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  1. 12 team PPR Team A gets- Jacobs, Josh LVR RB, Smith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WR, Murray, Latavius NOS RB Team B gets- Taylor, Jonathan IND RB, Fuller, Will HOU WR, Mattison, Alexander MIN RB
  2. Everybody talking about drafting Hunt in 5/6 round vs 1/2 round for Chubb. Well, I am in Dynasty, they are both drafted Long time ago and they are both decreasing each other value.
  3. I think it other way, he will trade Thomas and Taylor away, I pass you can start 3 RB and 3WR, roll with your team man
  4. close to me, if you looking for upside J. Taylor vs Min, Mixon safer player at this moment but in 1/2 PPR I roll with Taylor
  5. so you thinking to trade for Snell, if yes Singletary perhaps your best bet, but you need to do 2 for 2, or include different position to Hyde your desire. If you offering RB for RB or WR for WR, you simply saying I like your RB more and I give you a RB which I value less.
  6. Between Edmonds and Robby for me, if you have Drake-keep Edmonds and drop Robby, if you don't have Drake-flip a coin between those 2.
  7. even in NON PPR I like Cooper more
  8. in standard NO, I am keeping Chubb /Sutton, in PPR- depends on your team, this is fair price to pay but I doubt Taylor value will be much higher to be honest.
  9. Yes, Cage still WR 3 in Atlanta, give me Gibson
  10. M.Thomas value at this moment ? I am in very competitive 16 teams league, M.Thomas on the block, owner would like Odell and 1,2 next year, I am not doing that simply because I will not survive 6 weeks without Thomas and will kill my future. Let me think what is Thomas value now ??
  11. Drezden

    Keeper Hunt

    Hunt in 13 a better value in my eyes, but in 10 teams ALWAYS for better player ! I am fine with AJ Brown and Ekeler
  12. Traded Gallup, Mack and Sims Steven for Drake and Cam (1 QB league)
  13. I will keep Ian Thomas , it is nice to keep your eyes on F/A list and be proactive but in this case I am keeping what you have already.