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  1. Hoops: Texas Tech -5 (2U) Minnesota -1.5 UCF -3.5 Georgia Tech +7
  2. Pucks: Good dog tonight with Sens at +155. Sens have been decent at home, Avs have struggled lately and are in last game of 4 games in 7 days on the road. I will also be on Sharks/Yotes FP over. Not posted yet, you have to get these FP overs early because the juice gets stupid the later in the day you go.
  3. Pucks: NYR (-125) WPG (-120) VGK/WPG U6.5 Wild -1/2 (-105) Caps (+145) TB/Dal U6.5 (-115) Hoops: TCU -6.5 Nevada -8 UVA/Va Tech U126.5
  4. Pucks: Hawks/NJ P O1.5 (-140) 2U Leafs PL (+140) Phi/Min U6 (-130) Caps -1/2 (EV) Bos/Mon U6 (-120) Bruins -1/2 (-115) Oil (-120)
  5. Boy, I found props to be tighter lined than ever, especially if you're going to play the unders. I played less props and less NFL sides/totals than I ever have, thereby ALSO making it MY most successful year betting NFL lol
  6. Hawks/Devils FP O1.5 (-140) Hoops: Terps -3.5 (2U) Kansas -8 Florida St. -4.5
  7. Hoops: UVA -6.5 Rutgers +10 Texas Tech +1 Iowa -2.5 Alabama -6.5 Tennessee -3 Arizona St. -3.5 U of A -8 Leans to: Utah St., Fresno St. FH, K State, Hall/Marquette overs, KU, E. Tenn. St., St. Louis, CU
  8. Saturday Pucks: Sens (+270) Sharks on Vegas Flu go against angle Hawks/LVK FP O1.5 Isle's -1/2 (-115) Blues/Stars FP U1.5 (-120) Pens (-140)
  9. I did, I've been 2 uniting the ish out of the Hawks and Bolts FP overs. Finally lost last night. I'll back down to 1 unit, but keep playing them. There's a handful of other teams that have been hitting too. I was able to bet nonstop last weekend in the hospital, just not really up to posting or anything.