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  1. If you get in now you can be part of the voting process for rule finalization. Grab the last spot and start bidding on your new team in three weeks!
  2. I had one drop out so there is an opening.
  3. just need one more
  4. bump--two teams left
  5. bump--just a couple spots available
  6. This is an awesome league guys and most of the available teams aren't bad. Much better than most abandoned teams you'll come across on here. 118 trades in 2015!
  7. We're not drafting and starting the auction until after the rookie draft so there is plenty of time left to get things ironed out. Get in now and reserve a spot! Bylaws are under the links section on the site but if you want the google doc sent to you, just PM me with your email.
  8. Hello all, Site - http://www26.myfantasyleague.com/2016/home/34377#0 Bylaws - http://smashmouth2013.proboards.com/ Our league is going into its sixth year and is converting from a contract league to a salary cap league. The entry fee for this league is $100 and we're looking to get paid up by April 1st so we can start the rookie draft right after the NFL draft and then auction on June 1st. It is a complete reboot so you will be building your team from scratch. I'm posting early to make sure that I get all the right people in here to complement our strong core of original owners. We've had some great years but we got a little top heavy so we are going to implement a cap system going forward. Some of the features of the league are: Transition tags Franchise tags Holdouts Contract buyouts A forgiving cap penalty system so you don't get your nuts in a vice and have to throw two seasons away cause you made a couple of bad decisions Custom graphics Big play IDP scoring Contract extensions If you're interested in getting more information please PM me for my email addy and I return my emails very quickly. We're looking for guys with experience in IDP dynasty football and preferably some experience with a salary cap league. Thanks Sean
  9. Kwon Alexander
  10. He most definitely is--reports that he's flying around all over the field making plays. And already being referred to as a building block of the defense with David and McCoy. If he's out there snatch him or trade for him before the masses catch on. Beat writers have been oozing praise on this guy.
  11. Danny, This is eery man. You don't remember me but I applied to Black and Blue back in 2011 and you didn't have any openings. I loved your format so much that I copied it for this league with some minor tweaks. This league is the wicked stepchild of B and B. I even have one of your owners here. I would love to have you take this team over. Sean
  12. Hey guys, http://football26.myfantasyleague.com/2015/options?L=41405&O=07&F=0008 This truly is a unique takeover since the team is already paid for and just won our championship last year. The league also has custom graphics including team pages for every team. It's not a run of the mill league or team. The team is loaded with quality talent and stacked for more playoff runs in the future. The owner has had some things come up in real life that he couldn't share but asked if I could find someone to replace him quickly before the season. As you'll see from his team he was a quality owner and one of the strongest in my leagues. Highlights include; Brees Spiller L Miller J Charles Calvin Demaris TY Martavis Witten Defense is just as loaded. Because the team is so loaded I feel like I can be picky on who takes over. Please do not apply if you don't have a lot of experience with IDP or dynasty in general. In the past we had owners that would constantly make bad trades and the league became top heavy. After replacing some poor ownership with stronger owners we have gotten the league back to balanced and competitive for all divisions and I'd like to keep it that way. Too many times I've seen owners come in to other leagues with good intentions, take over a quality team and tear it to pieces by trading away all the talent to the top teams in the league. One bad trade chums the water and the sharks go into a frenzy! I don't want to see that happen with this team so I'd love for a quality, knowledgeable owner to take over please. In short, if you're crushing your leagues year after year we want the strong competition so please apply. It's a $100 league that is already paid for 2015 but since it has a strong chance of winning it all again I ask for payment for 2016 so that we don't have a take the money and run situation. I never ask for advance money like other dynasty leagues and think it's the biggest scam going (seriously, where do all those perpetual future payments go?) but like I said, this is a unique situation. You won't owe any money next March when we pay up for 2016. Please let me know if you are interested and give me a brief synopsis of your experience and a link to some of your teams. Thank you, Sean