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  1. Was kind of leaning U in the K State/Loyola game. That ought to about seal it. I'm also on Loyola large.
  2. I see (via retweet) where Tweety is asking people to paypal him $149 and he'll pay you back $200 in 3 days. Bookie must have called lol.
  3. Haven't locked in anything yet but I kind of like: Utah -4 Washington +10 1/2 JAX ST. -1
  4. Kentucky to win it all +550 I'll hope they can make it to the title game and then look to buy out with Nova? or Duke? ML
  5. my ex would make it with rice. It's been cold and damp here for what seems like forever. I feel like spring is never coming. I was so pissed off after Purdue missed their free throws and then UNC #### the bed I thought it was a good night for comfort food so I went to the store and bought that. Made sweet potato/carrot mash with butter and brown sugar and warmed up some beets. Heavy dinner for a Sunday but after how much I drank yesterday it was kind of nice.
  6. I made bone in thick cut pork chops with stuffing and mushroom soup tonight. Some people say I'm a foodie. I'm just fat.
  7. Does it affect your sleep? I'm already a bad sleeper.
  8. Little thick for my taste, but I've always kind of sensed that was what Chain prefers
  9. raise your hand if you just had to go to to figure out what the hell a "dental dam" is.
  10. Got effed by missed FT's at the end twice today. That was pleasant.
  11. Almost have to put cash on Kentucky to win it all at this point doesn't a guy? They will be favored all the way to the championship game at which point a guy could always hedge if you wanted. Any ideas on what they'll be? 3 or 4-1?