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  1. High quality rant here: The Los Angeles Chargers Are an Embarrassment Recommended reading.
  2. You said: "we know his talent is such that if he gets a chance in NE or if they trade him and he gets a chance to start, he can instantly become a RB1" You may believe that, but it is not something anyone 'knows.' There is a lengthy thread in the Shark Pool about Christine Michael, who passed a lot of eye tests, and there are many other examples of guys who looked good but didn't translate that into productive careers. Bottom line, Lewis is a former 5th round pick in his 5th season and turns 27 next week, and he has totaled just 1225 YFS and 6 TDs, due to a combination of getting beaten out (as in his current situation) and being unable to stay healthy (as in 2016). He has lost touches the past 2 seasons to Blount (UDFA), White (4th rounder), Gillislee (5th rounder), and Burkhead (6th rounder). That is not exactly a murderer's row.
  3. 12 team PPR dynasty league with 24 man rosters. Yes, opportunity seems available in PHI, where Blount seems to be already in disfavor, draft pick Pumphrey is on IR, and Sproles is not the long term answer. Sure, Clement is a long shot, but so is Lewis at this point. Put him on the block multiple times and generated zero interest. His value is basically nil except in leagues deeper than this one.
  4. Disagree, we absolutely do not know this. Based on what, exactly, his lengthy history as a RB1?
  5. Dropped him for Clement (PHI) on Sunday morning.
  6. From Chargers (again) give it away in home-opening loss to Dolphins Look at the schedule the next 6 weeks before the bye: KC, PHI, @NYG, @OAK, DEN, @NE. They might be 0-8 entering the bye week.
  7. Chargers CB Verrett could be out several weeks I assume no one is surprised by this. As of this week, he will have missed exactly 50% of the games played in his career. I'm afraid the Chargers are going to regret picking up his 5th year option, especially since it becomes guaranteed in the event of injury.
  8. Dzubnar waived to clear space for LB Hayes Pullard, claimed off waivers from JAX. After watching Pullard play last week, I retract my thumbs up. I wanted Dzubnar released, but Pullard was awful last week -- PFF has him graded at #106 out of 108 graded LBs to date. Check out the LB snaps and PFF grades from last week: Brown: 79.6 grade, 66 snaps Toomer: 77.4 grade, 27 snaps Harris: 54.4 grade, 5 snaps Emanuel: 38.1 grade, 30 snaps Pullard: 35.0 grade, 32 snaps WTF? Why would they give Toomer fewer snaps than Pullard and Emanuel? Toomer played really well last season. As an aside, how bad is Joshua Perry that he got waived in favor of Harris, Emanuel, and Pullard? Or was that just another sign of Chargers incompetence?
  9. IMO Rawls is a legit NFL and fantasy RB1 when fully healthy. I realize people will immediately post that he is never healthy, but IMO that is a limited perspective. He has had a few injuries that have obviously limited his productivity at times, but IMO it is more about bad luck than anything that is systemic or predictive.
  10. I agree with this, but converting Rivers salary to bonus does 3 things: Paid Rivers $3M now, rather than over the next 4 months. This is counter to the idea that the team doesn't want to spend money. Clears $2M in 2017 cap space. Adds $1M to his 2018 and 2019 cap hits. 1 and 3 are negatives, though small ones in the big picture. Why bother doing this if not planning to use the 2017 cap space?
  11. Agree, but they obviously have a lot of room for improvement and should be using remaining cap space to try to get better. This is not rocket science.
  12. That is not a direct answer to the question. I might have guessed that 2013 or 2014 was the answer to the question you quoted, but you ignored the rest. WTF has the Seattle brain trust been doing with their OL since then?
  13. I've heard repeatedly what a great job Cable does coaching up OL who were drafted late or undrafted and in some cases switching positions. My question is, when was the last season the Seahawks actually had even an average performing OL, and what the heck has Cable been doing since then? Or does the blame lie fully with Schneider for refusing to devote resources to OL? Either way, results speak. If this level of OL play is what the Seahawks planned on, they need to change their methods. If they planned for better results, then who is failing, Schneider or Cable?