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  1. Holy hell, that is way out of line, even in this twisted labyrinth of sexual chaos, using the kid as a weapon is severely selfish and messed up. Is she too dumb to realize she's hurting her own kid this way, or doesn't she care? I know there's injuries all over this battlefield and everyone's to blame for the shrapnel strewn about, but that move was like launching the chemical weapons into things. So wrong.
  2. Alas, poor Flysack! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!

  3. I can't stand Dave Eggers. He's like the Oprah of the literary world, a trendy d-bag who is far better at promoting his works than actually writing them.
  4. Was deadset at hiring Timschochet as his Minister of Education until someone told him Tim's ethnicity. Even then, he still considered it.
  5. I don't think they've done a single flashback scene in 3+ seasons. Not really their style. Was just about to say this. The closest they've gotten is visions by Bran when he's warging out and seeing the past. Wouldn't really consider that a flashback though. Oh I know it's wishful thinking. I was just musing.
  6. Nope. They have two games where their opponent has extra rest and two where they have extra rest. Huge difference this year. Kind of sucks that the Jets are the beneficiary of both extra rest games opponents have, but what are you going to do?Only real disappointment with the schedule is that all of their cold weather home games are against other cold weather teams. Not a big deal, but would have been nice to get the Dolphins in Buffalo in December. How many years in a row have we played New England in New England on last game of the season? It's ridiculous.
  7. No link, but I just read that the Jills are suing the Bills for a slew of reasons, including being paid UNDER minimum wage, inappropriate bodily contact, and other grievances. Apparently before every game they were subjected to a "jiggle test," where some sleaze would make them strip down to the underwear and slap their body all over - tummy, butt, thighs, arms, etc. and if any of it jiggled they were either banned from cheering that week or put on some kind of probation. I know a lot of jokes can be made of this, but seriously now - Also, paying them under minimum wage? Are you effing serious? How criminally cheap can the NFL get? I know they're part time, but hell, they deserve at least $25 an hour, including paid practices. What a joke. I hope they win and win large. ETA: Linky -
  8. yea, you still don't get it ok I'm with karma here. Not the worse thing vividly depicted on the show, by a long way.Ripping an infant from the arms of its mother and shoving a dagger through it does come to mind. Yet another liberal sacred cow I suppose. I don't think the complaints are so much "OMG, I can't believe Game of Thrones depicted a rape!" I don't think anyone would have batted an eyelash if it depicted Ramsey Snow raping someone. The complaints are happening, IMO, because its out of character with the way the books and the show have attempted to humanize Jaime. I thought it was because the director said it wasn't rape. That's why salon jumped his nuts. That was pretty dumb of him, yea (and it wasn't just that went crazy, pretty much everyone with half a brain did), but that isn't why we're taking umbrage here.
  9. What the hell, Pineda. Is this something all pitchers do, but Pineda just sucks at keeping hidden? That's what I thought anyway.... Or is he genuinely cheating?
  10. Wow. I don't know. Jest sang to me at twenty-eight, even as a lay reader. Not too expensive, nor, if you've watched modern movies, that disruptive in terms of structure. I think there are many, many levels to it, but you can enjoy it just as a reader. I also have a predilection for non-fiction and New Journalism, so the rest was easy after that. I would probably read A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. I wouldn't read Broom of the System, either. That gets weirdly philosophical, juvenile, and not that exciting. Girl With Curious Hair is a weird entry, but not a bad one. Also, consult other, better readers on the board. This was just my personal way, based on a recommendation and a whole lot of empathy for the author at a specific time in my life. Others will steer you well. IJ and Girl With Curious Hair are my favorite books by him. This is the right answer. Then Consider the Lobster. Then Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. Then Infinite Jest. The rest don't matter much. Girl with Curious Hair is a collection of his first published short stories. Some are very good. But it's a completely different style of writing from the titles mentioned above. Same can be said about Broom of the System, his first novel (and partly his MFA thesis at Arizona). Those two early works are good, worth a read, but not the DFW everyone spanks their pud about.
  11. The big reveal in the books happens between Tyrion and Jamie right before Tyrion escapes. I imagine they will keep that scene largely intact, considering how important it is for both characters. right. hopefully the audience remembers the story. They could always begin with a flashback scene and actually depict Tyrion with his wife, Jaimee's involvement, and Tywin's handling of the situation. Link it to the present as something Tyrion is remembering while sitting in the black cells. It's not like he has much else to do but reminisce. ETA: plus I'm sure this director would love to film a gangbang rape.
  12. This is my main problem with it. You were SUPPOSED to start liking Jaimee at this point. He's one of the most dynamic characters in the story. He goes from an utter villain to being wounded, marred, then transformed by the experience into something more honorable. He continues to get "good" and definitely sympathetic as the story progresses, but this idiot director pissed in that arc with his rapey idiocy. Meh, it's only Cersei. True, by season 5 the fans will be hi-fiving Jaimee for raping her.
  13. The Atlantic's take -