frustration Smart and his group voiced a week or two ago over the Celtics 'radio silence' was accurate. The Celtics we're leveraging to flip Smart in a sign-and-trade along with Marcus Morris, and pick(s) for Kawhi Leonard. Until that played out, I don't believe anything else would happen and that was the Celtics strategy more thanp a Belichick like 'go get a deal elsewhere' RFA contract angle. Agreed. Smart has developed a nice post game though and (with his vision/ability to find open shooters) I could see Brad Stevens using that against second units or in offensive line-ups where Kyrie is playing off ball.
  2. Disappointing end to Parker's career with the Bucks. His upside was so high but the injuries and the emergence of Giannis made them an odd on-court fit. Also, something really seemed to sour between him and the organization...probably just time to start fresh elsewhere. Parker seemed like a great guy, constantly working off the court for causes and doing things in the community. Bucks fans wish him nothing but the best and hope he's able to stay healthy and productive somewhere long-term. His hometown of Chicago makes about as much sense as anywhere, but he's not a great fit at the 3 next to 5/Carter 4/Markkanen & 2/LaVine. Parker can still put the ball in the hoop, and he's become a decent threat from 3, but there are serious defensive deficiencies and playing off the ball hasn't always gone well. Those seem to be items of concern the Bulls already need to address with their current young core? Decent gamble on talent, but I'm skeptical on the fit.
  3. Makes that contract with Barton a bit more palatable too. Looks like he'll be playing a lot of minutes at the 3 this season.
  4. Congrats TommyGunz. Should be a heck of a ride.
  5. If Bell didn't show anything last year I could see taking the risk on Howard, but he did. Bell should be able to play starter minutes next season and the McGee type backup(s) will be just fine. The Warriors need to add a decent bench player via mid-level. Like Crawford as a bench scorer or another wing that can shoot. They'll be a veteran that strikes out in FA and is willing to sign a 1 year there with a chance at a ring and with the ability to dip into FA pool again next season. Could also see GSW staying at 14 players and using 2 way contract players to fill regular season minutes before adding buy-out guys late.
  6. Great value for the Raptors. He seemed like a perfect signing for the Suns IMO. The Ariza deal was good value but the Suns have more small forwards than the Celtics now and still have Knight as their best option at the 1. Boston crowd vs LeBron is still fun to watch. Agreed. Neither Belinelli or Ilyasova could generate enough interest in a deadline trade last season but both generated enough jjnterest to get overpaid a few months later? Makes very little sense for SAS & MIL. I like Okobo's upside, but giving him major minutes next season would be a major mistake (at least prior to the All-Star break). Because Simmons has shown more in a single season than Ingram in two...and Ben can't even shoot yet. There is a gravity to Simmons on the court and he has the NBA body to rebound and play defense than Ingram may never have. Not saying Ingram can't get there - just that he's clearly behind Simmons as a young player right now. Dwight may want to be a Warrior but Golden State is too smart to bring him into their locker room. The risk/reward just isn't there...even at a 1 year minimum contract. Go with Bell as the starting 5, Draymond as the closing 5, and add/keep a vet to play regular season minutes (Zaza/Looney types).
  7. Two possible additional winners of LA missing out on Paul George to OKC: 1) Spurs - the Lakers looked at the Knicks/Carmelo Anthony trade years ago with Denver and elected to wait when the Pacers made George available last year. Then he went back to OKC and they're now looking at a similar situation with Kawhi. The Lakers may not want to let Leonard get to a team like the 76ers or Clippers and possibly lose out again. That only helps SAS in negotiations. 2) Pelicans - With a spot available the Lakers are still big-name hunting and DeMarcus Cousins would seem to be a target. I'm sure New Orleans would want Boogie back at the right price, but losing his injury risk, mercurial nature, and inconsistent temperament may be a blessing in disguise. Plus, if the Pels are really going to make some noise they need to have Anthony Davis playing the 5 anyway.
  8. Why did George sign 3 year +1 year option? If he signs for 2 years he's at 10 years and can go back into FA and get a fat raise? He held all the cards and this just seems like an odd finish. Especially when you consider the 5 year max offer he could have just signed with the Pacers had he been willing to forgo on LA.
  9. In today's game a big that can shoot threes like Speights can should be gold too. His release is quick, but that's about the only thing quick about his game.
  10. Draft shooters all day long, but bring in LaVine for big money? Why? It'll either be a horrible contract or the Bulls will match. Seems like a waste of time (at best). Atlanta should go after a cheap veteran point guard that can be Trae Young's mentor.
  11. The Spurs signing Gay & Belinelli seems odd. After the Pau Gasol contract situation last year it seems like San Antonio has lost their fastball. They're overpaying for too many veterans that just aren't difference makers while pushing Kawhi out the door. They really need to maximize their one big trade chip or slow play him and build that trust back.
  12. So are the number of earthquakes in the state. ?
  13. Tolliver is very, very underrated. Versatile defender that works his tail off and can hit threes? Every team should want a player like that.
  14. Felt bad for Casspi when he was a late cut by GSW. Hopefully he finds a bench rotation role for the Grizz. So, you could say Ersan took that to the BMO Bank brohans. Looks like moves being made by a GM that feels his job will end if the Suns don't show significant progress. Combine the Ariza deal with the trade to land Bridges for the Heat 1st in the draft. Thibs does not seem like a top half NBA head coach any longer. ICE!!!! ICE!!!! Give him another season of 40 minutes for the starters and the Timberwolves will be looking to move on from him and Wiggins.
  15. Rockets have to be disappointed by that outcome. Surprised they didn't go 2 or 3 years to bring him back. From Ariza's side of it...I think I'd rather get the mid-level from the Warriors (if that was an option). OKC better tell Melo he's now a bench player or make him a starter by technicality only and keep him under 30 minutes next season.