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  1. Such a below average player though. Hate to rely on someone like him for more than a year, if that.
  2. Well you got owned.
  3. Did you watch football last year? The Broncos qb can't be worse nor will the play calling be more conservative.
  4. That would be my guess. High numbers for a rookie but it's a different game.
  5. Phil Sims was fired?
  6. I think most of this is spot on but you can't believe how far he's falling in my rookie drafts so far. I traded a lot of my picks away already so I couldn't get in and grab him. He went 3.09 in my first idp league. Tried to trade in but couldn't make it happen.
  7. I guess he isn't real bright, maybe that's his problem. Nobody wants him and he's lucky to get another half year to prove something.
  8. Yikes. Langford is stiff competition and you think booker is worth the #2 pick? Strangely I think you're serious.
  9. Interesting pick. Got some real boom/bust appeal to him on the Dolphins.
  10. I guarantee the number of teams moving up equals the number muving down.
  11. Gotta check those eyes. Dixon is very slow for his size.
  12. So he's not one of the bad owners. I imagine you have built your team by trading waiver players then.
  13. It's easier to negotiate when you own both the teams.
  14. Disappointing. DEs feel a bit like rbs these days. Just not a lot of high level guys out there.
  15. Sounds like you're trying to fleece him. Overpay, dreaming.