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  1. Unless in a 2qb league I find it hard to roster him unless you have enormous rosters. He’s a true lottery ticket to even be a qb2 for more than a year.
  2. Own him in 2 dynasty leagues and looks like I missed the sell window. Praying for some big games to move on.
  3. 20 years ago less than normal, these days I’d say dirty.
  4. Let’s see in one dynasty league I own Elliot, David Johnson, Eli, Parker and Jordy Nelson. Yeah it wasn’t a great week. Was thinking of trading Jordy and building for next year, too late now.
  5. Gees, is this your first year? You can't drop a player whose game is over until next week. It's like that everywhere. You're definitely wrong.
  6. Size isn’t the problem, he just doesn’t run well inside. That’s why he watched from the bench in college.
  7. He's this years Sproles until he proves he can run between the tackles. Anyone who thinks he's going to be an every down back really isn't paying attention. And I was trading for him everywhere I could before the season in dynasty, because that's a good situation to be in but he's not a future star.
  8. I owned him in dynasty and been trying to sell for a while. People don’t think he’ll age well and neither do I.
  9. My leagues dock for ints
  10. Traded him just before the game. If he can’t run he’s Bortles.
  11. Let me know when they trade for Brady.
  12. Great for Ingram, you guys nailed it.
  13. You were light at rb so decided to get lighter? I don’t get that part of your life explanation.
  14. Really dumb, play Keenum. Nice job holding the ball for the safety though.