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  1. This was a test and you failed twice. Unfortunately will have to redo the course.
  2. I've heard rumors there's some sort of computer systems that are all hooked together. And that system was built to make crazy rumors about Josh Gordon. Hey its a rumor but i know a guy that went to school with a guy who's read about it.
  3. But what happens when Gordon comes back?
  4. That desperate huh? Good luck if they think this will help.
  5. Dixon--2016 rookie who is 100% a CoP back that people keep trying to pretend will be a stud. Past winners include Gio, the Duke, Andre the non-giant Ellington, and of course the lifetime achievement award winner, CJ I think I heard something break Spiller.
  6. But he's super tall.
  7. So what was the excuse in the saints, colts and raider games? I'm sure you have one. And i was responding to someone saying how good the broncos run defense is. You are really not to with it.
  8. Except you're wrong, the Broncos d has been average against the run. What was the excuse against the colts, raiders and saints?
  9. What did you expect? Stanton doesn't throw more ten yards down the field and he catches all the short passes. Was this hard to see coming?
  10. Says it all when people don't want to name the mystery player they want to trade. Tells me right there that it's a real bad offer and you confirming that it's worse than Pryor is pretty scary. Unless there's at least 10 keepers, youth isn't nearly as important as in dynasty teams either. But you are saying the trade is good because of FBGs top 200 going forward. Well I think most of that is based on Dez missing a month and he's rated at 37. I mean Tyrell Williams is rated ahead of him. But if you want a real answer, name the other player because if it's a real bad trade, yeah the other owners will be rightly mad that you are ripping of a family member you brought into the league. From your answers it's narrowed down to Thomas, Shepard and Tyrell Williams. Any of those are horrible and stink really bad unless Dez never returns to form again. He's 27 so that's ridiculous.
  11. Closing in on a year and a half of bad play. Not sure a regression to 3.5 upcoming is that significant. But in redraft he probably has some value because he's all they have. In dynasty he's a huge sell.
  12. The Titans aren't on this list? Dolphins are right at the top too, mainly because their owner is clearly borderline ######ed. I think those are top 2. Lot of other contenders. The Bears are certainly up there too. Very little talent anywhere and still getting worse.
  13. Still a stud. Oh well colts are tough.
  14. Surprises how quick people are to look at fantasy stats. Melvin Gordon is still awful. Want to laugh at people for worrying about Gordon being awful for a year but you are basing his turning it around off a couple of td runs while hes been bad as last year itherwise. Treadwell owners should be concerned. Teams don't ever sit first round wrs for a year. People shouldn't panic and I think he'll be okay but to think it isn't bad news is just delusional.
  15. Seems a bit delusional. Worst defense in football and he has 7 yards? You have to think he was more a decoy than anything. We'll see how long it takes to get healthy.