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  1. voiceofunreason

    Impact of Hunt on Chubb?

    He signed for one year, he’s not trade bait. He’s a cheap backup for the second half of the year.
  2. voiceofunreason


    Tough one because both are so volatile but I'd definitely take Cooper. He's the only decent pass catcher they have so they will get him the ball. Thielen was pretty bad the last half of the year and he's already getting decently old. Makes me nervous.
  3. voiceofunreason


    Njoku is so overrated imo. I own him and I'd jump at anything close to that. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.
  4. voiceofunreason

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Looks like the typical guy the hawks go after, give too high of a pick for, sign to too big of an extension, don't throw them the ball enough and have it end up in a big hissy fit between the team and player.
  5. voiceofunreason

    2019 NFL Offseason Predictions

    See, like most of the mocks out there none of it will happen. Why? Because you are using logic and reason and the nfl don’t work like that kid.
  6. voiceofunreason

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I would have thought so but they all insta-rejected with no comments like I was ripping them off.
  7. voiceofunreason

    Joe Flacco Traded to Denver - With a Poll

    Keenum is horrible. At least Flacco is only poor.
  8. voiceofunreason

    Joe Flacco Traded to Denver - With a Poll

    No disrespect to your son but...uh, yeah...
  9. voiceofunreason

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Well I wanted a mid first and Boyd. For Moore, I was only looking at a second. Looks like Jeffery, ranked much higher by the experts for years than his trade value. Feels like his trade value is more of a bottom wr2. But I was wondering if it’s just those owners and I should keep shopping.
  10. voiceofunreason

    Joe Flacco Traded to Denver - With a Poll

    It’s a big upgrade for the broncos. It beats all the other losers they’ve played the last few years.
  11. voiceofunreason

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Anybody seen any Thielen trades? Tried moving him for Moore or Boyd in 3 leagues with a pick on their sides and no interest at all.
  12. voiceofunreason

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I couldn’t trade Kelce for Howard straight up. He’s years younger, and looked elite last year. Don’t be scared by Arians, good coaches adapt to the talent.
  13. voiceofunreason

    Browns Sign Kareem Hunt

    I haven’t seen anyone say that Hunt isn’t good but I think a lot of people question that he’s special. I think Chubb is special as a runner and always thought he had more talent than Gurley before injury. You may disagree but there’s more than a few people who think that way. Not sure where you and a couple of others get this idea that Chubb wasn’t an elite talent and way ahead of Hunt. There’s some ridiculous stuff being said in here and it’s not about Hunt. However i definitely think he hurts Chubb but it doesn’t look like he’ll play very long with him. I can’t see him signing a long term deal with them.
  14. Wow, I totally missed that. And after begging him not to ruin Chubb’s career too. Embarrassing.
  15. voiceofunreason

    Dynasty Kareem Hunt Kansas City

    I agree but think Goodell looks for any excuse to suspend him as long as possible for pr purposes only. I think it’s 50/50 he doesn’t play this year. Not sure if his contract would kick in the year after with the browns or not.