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  1. The 100 greatest songs of 1971 1971 the NEXT 100 songs
  2. This thread and all of the threads it references are now archived and do not come up in searches (at least for me), but I thought it might be of interest to others, given the excellent 1971 music threads that have been going for the past month or so. Best Music Master Thread Please post other links not covered in the archived thread.
  3. Yes, they do. But there seems little reason to expect they will do it as long as Carroll and Schottenheimer are there, unless they are forced into it by RB injuries.
  4. I prefer 2021 1st. IMO Allen won’t be the same fantasy player with Tyrod/Herbert in the Chargers new offense.
  5. Saw them twice on that tour. I saw PF, The Who, and the Stones that summer, all outdoor shows in Carter-Finley stadium, all within the first 10 rows on the field. Great shows.
  6. The edited Joy to the World single was released in February 1971. I understood your criteria to be that the songs were released as either album or single in 1971. I do like the Songs from the Attic version of She's Got a Way better. Great song, though. Regardless, great thread.
  7. Yes, my list of notable omissions has these at the top: Echoes - Pink Floyd One of These Days - Pink Floyd Joy to the World - Three Dog Night She's Got a Way - Billy Joel That said, this was one of the most entertaining threads going for the past few weeks, with the exception of one annoying poster. Thanks, Tim.
  8. IMO, the most overrated song in the LZ catalog and possibly the most overplayed song of all time. But other opinions may vary. Whether or not it is their best, it is by far their most iconic song, which is why it has been overplayed. It's a great song that deserves to be ranked higher than #7 in this list IMO.
  9. I think a low key firing could be really good for Herbert. Never replied on this. I think the likely progression of things with the Chargers is that they will have a losing season in 2020 but will retain Lynn and Telesco. For a couple reasons: Lynn is reportedly under contract through 2021, and Telesco signed a "multiyear" extension after the 2018 season, so it seems likely he is also under contract through 2021. The Spanos family is notorious for not wanting to fire people when they still have to pay them. The narrative will be that they get a mulligan on 2020 due to the combination of transition from Rivers to bridge QB Taylor to QBOTF Herbert combined with COVID disruption. Then I think they will have a losing season in 2021 and both will be fired. Two years under Lynn and then change to a new coaching staff and offensive system is one reason I'm not particularly bullish on Herbert's prospects. I think it is more likely than not that Herbert is not starting for the Chargers in 2025, which is the first season they currently do not control.
  10. This is crazy talk in my SF league. QBs are gold in that league. Rodgers >>>>>>> McLaurin in that league.