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  1. Stuff like this is why I love the Fred Jackson contract extension. Even if next year, at 34, he becomes a 50 carry, goal line back, it's totally worth paying him to be on this young talented roster - Also during the same radio segment, he said this of Coach Marrone - Link
  2. Was miffed that the French never gave him credit for teaching them how to make sliced bread.
  3. I'm a big fan of SA's "We have ways." Instant interrogations and autopsies. Lots of tech advances faster than normal.
  4. Bills-Chargers is the closest call of Microsoft's Cortana. It favors the Bolts by a slim 51.5%. Link with other week 3predictions -
  5. I've come around on Graham. He looks like that #2 (or hell, #1) CB we've needed for awhile now. His coverage was fantastic on Sunday against a burner like Mike Wallace. Twice I recall him being right there to bat passes away from Wallace's hands - once in the endzone. Great signing. Good captain choice.
  6. Somewhere in the world a guy in early August creamed himself when he took Adrian Peterson with a top 3 pick, then found Ray Rice sitting there at the turn. Then when Gerhart was there in round 4, he slapped himself and screamed "CHAMPIONSHIP" to his league, and believed it.
  7. 7 carries for 8 yards. I passed up on Sammy Watkins to draft this guy.
  8. I'm going to have to restart my Bills franchise with Totem's sliders now. I've been easing into the game, playing Pro and running fairly uncontested to 6-0. Time to get real.
  9. Man In Pokémon Gear Charges White House Lawn, Gets Shut Down
  10. Michael Vick hopes Ray Rice will get another shot in the NFL.
  11. Let this be a lesson: always listen to Hulk. I left him on the bench.
  12. McKelvin got beaten badly several times. He was beaten deep once by Jeffrey and got beaten badly for the Marshall TD despite committing interference. They need Gilmore back badly. Like I said, not a shut down corner, but he can cover the #2 WR of most teams. And that strip of Marshall was a thing of beauty. Keep in mind too, these are two of the best WRs in the league. Each had like 5 inches of height on McKelvin. And neither Ashton or Marshall had 100 yards. I'll take that.
  13. I only caught the first half, but I was impressed with McKelvin again. He may not be a shutdown corner, but he's a playmaker and is a fine #2 CB. EJ is still frustrating. Is he better than the disaster in preseason? Yes. He looks much like the promising guy from last season. He'll be great and composed in the pocket, and will lead scoring drives. But then he'll cramp up and turn into a checkdown master for entire quarters.