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  1. How long until the Elam ending is adopted for all games? Someday...please? Best all-star game in a very, very long time. Great format changes.
  2. Enjoyed the Skills Challenge. How talented the bigs like Adebayo and Sabonis are now is truly crazy. The fact the 3pt contest could add a wrinkle that really worked was surprising and the fact the win-loss came down to the very last shot was cool to watch. The Latvian Laser? Great nickname, but Booker and Hield put on a show. Last night was the best collection of dunks at this event...ever. Whatever dunk you put #4 overall on the night could have easily been the highlight clip most years. Then it happened. Dwayne Wade did Aaron Gordon dirty for his teammate. Right up there with Dominique getting robbed in 1988 against Jordan. Any surprise both took place in Chicago?
  3. He doesn't go outside much, does he? It isn't just an NBA thing.
  4. Like the mysterious Tom Brady 'retirement?' pic, this will end up being a Birds of Prey marketing ploy. 😁
  5. Dating a Kardashian is much worse. It just doesn't end well for any NBA player (numerous examples). Agree with this if Simmons is committed to stay in Philly long-term. There are no guarantees but it's a conversation worth having with him. He strikes me as an "eventually he'll end up in LA type player", but if he says otherwise behind the scenes I'd move Embiid this off-season. The Bucks took a while to build properly around Giannis, but that should be the model Philly uses with Simmons.
  6. Agree in general, but an offensive player holding off a defender with their arm is about as cut and dried as it gets. So, which way is it? Same with hits to the quarterback's head. The officials call it one way all season long...then abandon it altogether in the Super Bowl? Okay. Same with the catch rule in the Philly/NE Super Bowl a few years ago. It's not a lack of officiating experience by on-line's ineptitude by the NFL. It's not an either or decision. The NFL should strive for both. Too often they seem complacent. Which is why upstart leagues like the AAF and XFL are great for NFL fans. They drive innovation and push the NFL to make meaningful changes to their rulebook.
  7. The Kyle Rudolph non-call in New Orleans and the George Kittle OPI call in the Super Bowl were (basically) the same type of play. NFL officiating just isn't consistent.
  8. Getting Sterling Brown and his restricted rights this off-season will have some value out there.
  9. Both Middleton and Thompson play defense too. This tends to get mentioned late in too many player discussions.
  10. This is what could happen if you quit posting in the FFA and do something else.
  11. Tough to argue with Beal's counting stats but he's playing for a team inspired by Paul Westhead's Nuggets squads from the early 90's. Isaiah Thomas even resembles Michael Adams a bit. ... Glad Khris Middleton is getting some recognition with another All-Star spot. In the Bucks last game he put up 51 points on 26 shots. He's only the 49th player in NBA history to do that in a game. Also, on the season he's over 20pts/gm with 50/40/90 shooting percentages. Only four players have done that for an entire season (Bird, Nowitzki, Curry, & Durant). Middleton is also doing all that while playing 29min/gm.
  12. Goodell will Goodell. If he elected to suspend Hunt for a game would that really be shocking? The Commish is much less lenient with players he's already had 'the talk' with.
  13. Adam Driver is a great host. He knocks it out of the park in almost every skit. The science show one could be a huge dud, but he played it so perfectly it worked. The slow song was well done too.