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  1. I don't believe in Akers so been trying to buy cheap. Got him for a 3rd next year in an idp league. Don't love Henderson but people are really down on him.
  2. Not much. He was dropped in a keep 16 league I’m in. Other than that I haven’t seen anything. I’m tempted to make some offers but not a big fan. Still if you can buy him for a third that’s a pretty great price.
  3. Went 1.08 in one of my drafts. Pretty terrible imo. In another he went early 3rd but it is idp and super flex.varies widely from league to league.
  4. I wouldn’t necessarily argue with that but from what I’ve seen Deebo is valued a lot lower than where Lamb is getting drafted.
  5. Maybe in 20 years, sure. For now I've seen plenty of the patriots and would have zero interest in watching. Plus Brady is so full of bs you cant believe a word he says.
  6. Well it keeps people from talking about them being the worst team in their own division after being in the super bowl 2 years ago.
  7. I'd guess that 4.25 ypc in a rbs 4 best games is pretty abysmal.
  8. I know Corey Davis is cheap but... 3.06 for Davis and 6.02
  9. But any rb can put up numbers if they get enough touches. The question is can he play well enough to get them and also stay healthy. Both look doubtful though I’m happy to be proven wrong.