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  1. After rewatching ~50 'memorable' movies over the pandemic, the biggest disappointments upon rewatching are the Indiana Jones movies. Not only that...I think they are total crap now. From pseudo-science non-sense, to poor acting, horrible pacing, bad represtation of non-white characters (by today's standards), major plot holes, and a handful of other problems. Major, major trash.
  2. Introducing new movies to my 9 year old son. This was on the list and it didn't play as well as other revisited films have. The plot was rough by today's standards and the characters you inevitably dislike are more "superhero movie bad guys" than anything I remembered from this movie. Would have had it in the top 10 a few weeks ago. Now, probably not even top 20. The Natural just doesn't hold up as well as I hoped.
  3. Absolutely. More of the same really. No way. That's like letting the fans decide the head coach's fate or making draft picks.
  4. Not really. Look at how many people still listen to :clears throat: "leaders".
  5. Same here. 1 as good as I recalled. I'm a fan of 2 and enjoyed it. 3, well, 3 is 3. The 'to be continued' thing at the end of have to wonder how that would go over now. Was surprised how obvious the product placement was. Way over the top. Still crazy to think Eric Stoltz filmed for 5 months as Marty. How bad must of it been going for the studio to eat the money spent?
  6. As someone that learned the game right around when MJ was coming up, I can tell you it was much worse then. Before MJ took over the NBA normal runs at gyms included players that wanted to be like Magic and Bird, with great all-around games... specifically passing. After MJ, games turned into one-on-one hero ball non-sense where way too many players thought the cost of their basketball shoes was more important than their ability to play defense, rebound, or do anything but throw up garbage. He may have been the GOAT but his influence on basketball isn't necessarily a great one. Fans don't get a better game when players are worried about their brand vs winning games, being a team player, etc.
  7. Um... ๐Ÿคจ ...we're on to Cincinnati! Agree with many of your points. However, Pascal's Wager is rubbish.
  8. Agreed on the last part (and have listened to the pod mentioned - The Daily has been a great source of information during this), but the US is NOT doing a good job with testing. At all. It's embarrassing how poor the country has done with testing. The resulting holes in information due to that relative lack of testing is keeping decision makers in the dark more than they should be.
  9. The relative inability to drastically ramp up testing across the entire US is just odd at this point. ... especially with so many people itching to get back out there. Seems like a bad combo.
  10. The Replacements, and their song Alex Chilton, eventually led me to Big Star. Great band with three great, great records.
  11. Too much talk about opening it back up...not enough talk about testing. Until the US ramps up testing in a major way the rest is hopes and dreams.
  12. Part of the reason why: That's not a great solution then. Way too unreliable at those numbers. This is a major problem right now. When? Not disagreeing, just looking at the current numbers and it's not looking great right now. Nurses being furloughed, departments facing tough cuts, etc. Thankfully not every hospital is overrun with COVID19 patients, but even those with quite a few are facing major financial strains at the moment (like most other businesses).
  13. Agreed. The Hanks open and Drake song were the two worst parts of the show. The 'Andre 2000' song more than made up for the rough Drake open. "It's only 20 hundreds tho" ๐Ÿ˜† ...and he even worked in a 'VIP' at the beginning.
  14. There's a reason he was a doctor and is now an investor. He sounds like it too. His suggestion would result in even worse economic conditions in the long run.