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  1. Need one more. Who wants in!!!
  2. League of Legends Campus to Canton league $75 14-16 teams currently have 7 Run a college team run a pro team. Auction start up for both pro and college. Themed league will decide when all joined College rosters and lineups 50 players Lineup 2QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 2 flex RWT 2DL 3LB 3DB 2 flex Pro 37 plus 7 taxi rookie and 2nd year 1QB 1RB 3WR 1TE 2 flex RWT 2DL 2LB 2DB 2 flex Could change if only 14 teams Email Link to bylaws ... 41504&O=26
  3. Gauging interest for a startup Campus to Canton league. Still in process of developing bylaws and setting up league sites. You run a college team and a pro team. Your college team players graduate to your pro team. Fantrax will host college MFL will host pro College - 2 QB mandatory - 2 flex players - IDP -.5 ppr - Teams earn recruiting points based on performance as each off season will have an available player auction Pro - super flex- IDP - Dynasty Need minimum of 12 teams would like to get to 20+ and I would add double player copies for pro which would allow some draft each off season $30-$40 on leaguesafe Group me will be used for communication Let me know if interested.
  4. Have 2 open teams for the Ultimate Devy League You run a pro and college roster. Pro ran on MFL and college on Fantrax Link to rules ... 56769&O=26 MFL home Fantrax home ... 7e5s3/home Available teams Lincoln (MFL) and Nebraska (Fantrax) Detroit (MFL) and Dayton (Fantrax) Would prefer someone who uses group me for league chat. Send interest or questions to
  5. 2 open teams in my 6th year devy/salary cap league. $10 through PayPal open teams are Smoking Jays and Squirrel Terd Nutty Email if interested Thanks
  6. Ultimate Devy League needs a orphan claimed - You run a college team and play games - You run a pro team, college players eventually graduate to your pro team - Auction format for all players - $40 via leaguesafe - College is start 2qb with lots of flex options - Pro is superflex with no kicker and defense - Utilize groupme for league communication Link to bylaws ... 56769&O=26 Pro roster- Luck,Rodgers,DJohnson, Bell, Gronk does need some WR help ... =07&F=0009 College roster- ... rade=false Email me at with interest or questions.
  7. Need an owner for our 2nd year devy league. League works a bit differently than a traditional devy league as you actually play the college games with your devy players. So it essentially 2 leagues rolled into one. Pro team is a contract league with offseason free agency and bidding. College league has bidding for recruiting. $40 fee through leaguesafe Most owners utilize GroupMe The pro league is hosted on MFL and the college league is played on fantrax. Here is a link to the league rules Starting lineups are: Pro 1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE with 1 flex and 1 super flex College 2QB,2RB,3WR,2TE and 2 flex No kickers or defense Available team is listed as Open Team 1 Key players Pro: Carr, Goff, Wilson, Evans, Michel College: Holyfield, Weber, Harry, Fromm Please email me at with interest or any questions.
  8. I can't think of am incident similar. But we all know the commish does what he sees fit.
  9. He's always been in the conversation that I can remember. I think that the other players have fallen more than him is why he's the sole survivor top guy.