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  1. I've been in the league since it's inception. Would agree that the group of owners is very good. Also an active enough league to get deals done Can't speak highly enough of the commissioner either. Russ has really done an awesome job and I'm sure the rest of the league would agree. Looking forward to see who steps up and jumps in!
  2. I'm in this league. I've very much enjoyed it. Active group of owners, real fun players to compete with. A lot of different strategies being deployed by different owners, which should give some flexibility to a new owner reshaping this team. Upfront and solid commish.
  3. Been burned by this joker too. Wouldn't recommend this
  4. Team A gave up Landry, Jarvis MIA WR; Year 2016 Draft Pick 2.04;Year 2016 Draft Pick 2.08 Team B gave up Floyd, Michael ARI WR; Year 2016 Draft Pick 1.05
  5. What a load of #### this is. According to multiple FBG Sources, he's failed multiple tests along the way, that we wouldnt hear about until the offseason. Why would he bother applying if he's failed so many tests? The guy just DOESN'T GET IT. I love flash. I'm holding on for dear life. But its not an impossible thing in my mind that the NFL is sitting on a hot test but waiting to release it when the attention comes to them. How long did they know Martavis had a positive test before his suspension. Also Gordon needs out of cleveland . I would put odds of him crashing and burning significantly higher there than anywhere. I can't believe how they go and get these guys then give them no support, even publicly knick them low and act like they're taking the high road. That place is a disaster.
  6. The offense is still going to revolve around Foster as long as Fitzpatrick is the QB.Fitzpatrick's first year in Buffalo the Spiller and Jackson combined for 1500 rushing yards and 78 receptions. The next year they had over 1700 rushing and 77 receptions. All I fear with him are reports he tweaked something in practice or his back hurts. I feel/fear the same
  7. I wonder if he retires when he finally has to serve his suspension from that arrest a couple years ago
  8. He's got the talent. It just seemed they disproportionately had sloppy plays and int's when it went to RR. The new OC could look at safer options who run better routes IMO.
  9. Jernigan should take enough away from him until ODB gets settled for the years to come
  10. I see alot of reference to $$. How much u guys thinking it takes to keep him. My gut says it should be worth it. Welker disnt exactly get a ton last yr. Has to be less than that right?
  11. Why is ther ANY keenan hate? Yes only 2 rec but 2 tds? But he has been the wr1 in sd for about ten weeks, and was cheap. Cheaper than hopkins, patterson, and others who catch no heat. He was a bargain and an exciting guy going forward.
  12. What couldve been? 1. Barry Sanders part deux 2. He dies on the field