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  1. True. If I remember correctly, they only had kid shows in the early morning and after 3pm.
  2. I was home for 2 weeks with the flu and we only had 3 channels on the tv. And this was on all 3. Pure hell.
  3. I think if you took out all the scenes with rocks falling on people, this episode would have lasted 15 minutes.
  4. This video review sums up my thoughts on the episode perfectly. What an effen train wreck this was. Episode 8.2 where nothing happened except great character interaction, which is what made this show great, is by far my favorite of season 8.
  5. Hearing the Steelers had a first round grade on Diontae Johnson got me thinking about the failed trade with Buffalo for AB. If the trade with Buffalo had gone through, the Steelers would have had 1.9 which would have been Devon Bush. They would still have their 2nd which would probably have been Johnson. They would have had their 2020 3rd (hopefully late) instead of 5.3 this year which turned into Gentry. So if this is how it would have played out, the failed trade with Buffalo really didn't cost them that much.
  6. Made more than last year but payed less in taxes. Got back a smaller refund. Evened out in the end give or take a couple hundred.
  7. Through 7.6 of the series rewatch. Going to watch 7.7 Sunday night right before 8.1. Still have trouble with the whole dragging the dead dragon out of the water with these big ### chains they got from somewhere. And don't the army of the dead have trouble with water. How did they get the chains around the dragons neck? Would have made more sense to have the dragon just die on land.
  8. Just wondering if Leveon or Ab see a 7 win season before their careers are over.
  9. Going 10am Friday, 2pm Sunday and 7pm Monday. Had no trouble getting tickets going at those times but opening night shows are already showing up as sold out or a few single tickets left. Anyone here doing the 22 movie marathon that starts on Tuesday at 11am? Only $90.
  10. Has anyone heard if they're doing this again this year? ESPN and NFLN are unwatchable.
  11. Have you ever heard a Tomlin post game press conference? Think he's incapable of being coy.
  12. Neither Tomlin nor Colbert went to Iowa's pro day which might take both of Iowa's TEs off the Steelers draft board.
  13. A few mocks I've seen have both Devins gone by the 11th pick with Burfict being released.