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  1. I always think TT was boring , not willing to risk , old school ……….I like boring style , I miss you TT !!!!
  2. From the start, I really like Ballard, I think he is smart GM and definitely top 5 GMs in today NFL. At the same time, trade for Buckner was a brilliant move … San Francisco, and its not even close to me, without WRs (Hilton getting old and seems to be injured every year) , Rivers at QB starter (better than Brissett? yes but really ? Rivers looks dead last year with Allen, Mike W and Henry TE), and finally trading the 13th overall pick and extending Buckner to a four-year, $84 million deal is one of the final pieces to Indy Super Bowl run ? I don't think so.
  3. By Lance Zierlein NFL Analyst Overview It's easy to tell that the Green Bay native favors quarterbacks like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers when you watch his tape. Unfortunately, while he has similar zip to the Packer legends, he's nowhere near as accurate and lacks any semblance of touch. Morgan is very capable of making impressive throws to all areas of the field, but his violent release and inconsistent footwork hinder functional ball placement and accuracy. His lack of pocket mobility and instincts make him too easy for defensive coordinators to assault with a variety of blitz packages. He's a tough guy with a big arm and the 2018 tape is the one to watch, but QB3 may be his ceiling.
  4. 10 teams league is very different in contrast to 12, my last 10 teams have a new champion for straight 8 years ! Depends how many starters, how big rosters, without full info I will take Cooper, he is beast peace at this moment, in 10 teams you always go for best player, teams are solid usually.
  5. Julio getting old, if you not contending this year, you need to sell him ASAP , fair value in my eyes, no way I am trading top 5 rookies at this point 1.08-1.1.10 seems to be a VALUE before NFL draft.
  6. My bad, it is Miles Sanders RB Eagles , corrected in original post, thanks
  7. PPR 12 teams , balanced trade in my eyes, interesting what other people think Team A trade: Mack RB , Lockett WR and 1.08 Team trade: Miles Sanders RB and Fuller WR
  8. It was very interesting, thanks, agreed or disagreed. One thing I may reconsider for sure is Kansas City drafting a WR in round 1 and 3. They may draft WR in first 3 rounds, but invest that heavily in position with Hill and Hardman ? No chance in my opinion.
  9. RB/WR Antonio Gibson, not sure if he is next Preston Williams but I like him in Memphis last year, can be a sleeper
  10. "Must be paid for 2 seasons at all times (current plus next) ", so previous owners get their 105$ back for this year ?
  11. Kareem Hunt ? Owner approached me about Hunt, I am not sure what to ask in return to be honest ( talking about picks here) 1.05 way too high but 2.05 is seems to be low, what about 2021 1st ? too high ?
  12. Very disappointed news, will be my target in late rounds
  13. Davis, Corey TEN WR...he is on the trading block in all my leagues, but people asking at least late 1st for him in return , I offered 2.06 and 3rd in 2021, offer was rejected which is fine but comments like "you always want to pay 10 cents for 1 dollar" surprised me to be honest. I undervaluing Davis ? or people trying to sell Davis for his Last year value ? thanks
  14. Kerryon Johnson ? I offered 1.11 for him but owner counter with Kerryon for my 1.11 and 1.12 …..not sure about two late 1sts