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  1. His slot wrs have always thrived, not sure where you're getting it from. Scary proposition to me though because they seem to be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
  2. I'd be very surprised if Jackson isn't second and Brate may out perform Howard this year. Howard is a lot more raw as a receiver than people believe in here.
  3. Howard will be the third or fourth option. I'll take Njoku though truly they'll probably all disappoint as tes start slow and expectations are crazy.
  4. You seem to think no team is ever wrong and the coaches and gm always agree.
  5. No kidding, talking about his idp tiers, like it said in the post I quoted.
  6. How'd it go last year? Best defence in the playoffs, wonder why they lost.
  7. Clearly this never happened but would have been great. Jene was hands down the best part of fbg to me.
  8. The biggest missing piece in another run is a good qb.
  9. I think if a group of aliens takes over the earth nobody will care about healthcare.
  10. Sad group. I'm expecting a big upgrade next year.
  11. McCaffery is a Cop back that went to a team that doesn't throw to its rbs and they added Samuel. Too many questions for me to even think about him over Fournette. I liked McCaffery but not to Carolina.
  12. Just hit reject and don't bother wasting time teaching them or trying to get them to stop. Unless you see them make some fair deals with others, or they send you a good offer you just can't deal with them. They are looking to rip people off and that's the only reason they send trades.
  13. They have the 2.13, 4.13 and 5.13.
  14. Favre looked great the second last year. I'm sure Brady has plenty of bumps and bruises, it'll catch up soon.
  15. That's what I did. Didn't get much but got two 3rds in idp. Fournette is really getting trashed right now, nobody seems interested in moving up.