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  1. Lindsay.....was a nice F/A pick up last year, almost impossible to trade him at this point, best offer I got is 2020 2nd (and most likely late 2nd)
  2. I like the idea to trade Mahomes for Mayfield, would prefer just a strong WR instead of Rivers and Co, depends on 2020 1st, pending evaluation.
  3. First trade- A.Brown and Parker FOR Cooper Kupp and Sammy Watkins Second trade- D.Cook and Parker FOR Mack and Golladay
  4. Funchess Wr Indy vs rookie picks ? I get offer 2020 2nd (most likely late) for him, I declined but thinking what it will be fair price ?
  5. How do you value Guice vs this year class ? Would you trade him for 1.02 for example ..
  6. Boondock Saints open team Invite me to, please
  7. Interested in Brown Dynamite (OPEN) team, invite me please
  8. Bryan Edwards will come back for his senior year a bit disappointing news imo
  9. Drezden

    FULL should be good
  10. Drezden


    No problem, thanks
  11. Drezden


    I join if open spot
  12. Well done, I enjoyed your work, only one player I completely disagree, TE Gesicki Miami, you even put I.Thomas TE Carolina next to him, you like TE Hurst Baltimore so much but ignoring real potential in Gesicki IMO
  13. I understand your points and usually I am all over to improve RB from WR depth.,But 1) I don't see depth at WR, 2) I think this is slightly more than I am willing to give up for 1.02 after NFL draft. Not a terrible trade, though