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  1. Mack strikes me as a guy who wont be around in a couple of years or in the worse half of a RBBC. Could be wrong but not someone I'd own.
  2. Ekeler has to drop a lot with Rivers leaving. His receiving numbers could take a nose dive.
  3. He is for me. The others really don’t interest me much but it’s early. I’m tempted to shop picks later when the hype picks up. Not sure this draft is quite as good as the hype.
  4. He’s a coach killer. Move on. Better chance of winning with Dalton.
  5. Gotta keep the excuse for his contract year. Strangely he could see his teammates just not the other defenders.
  6. They're better with them and 20 million to spend.
  7. I can’t imagine any decent owner giving up a first for Waller. The Raiders May have had the worst wrs in football which inflated his numbers a lot. I’d rather miss the boat than overpay in this case.
  8. This is definitely the average opinion, as stated many times by others here. Because people are so down on him you're selling at his floor imo. If he never improves as a wr you break even. If he takes a DJ Moore leap you're gaining a lot.
  9. I’d have taken Hardman before the news but maybe it’s because I’ve been burned by guys like him too many times.
  10. With all the talk of Brady to the chargers I could see Rivers to the pats as more realistic. The hoodie loves vets and I imagine he thinks he could get the best out of someone like Rivers and Rivers would get a last chance at winning a ring.
  11. Corey Davis being cut is more likely than him breaking out at this point. Brown has very little, if any competition for targets as Walker is getting pretty old. Brown can certainly be a solid wr2 imo, wouldn't want to bet on him being a wr1 though.
  12. Smart people get degrees to make money. It annoys me that some people think otherwise.