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  1. He'd make for a really physical corner.
  2. Well guess there's a way around everything but this is so convoluted. I hear there's a couple new hosting sites coming out so I'll wait to pay this year until June and see what happens.
  3. It blocked teams from making drops, we are in a keeper and now owners can't drop players. I'm sure it'll be fixed because this isn't working. Also there's times when you want to drop players without picking up a player which looks to be impossible now.
  4. Okay well thanks for the help. This seemed much easier before. I'm assuming that this won't interfer with fcfs during the season but I have no faith left in them. They need to hire someone to help because they can't do anything right. ps- I thought I tried this early and then people can't drop players. I mean you have to be able to drop players sometimes. They really are the masters of making the simple incredibly difficult.
  5. I deleted all waivers except blind bids in September and owners can still just add any player off waivers. This is just a joke. I'm pretty much done with mfl. Unless you play idp just avoid them.
  6. You've had waivers open and then processed in the half day it's been back open? Sure. Ive commished for 5 years. All my settings were deleted and when I added them again nothing works.
  7. Nothing is working right yet, even though they opened the 2017 leagues. Players can't be locked, none of the waivers are working and trading isn't working right yet either. I got this straight from the MFL site, it's also on their twitter. It's a real cluster. Every year I pray they'll fix the disaster of a menu system and nothing positive happens, just more problems.
  8. Thank god they fixed waivers and made them so easy to use.
  9. It changes to one column if your browser window is too narrow. Drag the window wider and it'll go back to 2 columns.
  10. They have a 50 page newsletter they send out with 49 random pages and 1 with the info on it. Forunately they have 3 menus to find it though.
  11. Yeah cause late 1st round picks are all guaranteed stars right out of the gate. Solid post.
  12. The league adjusted to a one-trick pony? Happened a lot of times before. It's pretty obvious the guy isn't as talented as people think or he quit last year. I think a bit of both. Nobody has a season that bad just due to situation, never happened to AP and he played with some bad qbs over the years.
  13. Gurley? And if was all situation why will it get better soon? Horrible line, wrs are even worse, the qb looks like a bust already and no early draft picks. Oh and the youngest hc in history. By the time that changes he's 26 and halfway through his career.
  14. I have to say they are for this reason. And I really hate Brady at this point. Watching Gisele calmly pull out her phone and then pull a fake crazy celebration for a selfie video was sickening. But you have to respect what the hoodie has done even if he's taking every shortcut he could.
  15. Giselle's little selfie celebration made me throw up in my mouth. What a bunch of turds.