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  1. With Thompson out, is Peterson a better flex start than Coutee (PPR league)? I think AP gets volume, but CAR listed as "bad" rushing matchup plus with other injuries not sure how WAS gets ahead in that game, which means not an ideal game-script for Peterson I assume?
  2. PPR: Pick two RBs: Burkhead Freeman McKinnon Pick one WR: Westbrook Kearse (I'm starting McCown as my QB, in case that affects this answer). Thanks, Sig!
  3. Sorry for the dumb question, but when does Sig normally answer these? First time I've posted a question. Thanks guys!
  4. Hi Sigmund, Thanks for answering this: Full-point PPR league. Must-win to get into the playoffs. Need to start TWO of these, which should I go with? WR Maclin vs. Hou WR Stills vs. NE WR Watkins vs. NO WR Fitzgerald vs. JAX WR Cooper vs. Den RB Burkhead vs. MIA Thank you!
  5. Of those, I'd say Booker, unless JuJu is limited then might go Bryant. Please see mine.
  6. I am in must-win mode and have already lost both DeShawn Watson and Jameis Winston to injury this year. This week, I'm down to either Cutler vs. Tampa, or Fitzpatrick vs. Miami. Which one has the highest ceiling for a big day? My opponent already started Roethlisberger last night so I'm in a 30+ point hole already. Need a big day from my unlikely QB--whomever that turns out to be. I'll hang up and listen. Thanks!
  7. Due to injuries, I'm down to starting either Cutler or Fitzpatrick at QB this week, but the "Passing Matchups" feature this week leaves out the TB-MIA game for some reason. Wanted to flag it here for FBGuys management. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post that. While I'm at it, which of those two would you start this week?
  8. EDIT: This is for a PPR League. I have CJ Anderson at home vs. NYG, Alvin Kamara at Detroit, Jerrick McKinnon at home vs. Green Bay, and Doug Martin on the road vs. Arizona. I can start three of them this week. Which ONE would you bench? The FBGuys experts are all over the board in their rankings. What say ye?
  9. Would like to hear from Doug Martin owners. Anyone starting him on Thursday night vs. New England right off the bat? Or are you going to wait a week or so to see if he needs to knock some rust off? I'll hang up and listen.
  10. This is a WDIS question: In a PPR league, of these three RBs, which one would you bench (I will start two of them), and what's the compelling reason why? Bilal Powell vs. JAX Chris Carson vs. Indy CJ Anderson vs. Oakland I'll hang up and listen.
  11. I'd say Snead or Matthews. Have you checked the custom Top 200 Forward on your My FBG page for your league scoring system? That's a great tool for these kinds of questions.
  12. For my #2 RB this week I can go CJ Anderson vs. Denver, or Chris Carson vs. Indy. I'm in a PPR league. Anderson has been sharing carries but has a better O-Line (but maybe a tougher matchup?). Carson looks like the primary back in Seattle now -- especially with Prosise out -- but has a bad OL (but maybe a better matchup)? I'll hang up and listen.