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  1. The Titans aren't on this list? Dolphins are right at the top too, mainly because their owner is clearly borderline ######ed. I think those are top 2. Lot of other contenders. The Bears are certainly up there too. Very little talent anywhere and still getting worse.
  2. Still a stud. Oh well colts are tough.
  3. Surprises how quick people are to look at fantasy stats. Melvin Gordon is still awful. Want to laugh at people for worrying about Gordon being awful for a year but you are basing his turning it around off a couple of td runs while hes been bad as last year itherwise. Treadwell owners should be concerned. Teams don't ever sit first round wrs for a year. People shouldn't panic and I think he'll be okay but to think it isn't bad news is just delusional.
  4. Seems a bit delusional. Worst defense in football and he has 7 yards? You have to think he was more a decoy than anything. We'll see how long it takes to get healthy.
  5. She wasn't bad in college but really a replacement level talent in the NFL.
  6. Not at all. If Gore gets hurt maybe.
  7. Probably a better chance of retiring to play baseball with Tebow.
  8. Yep, he's awful.
  9. You know what, this koolaid tastes an awful lot like anthrax. No, no, it's just me.
  10. To be back you have to be good in the first place. No he isn't awful be he's really just Andy Dalton with a cool nickname.
  11. Oh did Gordon get suspended again while Coleman, Pryor and Duke Johnson all got hurt? What a week for the Browns.
  12. So you're saying that coaches randomly pick who to play out of a hat? Good point.
  13. Watching their defense that could be the best role on the team.
  14. Bad running game and brutal defense. There's going to be a lot of numbers to go around. Allen could be a mid TE1 too.