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  1. Hockenson. If you don’t want a TE it’s a tough one for me. I’ve had that choice and taken jjaw, Isabella and Brown once each in 3 different leagues. There’s things I like and dislike quite a bit with each. Haskins and Johnson are reaches imo.
  2. I’ve seen plenty of rules voted on and the commish forgets to add them. Doesn’t matter.
  3. I never thought a lot of him as a runner. He’s a very good receiver though and he’s going to play with a running qb that we haven’t seen the likes of since Vick. There will be huge holes to run through. If he stays healthy I'm expecting a top 5 finish. And if we’ve learned anything about crazy schemes, they usually work for a year or 2 before defenses adjust.
  4. Non-story. Maybe he'll hold out next year but Jerry usually pays the people he wants to keep.
  5. I guess most of my drafts are usually early, right after the NFL draft. This year they've been spread out and it's been interesting to watch the movement. The "I know talent, draft position doesn't matter" crowd seemed to dominate early but as it's gone on things have falling in-line with the real draft, more and more. Butler was going as high as top 3, now I just drafted him at 3.13 in a 16 team idp league. I'm guessing it's the brain-washing from reading all these articles. Most I've seen are about him not being able to catch or run routes.
  6. I only watched Hines a bit but he looked really pedestrian. I just didn’t see it. And looking at the stats his ypc and ypr were both bad. I suppose White isn’t special either so it’s possible but I think he needs to improve a lot or he’ll go down.
  7. Good teams may start thinking they’ll have the playoffs wrapped up and sit everyone who didn’t miss time with injury the last two weeks.
  8. Funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday as one of the dumbest ideas I read in a Peter King article a few years ago. Seems like a terrible idea to me. You’re going to sit your left tackle with your starting qb suited up? Sit half the team against the Dolphins? Seems like you’re messing with the integrity of the game. And from a fantasy and gambling standpoint it sounds sketchy.
  9. I thought he got better after a rocky start. I watched a game early in the year and he was brutal, overthrowing guys by 10 yards.
  10. Does he think this hurts the chargers? Saves them money and keeps him fresh for the back half of the season. They can win 10 to 12 games without him.
  11. I’m on the fence. Pff had an article about him being one of the worst qbs last year. Their position was that Nagy created a lot of easy throws for him. Will be an interesting year and I own quite a few shares of him in dynasty so hoping he makes a leap.
  12. I’m not high on either. There’s so many qb options out there right now. But if you can get them both really cheap I’d probably take Dak because of the extra rushing points.
  13. And dishonest responses like this is why other people end up getting kicked out of the forum and you are left here to continue.
  14. I think it's a bad ranking for many reasons. Lack of weapons, elite running game, good defense, and Prescott hasn't shown that he's capable of being a top 5 qb. To each their own though.