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  1. They failed to give Congress a detailed written explanation for the delay, which is not in accordance with the law. Seems reasonable, until you realize they have never been concerned about corruption. In '17 and '18 no-strings-attached aid was given to Ukraine, which was arguably more corrupt (under the previous president) than it is now.
  2. Who is prone to conspiracy theories, Bolton or Trump?
  3. Not to worry, the 2A protects us from tyranny. The patriotic gun owners will rise up and overthrow any tyrannical government that they oppose.... wait, I think I see a flaw in that theory.
  4. Gopher's request for an "apples to apples" was based on time frame, so that's how I responded. Trump was given the helm of a cruising ship and all he had to do was not grab the wheel and steer it onto the rocks.
  5. Apples comparison would be inauguration thru end of 2011. S&P = 832 to 1271 52% increase
  6. Isn't framing the discussion around a calendar year a little artificial, especially since the denominator of the percentage calculation is based on the downturn at the end of last year? You could look at it this way as well, since the high in late January 2018: The Dow went from 26616 to 28538, +7.2% over 2 years. The S&P went from 2872 to 3230, +12.5% over 2 years. And all of the current gain over that 1/18 high occurred in the last three months.
  7. It was definitely held up by corruption, just not on the Ukrainian side.
  8. There's a huge loophole in the GOP's claim that Trump's sale of Javelin missiles to Ukraine shows his support for the country But they will come in handy if Poland ever invades. Whether or not you agree with Obama's rationale for only supplying non-lethal aid, at least he gave them things they could actually use.