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  1. Tuesday Pucks: Pens (-120) Pens RT (+135) Bolts (-135) Leafs (-130)
  2. Had a feeling this was going to be a bad idea @hagmania when we decided to open it up to everyone. It splits time between this thread and the original gambling thread. I didn't post a 5th pick last week because I just didn't see this lasting. I'm going to post one only because @Stuart Ullman twitter messaged me how great he evidently is doing. I'd still be happy to go head to head with Em, if you're wanting to end this I wouldn't blame you. Week 3 1-Pens -1/2 +135
  3. Minnesota got lucky to cover. Krystowiak is a better coach than baby Pitino. Lot of talent on Minnesota, lot of talented freshmen, they still make freshmen mistakes though. I don't know if Washington can cover if they don't go at Pineiro and get the 3rd foul on him. SD's 3 point D is pretty tough and UDUB seems to be having trouble finishing in the paint.
  4. Hoops Minnesota -8.5 Washington -9.5 Didn't do a lot of work on these. Gophers had a ton of injuries last year, they should be good if they stay healthy. This feels like an overreaction in the Washington game to their loss to Auburn.
  5. I think a good rule of thumb from here on out is anytime you hear about how Vegas got their ### kicked in the NFL, maybe just don't bet the NFL the following week. What comes around goes around.
  6. Nebraska +1.5 vs. Sparty. I"m a homer but the wrong team is favored here. Me and my buddies talked yesterday, I thought it would be NU -2.5. Fallica on Twitter this morning asked if there's any way NU wouldn't be favored. Nebraska could still certainly lose this game, but they're playing better than Sparty right now, it's in Lincoln, and this is not the same team it was 4 or 5 weeks ago. I don't think Sparty's offense will be capable enough to put up a bunch on Nebraska's bad defense and I don't think anyone in the B1G outside of Michigan is capable of stopping our offense right now.
  7. I played Smallwood U33.5 (-115) Zeke U78.5 (-115) Goedert U14.5 (+105) Hurns U15.5 (-135) Agholar U3 (-110) Agholar U35.5 (-115)
  8. Teased Pats and Eagles and then teased Rams and Eagles. Pretty much max bet both because nothing else really interested me. Like Kerryon U YDS if I can get it somewhere reasonable