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  1. Who is Nick Korte? And goodbye Moncrief if this is true.
  2. I'm starting to know what Jets fans feel like and I don't like it.
  3. Don't see this happening with the threat of him going on the commissioners exempt the second a team signs him.
  4. Just dropped him in a redraft league for Dionte Johnson. Going from a top ten guy to someone I may start as a flex sucks.
  5. Would have hated this move for a 2nd. What are they doing.
  6. Hell no. Plus we don't have a 3rd next year yet and that second might be a top 40 pick.
  7. After all the drama from the last year I would be shocked if they brought Kaepernick in. Can you imagine the media circus it would create?
  8. Forget trading for Minka now. Don't want to give up future draft assets that should be good so we can see Keith Butler have no idea how to use this guy.
  9. Why is Mayock even there if Gruden is calling all the shots.
  10. I was looking for a redraft league and this sounds perfect. My email is
  11. Thanks for this as I'm looking for places that are close but not on property. If you don't mind can you tell me how much each place costs. I have reservations at the new Aventura resort at Universal. 5 nights at $120 a night booked for August 2020. And we had brunch at Wine Bar George. A little pricy but the food was excellent. Will be doing the big board the next time we're in Disney Springs.
  12. True. If I remember correctly, they only had kid shows in the early morning and after 3pm.