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  1. A score of 198.5 would have finished in 46th place, good for $500.
  2. 29 MFL 10 leagues entered, consisting of the retention bonus (8 free teams) plus 1 free team from a 2nd place last year. So, $200 cash plus 9 free teams. Results: 1st x8 and 2nd x6, for a total of $830.
  3. Add me to the list of those who still prefers classic. I'm sure part of it is that I'm used to classic, it's simple and easy to use, and the new one looks too "busy" or something. Maybe I'll get used to it through trial and error. In any case, I just spent some time clicking around, and here's an issue I just found. I'm looking at the matchup tab. For one of my leagues, when I go to the "by position" tab, it lists players on my team that aren't even on my team, when it is calculating my projected score. Apparently free agents who are projected to score higher than my current player for that week are listed as if I already owned them. In this case it's a defense who has a good matchup this week, but I don't want to own long term and so won't be making that change. But it's calculating my score as if I have that team. Edit: OK, now I see how to "fix" that. There's a tab in settings that I have to uncheck, "include FA." Took a while to find it. This seems like it could be cool, but it gets complicated quickly when I have to figure all of this out on the fly. When there are a number of leagues to manage, I just default to classic to avoid all of this. Also agree about the free agent stuff, the "huge upgrade" needs more context. Upgrade to what? To my worst player at that same position? To the worst bench player but maybe at a different position? Sometimes I have flexibility, so that I could drop my worst rb to pick up a better wr, is any of that taken into account? Etc.
  4. My MFL10 results: 26 leagues entered (16x$10 and 10x$25) 1st x 4 (3 x $10 for $100 each and 1x$25 for $200) 2nd x 6 (2x $10 for free leagues next year and 4x$25 for $50) Entry fees were $400 (one of the 10's was a credit from last year). Winnings were $700 plus 2 free 10's for next year. These were all the "regular" MFL leagues. If I had done them all as double ups, I would have done worse, $590 in winnings plus 1 free 10. Also had 4 teams (all 10's) finish 3rd, and 4 more in 4th. So a bunch of the teams were competitive. Other random thoughts: I had exactly Zero shares of Gurley, out of 26 teams. Not on purpose necessarily, he just kept going higher than I wanted to pick him. 1st place teams had draft picks #6, 6, 11 and 5. 2nd place money or credit teams had picks # 10,10, 12, 2, 10, and 8. After the drafts I was lamenting the fact that I only had one #1 pick out of 26 leagues, but maybe that was a good thing! I had 2 shares of David Johnson, as I got him with a #2 pick in one of the leagues. My highest scoring team was the very first draft I did, starting on 7/5/17. 2544 points and finished in 1st by 250+ points. My worst team had 1966 points and I look at it now and wonder what in the world was I thinking :-)
  5. Are these all the same scoring rules (PPR, etc) as regular MFL10's, but just different roster constructions? Having trouble seeing that on the linked pages (but interested in the leagues!).
  6. I have enjoyed reading all the summaries, so I will add mine as well: 20 leagues entered (14x$10, 6x$25). Theoretical breakeven cost is ($140 + $150) $290, but actual cost was $260 due to a few free entries from last year. Results: 1st place x 4 (3 x $10 and 1 x $25) for $500 in winnings, plus 2nd place x1 (in a $25 league) for $50, for a total of $550 in winnings, plus an additional 2nd place in a $10 league, good for a free $10 entry next year. So, $260 cash outlay turned into $550 plus a free $10 league next year. I split my drafts fairly evenly between preseason games, and there was no pattern to my winners (2 winning teams were drafted before any preseason games, 1 was drafted after the 2nd preseason game, 1 was drafted after the 3rd preseason game). I did find some interesting results when looking at my teams based on the draft slot. 3 of my 4 winning teams picked from the #7 slot. The other winner was from #3. My 4 teams that had the #1 pick finished 8th, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd. My 2 teams that picked 12th finished 10th and 12th. Small sample size, but interesting nonetheless (to me anyway).
  7. If you need any more fillers, I'd be happy to be IN
  8. Just discovered this topic, and also just discovered the MFL leagues this year. Here are my results: 5 MFL10's: 1st: 2 2nd: 1 4th:1 5th: 1 3 MFL25's: 1st: all 3! So quite a successful year, turning $125 into $800. Interesting that I did better in the 25's than the 10's, but a very small sample size. I suspect I will do many more of these next year.
  9. Ugh - looks like the official standings have changed, and the cut is now 144.65, so you are now #1001 for week #11. I finished tied at #997 with 144.75, but I will probably be eliminated this week. Forsett/Amendola now out, and Royal/Mathews/Bradford still out. Injuries taking a toll. Plus, my Brady/Gronk combo is playing at Denver so I'm not expecting a big week from them, What?!! Oh no!! Weak sauce.
  10. Longtime lurker, and I don't often post. But I just looked up my score and noticed that I AM THE CUTOFF score this week (yes I'm shouting), team #1000 in the standings (Forte Yard Dash). I made it by exactly 0.00 points. There are no ties, so please let there be no stat changes! I think I'm out soon, but I think for the first time ever I was on the "right" side of a sweat. EDIT: just noticed that the live scoring has the cutoff at 144.70 points, and I have 144.60 points. But the official standings show 144.60 as the cut. Hopefully the official standings are correct :-)