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  1. Bernard out of UNC belongs in this conversation too. Over 1200 yards and 13 TDs so far this year. He's a beast.
  2. Jared Cook has requested a trade. Would LOVE to see him in DC. He is grossly underutilized in Tennessee.
  3. I hope the Skins address the WR core this spring. Its as bad as it gets in the NFL. Today, they made the Jacksonville WRs look like all stars.
  4. I remember thinking after the Duke game I wanted to draft him in all my rookie drafts when he comes out. Very impressive young man.
  5. Despite the score, I'm just proud that I can say Duke > FSU State beat FSU, UNC beat State, and Duke beat UNC. So Duke > FSU
  6. congrats on a big win. As good as your half decade long wait feels, imagine what it felt like for us Duke fans last weekend. Now we just need to take care of FSU. lol
  7. Today is a big day in Cheating Hill! As the university and the local media consortium which sued UNC to get access to transcripts of interviews various athletes had with the NCAA have settled and the information will be released Friday.
  8. Okay, which State fan here created this? Hilarious! UNC Wiki Page
  9. THIS is funny Eric Highsmith's Academic Support Staff
  10. Shocking that no one from the UNCheat fanbase here responded to football player Erik Highsmith's plagiarism of an 11 year old's paper
  11. The tab for Kupec-Hansbrough travel: $16,600 in 'questioned' spending UNC-Chapel Hill’s former chief fundraiser, Matt Kupec, spent $16,600 in university money on questionable trips, many of them with his girlfriend, the mother of former basketball star Tyler Hansbrough, according to an internal university audit and other records obtained by The News & Observer. The university has not released the audit or any documents related to the controversy that began in September after the newspaper asked questions about travel by Tami Hansbrough, who was a fundraiser in a separate branch of the university. A lawyer for Kupec on Tuesday confirmed the information contained in the audit report, but said he also had not seen a final version. The university’s internal auditor, who signed the report, confirmed the information Tuesday morning. The Carolina way sure is dirty.
  12. Perhaps Tennessee was the only one that made an official offer. Would you like to dispute that he's a very good coach who is sought after right now? Why do you feel a need to be a jackwagon? Duke just had their biggest win in probably a decade or two, and I've said almost nothing about it. But you know what, you CHOOSE to bring out the exact behavior you say you can't stand from me, for NO REASON. I guess I'll retire from being polite now. The entire board can thank you for it.
  13. And imagine what RG3 will do when he's got a healthy Garcon. Sucks about losing F.Davis for the year. The receiving corps were already too thin. Think they'll bring in Cooley?