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  1. Super flex spot, Bridgewater got torpedoed by Brees return. But Matt Schaub is available on WW to plug in and FBGs seems pretty high on him, much more so than other sites. It’s a yahoo league with nonstandard scoring So: Matt Schaub or Frank Gore?
  2. $100 more FBG bucks to add to the total. randall146 - you've always been one of my favorite posters here, and one of the reasons I've lurked around these boards for over 10yrs. Best wishes to you and your family from Portland, Oregon - I'm pulling for you. And thank you for sharing this diary!
  3. Those 47% who Romney says are not worth targeting in his campaign are instead being targeted at the state level with voter suppression tactics. So they actually can be chipped away by other means.
  4. "Wrist Cutters" - if you like indie-type films with Tom Waits in them. I enjoyed it.
  5. The netflix suggestion algorithm just recommended "Inside DeepThroat" to me. Based on my liking the "King of Kong" documentary. Or based on me being a dude.
  6. The State Within -- this is a 7 part BBC series about a terrorist attack and the diplomacy and subterfuge that goes with it. I got up to episode 3, and then went back to the first episode to review. There are several plotlines going on that will eventually converge. I've been kinda surprised by the quality of this one. Enjoying it a lot, but gotta pay attention.