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  1. 250$ ? Вы используете систему Леге Сафе ? Как происходит платежка ? Заранее спасибо
  2. Blair, Ronald SFO DE Gunter, Rodney ARI DE Ingram, Melvin LAC DE Jefferson, Quinton SEA Ogbah, Emmanuel KCC DE Okwara, Romeo DET DE I need to keep 3 from 6. I am thinking Ingram, Ogbah and Okwara , not really familiar with deep IDP, are they best keepers ?
  3. Drafted him at 2.10 (12 teams PPR), Hock and Fant went 1.07 and 1.08, Smith nice late 2nd pick value
  4. To some degree I think , anybody have contract details with Yeldon ? I know 2 years but his salary details aren't public ?
  5. Not match talk about Malcolm Brown. However, we cant ignore that the Rams matched the offer sheet the Lions gave Brown, It was a two-year, $3.25 million deal for Brown, who gets a $100,000 signing bonus and $1 million guaranteed. No concerns about Bown at all ?
  6. In NON -PPR, Fant at 1.04 but Montgomery at 1.07, I don't understand that ….
  7. Everybody hated to draft TE and everybody wanted the next Kittle, in non premium TE league, Hockenson is late 1st (1.10-1.11 range).
  8. I am thinking 1.04, 1.12 and Woods is a fair deal, sure prefer higher picks or better/younger WR but you take best from situation, not brutal trade IMO
  9. Problem , in my opinion, is : Titans already signed former Buccaneers slot receiver Adam Humphries, and paid him $36 million over four years.
  10. Spent a lot of $$$ in Free Agency, two first rounds, 12 and 21, we must be better now defensively
  11. Reasonable price to move up, not sure it was necessary to move up for him
  12. at Michigan (in 3years)only 9.5 sacks, missed time last season with injury, this is at least Questionable pick at 12