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  1. And Anthony Lynn might believe that, but IMO he is wrong. The Charger barely won with Tyrod, then lost to KC and CAR with a much more dynamic offense than they would have had with Tyrod. Bottom line, the proof will be in what the Chargers do... if Tyrod is healthy, will he be starting? I can't imagine that, but it's the Chargers after all....
  2. Respect your take, but I am confident in my take of 10+ games being a lock.
  3. I feel that Herbert is very clearly a much better fit for the Chargers offense than Tyrod. I would be extremely surprised if anyone disagrees, and I would expect that anyone who disagrees hasn't watched the games closely. Over to you.
  4. IMO there was a clear argument that Wilson was more valuable than Jackson last season. It mainly had to do with recognizing that Jackson had a much stronger supporting cast (offense, defense, and special teams). This was discussed in the Shark Pool this offseason, maybe this thread, don't remember. But I understand that voters generally do not seek to truly identify the most valuable player for this award. The methodology is generally to give it to the best player, normally the QB, on the team with the best record. Jackson was clearly the guy based on that criteria last season.
  5. Seems like it has played out this way. I think 10+ games is a lock at this point.
  6. Big difference between Wilson and Carr IMO. It's not just about the opposing defense.
  7. If a VH song with Hagar comes on, I change the channel. If a VH song wtih DLR comes on, I turn it up.
  8. Tyrod won a road game against the team that was (a) worst in the NFL last season, (b) was starting a rookie QB in his first game with no preseason, and (c) was without one of its best defensive players (Atkins). And that win required the opposing PK to miss an easy FG that would have put the game into OT. Herbert lost a home game in OT against the defending champs, after learning he was going to start 10 minutes before kickoff. If you truly cannot see which outing was more impressive, I can't help you. Let me also point out that home vs. road doesn't mean nearly as much through these 2 games as it would in a normal season. As for which QB gives Lynn what he wants, my reaction is that what Lynn wants isn't necessarily what is best for the team. We've seen that repeatedly during his tenure. So it doesn't carry much weight with me. YMMV And that is referring to the short term, i.e., 2020. If "what Lynn wants" = Tyrod, then it is not only hurting the team in 2020, it is also hurting the team beyond 2020 IMO. Herbert just showed he can play at this level. Given that, the best thing for the team's future is to give him reps so they can see if he is their legit QBOTF. They know Tyrod isn't.
  9. Didn't have Hyde last season. Apples and oranges.
  10. I don't think they win 8 games with Tyrod. They got a win in week 1, but that was against the worst team in the NFL last year, starting a rookie QB in his first game, with no preseason games, and the win required the opposing PK to miss an easy FG that would have put it into OT. A win is a win, so great that they won. But they were extremely lucky to win, and Tyrod's QB play was a big reason why they needed to be extremely lucky. If Tyrod is healthy and starts the next 14 games, I doubt the Chargers win more than 5 of them... and, if that happens, Lynn should be fired.
  11. I hope this is schtick. If not, it's one of the dumbest posts I've seen in this forum in a while.
  12. Yeah, but regardless of his reaction to the injection, bottom line is that Lynn would be an idiot (or possibly tanker?) to allow Tyrod to start again. It's a fireable offense based on what we know now.
  13. It's a 16 game season (and maybe then some) GB. Content to let it play out.