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  1. Josh Gordon Bought low on him multiple times in multiple leagues, and always sold once his value spiked. May ride out the wave this time. ??
  2. Similar style schtick in our house. Constantly 'confusing' Forest Whitaker with Tone Loc. As in, "Gotta give Tone Loc credit, he may not be Will Smith but he was really good in Black Panther."
  3. Great list. Only misses would pertain to the weather and yardwork. Also, maybe something about the hand-crank pencil sharpener bolted to the wall in the basement.
  4. Wow, too soon. Marshall Faulk doesn't deserve that.
  5. Go to Green Bay for some hockey? link It's also a total dead zone for sports right now. Great time to drop this info for the XFL.
  6. More than anything MFL needs to add an EDGE positional designation so ff owners can amend their starting positions and get off the DE/OLB swings in value. Some leagues use DT & DE and some use CB & why not EDGE? Give leagues the option to use or not use the positional designation.
  7. Antonio Brown seems like he's trying too hard to be that outgoing personality. The amount players care about their Madden ratings is a bit eye opening. The 'salmon' signs in the crowd were great. So was Caliendo doing his Gruden with items from the first two episodes.
  8. Draft experts talked up Rodney Anderson quite a bit this spring. Sounded like he would have been in the mix for first RB off the board if his injury history at Oklahoma and health were not such a concern. Decent upside play, especially in the Bengals new offense. Doesn't hurt that the cost to acquire him is extremely low right now.
  9. Where does Ollison land in that backfield? Opposing offenses should be able to play keep away from the Cardinals offense. That could hurt the upside many are projecting for AZ offensive players. What was Jeff Fisher doing on a sideline? He's a roster body IMO. ??
  10. Agreed on Brady picking apart any zone defense. That said, in 2019 most defenses will do what they can to take away anything under 10 yards and make Brady consistently hit downfield. I can envision Gordon (or Harry to a lesser extent) having some nice numbers when they break a big play, but they'll both be very inconsistent. Gordon will be a great dart throw in best ball and a risky flex otherwise. Overall, just glad he'll be on the field again. Hopefully he takes advantage of his good fortune.
  11. Or AP getting touches, poor surrounding offensive talent (including a rookie QB), and his first year back from injury will combine to keep Guice from putting up numbers. Add in a talent like Bryce Love lurking and the opportunity to buy low could be even better near the end of the 2019 season. ??
  12. The line didn't look good yesterday. On one 'carry' last night Ballage barely was handed the ball before being hit immediately.