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  1. I've dislocated (maybe subluxated is more accurate, since it doesn't move so far laterally that I can't get it back into place myself) my kneecaps more than once on each side. Your description of the before and after pain matches my experience. After a few minutes to collect myself, I'm able to get up and finish the day. The first time freaked me out, because I wasn't sure what had happened, and the pain was so intense that the brain wasn't firing on all cylinders. The later occurrences, there's more of an "oh, crap, not this again"
  2. This one stood out: TAYLOR: Trump wants a favor, and this sounds crazy... SONDLAND: Here's my number, call me maybe
  3. My very own Senator Ron Johnson was protecting Hunter Biden. Who knew?
  4. At least three Republican senators agreed that Shokin needed to go. Republican senators echoed Biden in urging Ukrainian president to reform prosecutor general's office
  5. Brewers playing absolutely meaningless extra innings, should've just let em score in the 9th
  6. After the consecutive penalties, shouldn't the 2 pt try have been from the 3.5 yd line?
  7. This. Take an economic stat, and make a graph. If you don't label the time axis, there is nothing to indicate when Trump took over.
  8. Of course you missed the point of you guys giving Trump full credit when he's only been around for 1/4 of it. But hey....more of the same I guess
  9. It's been 124 months since the market bottomed out, Trump has been in office for 30. Obama hit a triple, Trump was inserted as a pinch runner, now he's taking credit for winning the game.
  10. One detail you might have missed in our July 4th story: engineers are examining if the weight of stationing tanks will damage the Lincoln Memorial’s underground rooms. Those are the ones Zinke often liked to tour frequently w/ guests @jdawsey1 @DanLamothe Did not know that the Lincoln Memorial had underground rooms.
  11. Tucker Carlson justifies KJU's murderous regime: "You've got to be honest about what it means to lead a country, it means killing people. A lot of countries commit atrocities, including our allies."