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  1. Has this been posted? Dallas Morning News getting into the act with some good reporting.
  2. After staunch advocate for family values, pro-life Republican Tim Murphy resigned because he tried to convince his mistress to abort their love child, Pennsylvania will have a special election of their own in March. Is This Marine Veteran the Next Doug Jones? Looks the Republicans decided to go with another ridiculous clown show in an area they should easily win. Bold strategy, Cotton...
  3. All of the Untuckit shirt commercials are stupid. The recent one where a guy goes home for the holidays and reconciles with his father over shirts is even more awful than the others. These things are marketed like they solved an actual problem. OMG THIS SHIRT BRIDGES GENERATIONS!!@#
  4. All dialogue, no action scenes.
  5. I think this is how many anti-Trump people are making themselves feel better ahead of time in the event Moore wins.
  6. That's crazy talk. I'm just bouncing along from rooftop to rooftop, flying out of dodge when I get cornered by ghouls in tight quarters, hopping up on bridges. It's pretty much making living in the wasteland worth it. It's a ####### rocket pack. If you can't have fun with a rocket pack, you are incapable of feeling joy and for that I am sorry.
  7. I put a few bucks on Jones on Predict It at $0.34 a share. I figure it's close enough that a 2-1 payoff is outsized based on polls, especially the big ones like Fox, Monmouth, and WaPo which have this as a dead heat compared to the other ones. It's also an off-cycle election where the party opposite the President tends to do well, high enthusiasm on the Dem side, etc. Good odds here.
  8. The trap here is that there are probably a few posts that do this, which he'll find, and that will be proof in the same way that an immediately corrected tweet from a WaPo reporter is proof that all of MSM is Fake News.
  9. I'm terrified of it, but it seems like one of the equities to play if you want to ride the crypto wave without doing it directly. The premiums on the options look pretty crazy, so that might be an option if you're into trading a little. Or, you an sell puts if you want to own it long-term. Example - it's trading at $55 and change right now. You can sell the $55.00 strike for January for about $1900 right now. That leaves a lot of wiggle room. You can also buy 100 shares now for around $5500 and sell a January 70 call for $1300-$1400. So, if you want to own it, you buy the shares, collect $1300 for a month and 2nd worst case scenario (other than the stock completely imploding in 30 days) is it rockets past $70 and you only make $3000 for a one month, $5500 investment.
  10. Ethereum's starting to make a move now.
  11. Why did I wait until well into my second play through before I added A ROCKET PACK?
  12. please, someone. Take my money.
  13. Yes. There's maybe 2-4 TV angles where you can actually see the game. They just showed the weather radar and it's not really going to get any better.
  14. Awesome Buffalo snow action here. Steelers and Pats clinch a birth if the Colts can shut down Peterman.
  15. So, I'm noticing more and more people using these things for their phones: I'm not sure if they are all of the Popsocket brand, but I am sure I've only seen women use these. But they just look so damn functional. So, what's the call here? Manly, utilitarian addition to our phones, or a chick thing?