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  1. If we're assuming this new guy appears out of thin air on Monday and has to learn the entire offense in one week vs. the guy that the playbook has been built around, then the number probably isn't all that high. (But the list of guys Belichik would rather have heading into training camp next year is probably pretty long.)
  2. So wait, the Vikings' offense has a play other than "run directly into an unblocked linebacker"?
  3. Well, he showed up for the fake fourth down, so at least he's not dead. This is me doing optimism.
  4. No see the Packers will be expecting him to do what's worked for his team all season long. A really smart coach earns his money here by doing something that doesn't work.
  5. A measly four non-PPR points to win my main league for the first time in a decade. As you can tell, I’m a worst-case scenario type of guy.
  6. Maybe it’s the pessimist in me, but I could absolutely see Zimmer going mostly with Abdullah, either because he’s the hot hand or because he’s overthinking it and decides it will catch the Packers off guard or whatever.
  7. There is no safe floor. He could be amazing, he could barely play, he could start and fumble and get benched. Widest range of realistic outcomes I can remember for a guy with this many eyes on him.
  8. Man, this is going to make for one of the most fascinating Monday nights ever. Championship week, it feels like this guy is in every matchup. And it feels like everything is on the table. Could he go for 100_+ and multiple scores? Absolutely. Could he look like an overwhelmed third-stringer and barely do anything? Sure could. Would the Vikings count on Cook being back for the playoffs and go all-in on one night of Boone, giving him 30+ carries and wearing him into paste? It's possible. Could Zimmer bench him after one early fumble, or get clever and swerve us all by going with Abdullah as the main guy instead? Not hard to imagine. This is nuts. Good luck to everyone, whatever good luck looks like.
  9. Now that fantasy season is over and we don't have to worry about every yard or TD, man, was this guy ever a joy to watch all year. Just so good at his job.
  10. I'm kind of with you. I'm in two titles games right now that both look like coin flips, but both are low-scoring with a bunch of "star" players on both sides having bad games, so it's hard to get too excited. Will probably come down to some plug in the late games randomly having a career day. The luck factor is just off the charts these days, with everyone working from pretty much the same information. For some reason, that still feels fun during the season, when you can count on the randomness evening out. But once you get down to the money, it really does feel like we're just flipping coins.
  11. Texans executing well on both the "run the ball right into the line for no gain" play as well as the "throw it two yards to a guy who's covered" route. No need to break out a third play today.
  12. Just don’t have the guts. Have Fuller and Brown ahead of him. (Which is odd because if you’re worried about injury, Fuller is a weird guy to turn to.)
  13. I mean, if you've got deep rosters and there's no penalty for swinging and missing, you could try Andrew Luck as a lottery ticket. Gronk too?