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  1. Don't punt up 17 in your own territory. Had to be talked out of punting down 17 in KC territory. Huh.
  2. As a Steeler fan living in New England, I'm kinda liking the Titans right about now.
  3. Tell me KC isn't lucking out. First MIA beats NE to get them the bye and now maybe this upset.
  4. His cheeks are so red it looks like he has a sunburn.
  5. The Social Network The Big Short Rougue One Avengers Endgame
  6. I was thinking the same thing reading through it. I had to double check the title of the thread.
  7. Duck was a flash in the pan just like Minshew and the guy from Carolina who's name I can't remember.
  8. So with Tenn looking like they're going to lose, does it matter what the Steelers do today?
  9. The team acknowledged in a statement released Monday night a production crew filming a "Do Your Job" feature at the game in Cleveland on advance scouting didn’t inform the Bengals or the league about their video shoot, and also that "without specific knowledge of league rules inappropriately filmed the field from the press box. Do they really expect us to believe that someone working in the video department for this team didn't know this rule?
  10. Is it me or does it look like the Pats have given up?