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  1. Yep. Last night was actually a pretty good case study of what to expect. A lot of empty drives, but always the potential of a big play. Some games, you'll get it. Maybe once or twice, you'll get more than one and a monster score. But there will also be some weeks where he'll put up close to zero. The ceiling is still high but the floor just caved in.
  2. Not a deep bomb but also not a little screen. Hill cut across then wheeled it up field and Moore hit him right in stride. Was a sure thing TD as soon as he caught it, was in full stride.
  3. Same boat here. I think he's a solid option even if he's splitting carries, with the talent to give you a big play or two. But the floor is low.
  4. Crazy thing is that Buck and Aikman were talking about pretty much this exact scenario the series before.
  5. This one:
  6. How do we feel without Mahomes in the picture? Feels like Hill loses the deep balls, but he's dangerous on screens and quick shots too, no?
  7. Dr. Jene weighs in: "Yes, kneecap dislocation for Mahomes. No report on XR findings yet. And MRI likely to come. Bracing possible, surgery possible, depending on imaging findings. Not a large number of comps for players returning from kneecap dislocations. Matthew Stafford missed 4 weeks in 2009."
  8. I've still got him down for ten points this week.
  9. Not sure about blockbuster, but I traded him away last week for Hill in a two-for-two that also included Boyd and Stafford. Seemed like an even deal. Of course, you need to find a team that needs a QB upgrade (and presumably have a better option of your own already).
  10. Just traded for him this week, so won't have the patience to hold him out. Have him in over DK Metcalf.
  11. Had him on the bench in one league this week, in case you were ever thinking of listening to anything I say ever.