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  1. You forgot Deebo! Sanders with rib injury and Deebo broke out!
  2. Traded him for Kyler Murray last week. FML
  3. Ronald Jones.... Looked great. If he gets more involved in pass game he could be Arians new DJ
  4. Watched the game he looked great. Had 2 other runs worth over 80yards called back. When he gets to the edge it's off to the races. They need to get him more involved in screen and pass game over Obungawale. He pass blocked well and can turn a screen into long game.
  5. Is he going to be the lead back today? What can we expect?
  6. Would disagree. I think this is where the flex position and maybe qb can be good options. Example. I have a flex spot and debating Foster or Dixon or a waiver reciever like Sutton..... To me if I am projected to lose, foster has potential for 100 yards or more receiving and a TD. As well we get bonuses for long TD. His floor is lower as might only get me 1 or 2 catches for 20 or 30 yards. But his ceiling is 25 given he got 21 against Jacksonville and is now their wr1 with Benjamin and Holmes' gone. Dixon to me is a safe floor in PPR but less upside. I expect about 10-12 carries and 2 catches. Figure about 70 total yards so 9 point floor with TD upside to 15 points. So if I were projected to win 8 go Dixon. Since 8 am projected to lose by 17 after a Soso showing by Kelce, going Foster.
  7. Appreciate the analysis but truth is Tate played very few snaps and has had 1 good game as an eagle. Sutton seems to get no separation and was 3rd in targets last week and has picked up and injury to his thigh and isn't practicing I picked up Foster. He has 3 of 4 weeks with more than 90 yards receiving. Last game was his first as a starter now that Benjamin's and Holmes' are gone. He responded with 8 targets. He was used in many short and intermediate route He is also a their deep threat. Mention today in article by PFF as breakouts and sleepers week 15 and he is mentioned. Finally with McCoy out and Detroit's pass defense currently at or near the bottom Ranking 24th against wr1 ,30th against wr2 32nd against other WR according to football outsiders. Think he has highest ceiling with an improving floor given his inner in target share after he moved up the depth chart.
  8. I guess worry is they at the Vikings who shut down Wilson. Tannehill not great and is banged up. If osweiler comes in then no chemistry with stills. Am almost thinking of a gamble on Tyrell Williams hoping for shootout Thursday with chargers needing to throw given their 2 pass catching RB unlikely to play.
  9. This thread is crucial to me. My team was fine at receiver until Tate was traded adn AJ Green went down. Now been starting Lockett and Samuel. With Sutton and Tate not being worth starting I am in desperate need for a receiver to flex this week. Ppr league Foster Tim Patrick Moncrief Tyrell Williams Kenny Stills Crabtree Crowder Gallup Are best out there but everyone has reason to be risky. Ellington and Coutee out there too but both are hurt. Any thoughts who has safest floor?
  10. Feel same way but my other qb is Winston against Baltimore. 49ers have been generating offense lately so if 49ers try to shut down run it could open up the pass. Other options are Allen or Carr. Hate to go into semis using such volatile options.
  11. Assuming Sutton is out or limited with quad injury. For someone desperate who lost Green and Kirk and basically Tate, he worth a flier as flex or wr3? Other options are Foster Moncrief Stills Crabtree. Wonder who has safest ppr floor