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  1. Now Gurley is listed as out...not good for my Title chances.
  2. 0.5 PPR and 0.2 points per rush. If Gurley sits who would you start? Anderson @ Cardinals Hamilton @ Raiders
  3. Well hopefully Ballage has a good day!
  4. That’s who I’ve got in there now. This is my big money I’m hoping for a good Christmas with a win here! Lol
  5. I’m probably sticking with Mitch...I feel like he has the highest ceiling and I’m up against a really good team. Just wanting to make sure I’m not making the homer pick.
  6. In a 0.5 PPR League with 0.2 points per rush attempt which RB do you like? Ballage vs Jags Gus Edwards @ Chargers Josh Adams vs Texans Alfred Blue @ Eagles
  7. Would you start any of these guys over Trubisky at the 49ers? Mayfield vs Bengals Allen vs Pats
  8. With OBJ out would you start Engram over Cook in a PPR league? Cook vs Denver Engram at Indy
  9. I’m thin at I guess I just answered my question there. Haha
  10. In a 0.5 PPR league would you drop Sutton or Gus Edwards? Looks like Hamilton is the better option in Denver and Gus might be part of a committee now.
  11. I’m in a 0.5 PPR league in the playoffs and really hurting at WR. Who would you rather have in week 15-16...Sutton or Hamilton?
  12. We have really short benches so my only other option to drop is Tyrell Williams or TreQuan Smith. If Jameis gets benched again I’m looking at Mayfield, Prescott or Mariota on waivers and possibly Lamar still being there.
  13. In a 10 team PPR league I’m the Gurley owner. I have Lamar Jackson and Jameis Winston. Would you drop Jackson and pick up Malcom Brown to handcuff Gurley?
  14. Need one player for my 2nd flex spot in a PPR league. Pick one: Peterson @ Cowboys Jeffery vs Giants Gordon @ Jets Gus Edwards vs Raiders
  15. RB: Gurley, Peterson, Breida, Gus Edwards, Josh Adams, Drake WR: Davante Adams, Golloday, Sutton. My my teams been hit hard by injuries and by dumb luck I’m in 2nd place.