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  1. At this point I'm hoping we home school for the first half of the year and reopen in January. Last thing we need is to start school then have to shut it back down if there's a spike in the fall.
  2. And its a charter school so it's K-12. I'm sure a bunch of 6 and 7 years old will follow the new rules.
  3. Got an email from my daughters school principle going over the guidelines if/when school reopens. Masks will be mandatory. Split School days or alternating weeks because classes will have to be kept half full to maintain social distancing. They'll eat lunch at their classroom. No cafeteria. Traditional gym class is gone, still working a solution to this. Social distancing if/when they're allowed to go out to the playground that's on school property. Sounds like fun.
  4. Congratulations Summer Wheat, you have the most intelligent post in this thread. Although the bar was set incredibly low.
  5. So much can and will change between now and Nov. polls are meaningless.
  6. Are you doing a dispersal draft for the roadkill league?

  7. I heard about this. Wasn't he sequestered away in his bedroom and his wife wouldn't allow anyone to talk to him. Instead she relayed decisions from an incapacitated Wilson.
  8. So you're saying you don't believe Bryce Dallas Howard could outrun a T-Rex in high heels.
  9. Warren was done before Super Tuesday but didn't drop out till after.
  10. Maybe, but the timing of when the other candidates dropped out didn't help him.
  11. If Biden was gone, I'm sure the DNC would still have found a way to torpedo Bernie's campaign.
  12. Wonder how Bernie supporters would react if Joe bows out and he's not the pick when he was the clear #2 choice during the primary.