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  1. I'd hold obviously but out 6 weeks and 2 weeks to get back up to speed at best. Seems unlikely to help. Pretty sure that isn't the case here though.
  2. You'd have to think he'd be on IR if that was the case.
  3. Can't argue that the eagles easily look like the best team, not that it's saying much. Washington is the dark horse if the qb play is decent though.
  4. They road Lundqvist, an average team nothing more. Haven't been a top five team this century. You got the fan bias going strong.
  5. Thomas is overrated imo. He's not old but you're gaining a lot of years with Metcalf. And this looks like it for Brees so great time to sell.
  6. 4 turnover game away from being benched. So 1 to 2 weeks
  7. On pace for like 166 targets and just over 600 yards. I assume that'd be a record. Pretty sure the shark pool said Jones was the next great qb after 2 preseason games so qb isn't the problem
  8. The rangers have been one of the best teams in hockey? Okay. They haven't been a contender in the last 20 years. I mean if you're comparing them to the knicks they've been good but that's a low bar.
  9. Jeffery is long past washed up, Jackson is borderline and Reagor is a rookie. Not loving him in redraft. Hell, in redraft I'm surprised he isn't on waivers. Maybe in dynasty but all depends on prices.
  10. Pats makes too much sense if he's cheap, which you'd think he will be.
  11. About time, need this guy desperately and he looks ready to dominate.