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  1. I would not do this Derrick Henry is finals getting a workhorse back volume of snaps and your team is good. To be honest Landry will probably finish ahead of Diggs .
  2. I have Knox and seals Jones . I am hurting . And I have been out bid and beaten every te I try for
  3. Would you drop A.J. Brown I already have Corey Davis to pick up Hunter Henry?
  4. Do me a favor. Pickup Hunter Henry or Herndon and in 3 weeks you will take down the league !!
  5. Decline that offer with that lineup you should of win the league especially if you can flex Kerryon. If your not in first place I Quit Fantasy!! Are you in First ? 🤣
  6. I think Kerryon is the most valuable player you have . You can’t trust Oj Howard. The volume is similar with Kerryon and Jacobs. I think the question you should ask is do you need an upgrade with Edelman. I would keep Kerryon and look at whether you need an upgrade at wr. Wait you have barley and Cook in a 12 team league ? Did everyone draft zero rb
  7. Take that deal you upgrade your qb I would rather have gore don’t under value his age he has a good amount of volume. Help me please
  8. It looks pretty close but it matters how much he likes Brady and Montgomery. He might value you them a lot more.
  9. Sanders!!
  10. Drop the rapist and move on with integrity!!
  11. I would go with the picks . You could win with out him .
  12. I like Gallup when healthy better receiver on a better team!
  13. Brissett against KC Allen against Tenn 4pt passing td thanks in advance
  14. Keep Reed he still is the best shot you have at points