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  1. Keep Reed he still is the best shot you have at points
  2. So I picked up Ross but all three wrs for washington are on waivers? We start 3 wrs and 2 flex in ppr and my wrs suck. At the beginning of the year I had Green Robinson and Agholor. You can sought of see where I'm at now. right now my 3 wrs I'm starting are Gabriel, Ross, and Lafell. I'm looking to drop Lafell I think but can't seem to decide. I have fringe potential of making playoffs. Who has the best upside moving forward Crowder Doctson Or Harris
  3. i think i would do it. freeman hurt you can still keep conner and you need to win now!
  4. I own the chargers Defense Best one or two options? i CANT STREAM BECAUSE OF LACK OF MONEY With this list defenses is there a significant upgrade at the position for the rest of the season? Dolphins Bills Redskins Steelers Bengals Browns Cardinals
  5. This is exactly what I was thinking. Moore's a backup Court QB but has experience but I don't think he can roll with the third wide receiver normally in that offense. McCown is usually good for two touchdowns and you got to hope that Anderson Ken come up with one of them. Help with mine please.
  6. I would have to agree Booker just looks like the lottery pick he's got the most opportunity to do well in the other guys have been failing. Help me please
  7. I think you go with Baldwin Crowell and Booker cuz he's the lottery ticket he has the opportunity to get you the most fantasy points. I like funchess a lot but you might just have to go with Hilton in Baldwin because the number one wide receiver opportunity is there and if Greg Olsen is playing funchess might lose some looks so that's the way I feel on that.
  8. I totally agree with this you can't deny Jones this year he's just too good I didn't play him and I might be out of the playoffs because of it Jones all the way. Help with mine
  9. I like it. I say do the trade and win some money and play for free next year. Or hold on to your team lose in the first week of your playoffs round and make your pic next year and try to win all over again and then the following year. Or grab your nutsack and make the trade and win the money and play the next couple of years for free. Help with mine
  10. Okay my buddy asked me if he should start Drew Brees or big Ben this weekend. He wants to beat his boss. It's easy for me to say start Big Ben but I wanted to see what the rest of the crowd thinks . Should he roll with Drew Brees and his Hall of Fame career track record or do you roll with a Big Ben going against the a bad defense at home who just lit it up last week. Also does shuster's injury affect Big Ben's numbers at all? Plain and simple who does he roll with?
  11. In ppr James White, Doug Martin, Makinsic sea rb, Who would you go with? Pick one.
  12. I would have made the trade I love Tom Brady I like the D I think you have enough wide receiver depth to lose green. I think if the trade deadline passed and you weren't able to get it done. I think you just got 2 play your team's out that's why you have a trade deadline.
  13. I would drop Watkins High thing but all in all I think you don't have to worry about Rogers or somebody else using him.
  14. Hydro with Alfred Morris going against a poor run defense. And I'd also go with Alex Collins going against Houston on Monday night what's better than having a guy on Monday night to watch. Help with mine if you can?
  15. Play the starting line up in this ppr league is one QB two running backs two wide receivers one tight end a defense and a kicker. Carson Wentz is my QB. My two running backs are Carlos Hyde and Mark Ingram. My two receivers are two of these four DeVante Parker, Marvin Jones jr., Stefon Diggs, Brandin cooks. Last week DeVante Parker lost me the match because I benched Marvin Jones this week I think I want to go Marvin Jones and Brandon Cooks in the two wide receivers spots My tight end is Hunter Henry I'm going to try to pick up Jack Doyle off of waivers and play him instead. My defense is Baltimore Ravens on Monday night and my Kicker is Matt prater det. That leaves my Flex with either Stefon Diggs or Alex Collins I like Alex Collins having him on Monday night. Stefon Diggs hasn't done a lot lately but he's one of those guys if your bench him he goes off if you start him he has a difficult time. Do I run with 3 wide receivers or three running backs I'm a must win I got to win out to make the playoffs it is a PPR League. What 3 do I run with and who is the flex? The three being the two wide receivers spots and the flex. I'm pretty sure Brandin Cooks is an automatic. Please help I will answer any link you leave thank you in advance.