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  1. Seattle is one of the few teams that is pretty straight forward with injury reporting. You'll probably know before the noon kickoffs. Best guess...Wagner doesn't play Sunday.
  2. Not enough draft stock invested on that side of the ball...or it's something/someone else entirely. Tough to ignore this type of performance. The times, they will be a changin'.
  3. Coming into today's game the Browns had scored 3 TDs in 32 drives. Today 2 for 3. Fire Dom.
  4. What would he do differently than McCarthy? The last thing the Packers need is another voice repeating the same mantras. The offense seems to do much better when there are various formations and personal...not 3 wides and run the same damn thing over and over. On defense...blow the whole thing up. It's time to move away from the 3-4. Partially because Clay Matthews is no longer a field tilter and partially because the scheme has major flaws in today's game. Those flaws are also more exploitable when combined with a draft and develop philosophy.
  5. This. Total bull####.
  6. Brett Hundley processes plays at the same speed the sloth draws a tandem bicycle.
  7. Silver lining: Late bye + Reid usage = No rookie wall Hopefully that rosey formula above equates to nice numbers in the fantasy playoffs.
  8. Yeah, Goodell would be difficult to replace. The NFL would be wise to offer him half as much money per year as some teams make. They could even avoid incentives and give him a multi-year guaranteed deal in a league where no players get that. For a league that is overly conscience of public opinion, it seems odd how willing they are to fork over so much money to someone that's such a clownshow. Even as a puppet of the owners, he's such a tone deaf ineffective face of an organization. Add in his level of compensation and the ease with which he could be replaced (and the positive benefits to doing so) and making a move to a new commish seems like the play here.
  9. Bledsoe already looks like the 2nd best player for the Bucks. He was knocking some rust off tonight but his ability to get to the paint in going to open things way up for that Milwaukee offense. Middleton, Snell, Brogdon, and Maker should be able to find some nice looks from deep once Antetokounmpo and Bledsoe hit their stride. Maker had his best game of the season on defense this evening. When the Bucks push the ball in transition they can be very dangerous...just have to get the occasional stop.
  10. It's time. If McCarthy can't see Capers should be fired, then he's not seeing things clearly and it's fair to start evaluating his job status.
  11. Fair trade for both Milwaukee and Phoenix. Understand why the Suns had to make the deal and the Bucks managed to increase their upside without giving away any of their core. Bledsoe continued to be solid on offense and has the ability to create off the dribble, something the Bucks just do not have outside of Giannis. Hopefully Kidd splits minutes between the two in order to guarantee one of those offensive initiators is on the floor at all times (ie, when Greek rests, Bledsoe is on the court). I'll be even more interested to see if Bledsoe's defense picks up now that he's out of Phoenix. When he entered the Association he was a bulldog on D in the Patrick Beverly mold...not so much in quite a while. The real problem in Milwaukee right now is the defense though. Almost 40% of opponent shots are at the rim - that's not going to get it done. I'm not sold their current defensive strategy makes much sense and until that changes or improves the rest will probably just be noise. Antetokounmpo is good but he's not good enough, even at an all-NBA level, to overcome a leaky defensive scheme.
  12. Unless things shockingly turn around, Mike McCarthy should enter the 2018 season with a healthy Aaron Rodgers and a 'win big or get fired' approach. Also, Dom Capers should be replaced. His defense forced a whopping zero punts tonight, and that side of the ball hasn't been decent in way too long for him to still be employed. Hopefully the loss of our Hall of Fame quarterback this season finally turns the heat up on this organization. A lot of people in Green Bay have gotten comfortable and that needs to change.
  13. Um, what the hell is Detroit doing? They have Stafford carving up the Packer's secondary, and from inside the five earlier they ran an outside pitch play where the run blocker had nobody to hit. So they get back in the same situation and they take the ball out of Stafford's hands, run multiple plays up the middle with an undersized RB that already fumbled, and even ran a play with 10 guys on the field. The Lions may beat an ARod less Packers team with that 'strategy', but there's a serious lack of thoughful coaching going on with the Lion's red zone offense right now.
  14. The only thing keeping this game close is Detroit's conservative play-calling on offense.
  15. No. Unless you are the type of owner that just doesn't want to root for OBJ on game day, but even then I'm guessing you can do better than this offer. To me, OBJ is the type of player you just keep for a decade and just ride the highs (and lows, injuries, etc).