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  1. I'm on SC. I'm guessing public is on WAZZU? Saw a lot of WAZZU love early in the week.
  2. You know what I respond to you here, correct? P.S. I don't get happy when guys lose. I do get some joy when guys brag about how great they are and lose, but in the end, it is what it is. Hope you win. And shut up
  3. Mysterious? I started tailing a guy on bases who was better than me. I had nothing to contribute. I could have came here and posted his plays I suppose and claimed them as my own and then you all would have thought I was a freaking bases mizer. I didn't . I focused on making my plays and winning. Did you guys really want someone in here pimping the Cubs all summer long? Really? I didn't think so.
  4. And by stick their necks out, he means lose.
  5. Pass on trying to teach EM anything about any sport that's not the NBA. And there's nothing I can teach him with regards to that anyway. USC -4.5 Sparty/Indiana U48 NIU/FSU U45 Miami, O -6.5 Clemson -15.5 Navy -6 Cocky/Vandy U55.5 UGA -14 (-120) Wisky/Iowa U42.5 TCU -3 Underdog ML parlay at +9480 Indiana Oregon Coastal ULM Iowa
  6. I'll bite Browns 2H -4 Browns to win +270
  7. Tyrod O 31.5 RU yards Landry O 67.5 RE yards Enunwa O 5 REC Enunwa O 59.5 Robby U3.5 REC
  8. NFL is AWFULLY WONGY this week. Not seeing much I like on sides except kind of Panthers -3, but, Eagles/Texans/Chiefs/Rams/Pats.............all look pretty WONGY to me.
  9. Played: Trubisky U1.5 TD's (-160) Trubisky U220.5 (-115) Russel O235.5 (-115)
  10. Eagles -3 Steelers -4 1/2 Saints -9 Panthers +6 Car/Atl O43 1/2 LAC/Buf U43 Texans -3 Det/SF O48 1/2 Broncos -1/2 / 49'ers PK
  11. If you like throwing money away what business is it of mine oh greatest tout ever?
  12. This is where I typically say "Stick to the NBA". Or go back on vacation. One of those for sure.