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  1. Hope some of you guys are following @hooter311 on Twitter. He went 6-0 on UFC picks tonight. #sweep#####es
  2. Scottish Open To win: Hideto Tanihara +10000
  3. Funny you asked AZ RON, I kind of had forgotten about this thread. It's going....................OK. Surprisingly. I had to go back to read the original post to see how much of a train wreck I was. I'm still a train wreck, but it's getting much better. When I started this thread I had mentioned I wanted to be alive for my grandchildren, and about a month after I posted my son and his girlfriend got pregnant and I have a beautiful granddaughter who will be two in October who I absolutely adore. I addressed my sleep apnea by having major reconstructive surgery on my nasal cavities and soft palate about 15 months ago. It was brutally painful and had me basically out of commission for around a month but it was a life saver. Literally. I had my uvula essentially lopped off, a #### ton of my soft palate scraped away to open my airways, had my nose fixed and 4 of my 6 sinus cavities scraped and cleaned out. I no longer have apnea and I sleep better than I remember and no CPAP. I used to fall asleep in front of a game in my recliner almost every day. I haven't even done it once since the surgery. The diet has continued to be a struggle but about 6 weeks ago I discovered the "loseit" ap and started tracking everything I ate and counting calories. I weighted in at 263 when I started with a goal of losing a pound a week with an end goal of getting to 190. I've lost 8lbs in 6 weeks, but most importantly I really think for the first time in a long time I understand what I can and can't eat (and drink), it's not a hard diet for me to be on, and I really think it's more of a lifestyle change which I can do. I'm still able to eat everything I want, I just have to limit my portions. I can have 2 pieces of pizza, just not a half pizza. Some days I can have a DQ Blizzard, but just a mini. I've cut a ton of carbs, skipping bun/bread whenever possible. I've cut my drinking dramatically. I've figured out that vodka makes me hungry and beer fills me up, so, despite the fact I much prefer cocktails, I really try to stick with beer. I know I can drink twice as many Select 55' as Bud Lights, and when it's 100 degrees out and I'm golfing, I'm ok with that. We had our member guest a couple of weeks ago and my in-laws had a 4 day 50th anniversary shindig and I knew I wasn't going to behave, but it was fine. I've been maintaining 255 the last couple of weeks and now I have no big "things" coming up that will make it harder for me. I've got a long way to go, but I'm optimistic. Taking care of the sleep apnea was an important first step. I know on golf league nights I better do a protein bar and a light lunch if I'm planning on drinking much at league. It's a start.
  4. Summer baseball is a grind. I've got a guy. When I don't have the juice anymore I just tail him for action. I'll probably jump back in and start capping again soon, just too much summer stuff going on. Carry on.
  5. Cubs (-105) M's F5 TT U2 (-125) LAD F5 TT U1.5 (-120)
  6. Dude, you have 30 teams playing 162 games. Weird stuff happens. It's not rigged. You just lost. That's all.
  7. Brother, I started counting calories a month ago using an ap on my phone tracking my food called LoseIt. I'm down 8 lbs in a month, which I'm super happy with. The only way I'll make this stick is if I take it slow. I've got a buddy who was WAY bigger than me and since January he's down close to 70lbs. My wife still has fantastic #### however, lol.
  8. He's been off the DL for a while. Again, stick to what you know.
  9. My favorite schtick is I just lost a bet because the game is rigged guy schtick
  10. M's (+164) Tigers (+120) Twins (+161) Cubs GM 2 (-128)
  11. Brewers F5 TT O2 (-130) Royals (+102) Rox/Mets F5 U5 (-110)