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  1. They most definitely don't rhyme. They'd need different first letters to do that.
  2. I must admit I was pretty shocked she did not pick Nick. Kudos to the producers. At least he got to bang her.
  3. I think this dude has about the lowest chance of anybody I can ever remember that made it to hometowns. He actually told her she would have an opportunity to become a homemaker? Too funny.
  4. He's got the same problem Juan Pablo had. Too dumb for her.
  5. @LukeRussert: HRC on recreational pot: States are the laboratory, want to wait and see what the evidence is after some time.
  6. Time article says he should be the next bachelor: I'm thankful I finally thought of who he reminded me of before he left: Harold Reynolds. That would've bugged me.
  7. I'll be rooting for that guy to at least get a little Andi action before his untimely demise.
  8. 11. You get a great buzz and you come up[ with great ideas you would never have thought of without weed.Or you could get a great buzz and make crazy comments about Tiger Woods or golf in general.
  9. Does anybody have an idea what he meant about their plans changing when the Women Tell All show aired? He could already see the kind of edit he was getting by that time. Something the producers told him at that time maybe? I think the whole After the Final Rose show relationship thing was faked. I've read he's been spotted at an NBA game with a different model girl. It was probably in his contract he had to do the show or he wouldn't even have been there.
  10. I read that JP also desperately wants on Dancing With the Stars but after this debacle they decided to decline.
  11. Man, Harrison brought back memories of Jim Gray interviewing Pete Rose for me. What a weird season. In reality, Juan just acted like a lot of guys say they would if they ever got on the show, which doesn't make for great tv.