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  1. 3M matchups: M. Hughes O Laird (-125) Niemann O DeChambeau (+140) Also put .4U on Niemann to win the Open at +15000
  2. It’s summer time. Too busy golfing and sucking at betting baseball to post much 💁‍♂️
  3. Clemson makes playoffs -300 to win 2U Steelers win AFC North +175
  4. Playoff hockey 3P overs are now 22-6 I believe. I’ve been playing them all for 2U
  5. It's been 10 days or so, time to jump in. If you're tailing, tread lightly, still a lot of unknowns. That being said: Twins(+119), Nats (-124), Cubs/Brew O9 (-115), Stros/A's F5 U4.5 (EV), Pads TT O4.5 (+105), Rangers F5 TT O2.5 (+105), Red Sox (-116) GLTA
  6. Wish I had more to share guys, kind of in wait and see mode for baseball and waiting for hockey playoffs and just watching my hoops futures. I have futures on all 4 teams in the final 4. Auburn win nets me 20 units, UVA nets me 15 units, Sparty nets me just under 9 units and Tech nets me 4 units in addition to the 2 units I won on them coming out of the region. One bases play tonight: Padres -115
  7. Played some baseball, just tippy toeing for now: Cubs, Rox, Rays, Dodgers, BoSox F5, F5 unders in Nate/Mets and Rays/Stros. Pretty chalky
  8. Added Phillies U89.5 (-130) I think they’re good, but 90 wins good? With that manager in that division? Harper struggles out of the gate, the fans are brutal on him, he hits under .250 and less than 30 HR’s
  9. Pucks: Preds/Wild FP U1.5 (-135) NIT W. Virginia -9 (It's -10 now, probably still good) Sweet 16 UNC -5
  10. I was relatively sober when I posted that, just drank bloody's all day, but just got back from dinner and had a couple of old fashioneds. Not wasted but have a nice little iv drip going.