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  1. I keep holding. I remember Isaac Bruce having soft tissue problems early in his career. He eventually got things figured out. If Fuller ever does, he's a WR1/2.
  2. Mahomes, HIll, Watkins, Kelce, Butker Garoppolo, Samuel, Kittle, 49ers D Team 100662 No chance of winning but should score well.
  3. With Jacobs possibly out and Tenn rolling towards the playoffs.....this is my pick.
  4. Definite hold in dynasty. DJ is a shell of his former self and Drake will get more $ elsewhere. I agree that in redraft, he may not be much ROY. The Cards aren't going to pay Drake top $ knowing that they have Edmonds in the fold. I think they value him a lot.
  5. It's three games. I don't think anyone can evaluate a rookie RB after three games. Especially one that wasn't drafted to start from the start anyways. Darwin is in the same camp as Henderson. Only Henderson has an injured stud in front of him. Darwin has two JAGs.
  6. which means this is fantastic week to pick somebody else.
  7. The one motivation I can see for AB would be....this could be the single biggest way to stick it to the Steelers. And Belichick knows this.
  8. OK...with Darwin's meteoritic rise up the ranks, wouldn't this be a great time to try and sell in dynasty? See what you can get for him from the D. Williams owner? I mean, I'm a believer in Thompson...I gave up a 2020 2nd during our rookie draft in May to move up and get him in the early 3rd, but...this is getting a little crazy. I'm in no way a believer of Williams and although the Chiefs have had top tier RBs in their stable....the position has mostly been a revolving door in KC. Would you trade him for a 2020 1st? I think I would.
  9. Henderson should have standalone value and he's fills the "pass catching back" that McVay has wanted. If Gurley would to go down with injury, Brown would pick up some of that work but I would imagine that Henderson would also pick up at least 25% of Gurley's touches. Give me Henderson all day over Brown. No way Brown steps in and takes Gurely's full workload.
  10. Hyde was rolling against the Steelers but just coughed it up and the Steelers recovered.
  11. WRs have come out of nowhere before. He's pretty much free in leagues. Why not grab and wait. Antonio Brown, A. Boldin, etc..... all were training camp stars that leapfrogged the expected "starters".
  12. I don't really see the negativity for Cohen this year. In PPR, he's golden. I think you can plug him in every week and not really have a bad week. He's a weapon that the Bears aren't going to forget about. Neither will Trubisky. I see a Brian Westbrook clone. He was a top 10 RB for about 5 straight years.