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  1. Seems like this situation just went from bad to worse. Droppable for non-Elliot owners?
  2. The Texans should try a trick play on first down where they do literally anything other than hand it to David Johnson for zero to three yards.
  3. In a weird way, today makes me feel a little bit better about last year's Week 16 Boone debacle.
  4. Seems like he's locked in as being just a guy in that WR mix. He'll have a game or two where that will translate to strong numbers, but good luck guessing when that will be.
  5. If Dalvin Cook starts and gets hurt, whoever replaces him looks like Dalvin Cook. If Dalvin Cook doesn't start, whoever replaces him looks like Alvin the Chipmunk.
  6. Saints now say that "change in game status is not injury related". That, uh, doesn't sound good?
  7. Ben Koo, who runs the Awful Announcing site, tried to place a $12.50 bet at 8-1 odds on the Seahawks to win by 19-24 points. He accidentally bet $1,250 instead.
  8. If we're assuming this new guy appears out of thin air on Monday and has to learn the entire offense in one week vs. the guy that the playbook has been built around, then the number probably isn't all that high. (But the list of guys Belichik would rather have heading into training camp next year is probably pretty long.)
  9. So wait, the Vikings' offense has a play other than "run directly into an unblocked linebacker"?
  10. Well, he showed up for the fake fourth down, so at least he's not dead. This is me doing optimism.
  11. No see the Packers will be expecting him to do what's worked for his team all season long. A really smart coach earns his money here by doing something that doesn't work.
  12. A measly four non-PPR points to win my main league for the first time in a decade. As you can tell, I’m a worst-case scenario type of guy.
  13. Maybe it’s the pessimist in me, but I could absolutely see Zimmer going mostly with Abdullah, either because he’s the hot hand or because he’s overthinking it and decides it will catch the Packers off guard or whatever.