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  1. A few mocks I've seen have both Devins gone by the 11th pick with Burfict being released.
  2. With 4 picks in the top 90 or so this is defiantly the way to go.
  3. So how is that comp pick looking now that Bell signed and with the Steelers signing Nelson?
  4. It was a 5th year option they picked up. Can this be rescinded?
  5. Much like the AB saga, I just want it to end.
  6. I can see the Raiders giving up their 2nd this year and a conditional pick next year depending on Browns performance/mental state.
  7. Twins Pizza in North Providence, Rhode Island. Large cheese, pepperoni and mushroom. Cooked medium well. Yup, you can decide how done you want your crust.
  8. As much as I hate the Patriots ( Steeler fan living 5 minutes from Gillette), the added juice of rooting against them ups the anticipation for the Super Bowl.
  9. I get tired just watching the opening to Casino Royal.
  10. The tension in that scene is off the charts.
  11. Don’t forget the grammar and spelling lessons.