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  1. I am not so much tired of it as I am realizing that I am over-invested. As others have said, when we first started out they were very few websites that had any good analysis were LED you to figure out who might be a good sleeper or Gamble to pick up for your lineup. However now there are 8 million sites and YouTube channels and podcasts that literally drown you in so much information that you feel you need to read to remain competitive. meanwhile everybody else in your league has access to the same information. while a lot of people say that yes there is some luck in fantasy football but it is mostly skill, the reality is that say you picked number one overall this year and chose someone other than McCaffrey odds are that one choice may be the difference between you doing well this year and not. if you decided to go zero RB and invested highly in some of the receivers out there like Juju and O'Dell then you also got screwed this year. then of course there was all kinds of strange luck that happen this year too such as Andrew luck retiring. And then you have Antonio Brown going off the rails..Roethlisberger going down after the first game. And many other quarterbacks also either getting hurt or benched affecting the fantasy outcome of the teams. Looking back at my own team who is currently 6 and 6 and fighting for a playoff spot I can go back and look at 1 roster lineup decision I could have chosen differently each week and would be sitting here at 11 at 1. I don't think of myself as a bad fantasy player has I have almost never miss the playoffs and have won multiple championships. However the combination of luck in terms of what is happening two players and the added knowledge that everybody has has made host teams very even in terms of wins and losses.. in fact here we are in the last week of the regular season in myleague and only one team has clinched and only two teams have knock themselves out meaning nine teams are still competing for five playoff spots. The other thing that has made the game more luck-based is the fact that going forward from a number of years ago as thing switch to a pass-heavy league there are multiple receivers on the same team that have become productive and the luck part might be the variance week-to-week as to which one of them is the true wide receiver one that week. gone are the days of the true Alpha wide receiver on most teams and the three down work horseback as well. most teams have committee backs and feature two receivers that are very close in talent. that is why if you drafted a player like McCaffrey or Michael Thomas or Dalvin cook do you have a significant advantage over others as there are not that many teams out there that have access to a guy who has such a high percentage of their team's workload. the last thing I will comment about is my mood. I find as someone else has stated that when my fantasy football team does poorly my mood for the next few days tends to be rather down or depressed as I feel as if it was a personal insult to me that they lost given all the effort I put in. Conversely when they win I have a brief period of feeling good or satisfied at my team's performance and then it's back to the Grind again. Ironically as much as we say skill beats luck I go into the final game of the regular season with Julio Jones out and having to start Sterling Shepard over him.I also go in worrying if Chris Carson will fumble his way out of his role this game or re-establish himself as the lead back on his team. I think if I was a fan of a team in the NFL that was competitive every year I probably would no longer play Fantasy football and would just enjoy following my own team but as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan who has been let down every year I think I got into Fantasy football,so that I would have something to enjoy and follow once my team was no longer competing for a playoff spot which unfortunately is usually in early November.
  2. Lol. I think the NFL is too embarrassed and making up the shoulder thing. He probably has bag itch and can't cut like normal
  3. Well Julio has a vagina injury so now who to start lol. Deebo , Shepard, Hollywood
  4. Is Deebo Sterling or Hollywood stacked and if so start which one over Julio?
  5. If Julio sits and Lattimore plays then saints for sure though think I like either way.nit sure which kc Williams but Damien not practicing might not play so would Carson and snell
  6. Well if you are like me this is a must win week to make the playoffs and you are debating starting Julio Jones. His so called shoulder injury is the same AC joint strain that Deebo and Conner have. There are different degrees of it and the mildest form is a passion tolerance thing. We saw Deebo be looked all week but play with it. He only saw 2 targets but did well. He also had a full week to rest the injury. We saw Julio hurt or last Sunday. He managed to play through it but clearly in pain. So.... 1st question is does he play? It might be a true game time decision based on how it feels before game time. Falcons have nothing to play for so sitting him might be a smart call. 2nd if he plays well he be a decoy. To this I say no. This is not a leg injury and if he rotates the pain enough to run routes and uses his arms to get off the line, then he will not be a decoy. However since Julio isn't exactly a warrior he might come off for a few posts everytime he aggravates it a little so might only see 50 to 60% of snaps. 3rd will he get me a zero if I start him? Real risk as if hé reaggravate it enough early in the game he might be out rest of game. 4th issue is well he get Lattimore? Sounds like he will play so either will be on Julio or Calvin with the other likely double teamed. So what we have today is a huge dilemma. This is a guy who is a top receiver in a potentially high scoring game who could be the wr1 this week if things fall right or could get you a zero. I almost wish he is declared out so as to take away my risk and to let him break so he will be healthy next week. I would think if your team is projected to win by large margin you swap him out for a safer choice with lower ceiling. But then you have to ask yourself how you would feel benching your round 1 stud and have him go off on your bench which is in the range of outcomes. So tell me what you will do and who you might choose to start over him.
  7. I am in worse shape as if I don't start him I go Sterling Deebo or Hollywood. Or pickup a waiver guy like Auden Tate or Lazard..... I am conflicted because hate to bench my wr1 who can easily to off but he is at risk of a donut or sub 5 point game. Those other options at least should get me 8 to 12 in ppr.
  8. Carson owner here. what I have noticed with the two running backs is a certain pattern in their running style. Rashaad Penny tends to break a lot of his runs outside and reverse direction a lot. He is not the best when it comes to in between the tackle running the spite his style. That is why often when he has a big game there is usually one long run that contributes to it where is Carson is the guy who usually gets runs that are in the 4 to 5 yard range with a few longer ones sprinkled in. certainly the fumbles are concerning. I'm not sure how much of the work Penny got was due to the fumbles or also just based on the type of run defense that the Eagles have where the centre is very tough to run through that having a running back who is good getting to the edge for runs might have been the preferred option. That being said I think Penny did learn more carries with the way he played. being that they are quite a run-heavy team and do have some good run game matchups coming up, after this week that I could see there being a 15 to18 carry total for Carson and a 6 to 12 carry total for Penny. My projections would be: Carson 15 carries 65 yards 3 catches 21 yards Penny 9 carries 39, 1catch 12 yard As for touchdowns who knows So means Carson goes to rb2 with rb1 upside and penny to flex with rb2 upside.
  9. This past week never saw him on injury report. Got 3 endzone targets. Is he in play against San Fran? While 49ers are great against the pass he is a different kind of receiver and Sherman doesn't have the wheels to cover him. Safeties will be playing up to cover the potent run game and Andrews.....
  10. Daron Payne is doubtful. Going to help the Detroit's run game. Fire up your Bo!
  11. Damn autocorrect on my phone...yes years was Tate.
  12. Tate was suspended. They had 1 game together in that game Shepard out targeted Tate 9 to 6
  13. Sterling Shepard practiced today. Was getting nearly 9 targets a game and still did in years first game back after suspension
  14. You forgot Deebo! Sanders with rib injury and Deebo broke out!