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  1. Disagree with the bolded. Currently, only 12 RBs have an average salary of ~$5M or higher (Lewis is at $4.95M). That group is a mix of 3 down RBs (Bell, Elliott, McCoy, Fournette, Freeman, McKinnon, Miller), 3rd down backs (Duke), RBBC backs (Bernard, Lewis, Hyde), and backups (L Murray). Overall, Yeldon doesn't seem to compare favorably to that group, plus there are 22 teams with current starting RBs who average $4.5M or less. Barring a 2018 breakout, I would be very surprised to see him get anything close to $5M per year.
  2. I think Juju will increasingly cut into Brown's targets going forward. Juju was only 20 years old when the season started last season... he should only get better going forward.
  3. 10 team Superflex, non-PPR but 0.5 pt/first down rushing/receiving Gave Antonio Brown for 1.1, which I plan to use to take Barkley Other owner is a big Steelers fan.
  4. In, League 2
  5. All I Need Creep Everything In Its Right Place Street Spirit Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  6. Great info here. As much as I appreciate Trip's take, I find this much more compelling than the reasons Trip gave for OBJ being overrated.
  7. I don’t know, I didn’t watch them closely either. I figured someone posting in this thread might be able to comment on it.
  8. Posted earlier in the thread, from last October:
  9. Who is ignoring the coaching change? We have been discussing it extensively in this thread, since everyone with a positive view on Cooper feels compelled to cite what Gruden did with his #1 WR 10+ years ago. I was hoping for something more specific. For example, it was linked earlier in the thread that Cooper struggles with press coverage, and teams recognizing that was part of the dropoff in his play in the middle of the 2016 season. Has Gruden said anything about giving him more routes out of the slot, stacking him at the line, putting him in motion, etc.? I would view that as a positive for Cooper, but I haven't read anything along those lines.
  10. What exactly is the offensive philosophy change from last year to this year? I don't know the differences between last year's offensive philosophy and the offensive philosophy to be used in 2018.
  11. Cooper was pretty bad during the second half of 2016 also, as has been posted earlier in this thread. So his bad streak is not limited to 2017. That actually carries a lot of weight with me, since that makes it the last 1.5 seasons -- half his career -- not 1 bad season.
  12. In process of moving from San Diego to Virginia Beach. Moved to VB to start work in mid-May, wife still in SD. Flew to SD for a visit on the 4th, returning tomorrow. This "heat wave" of 90-100 in SD is nothing compared to Virginia weather. 100 in SD area is much easier to take than 85+ in VA with associated humidity.
  13. Why does everyone who comments on Gruden assume that his offenses from 1998-2008 are predictive of his offense in 2018? Most of those commenting on Gruden are commenting on how he has always had a high target WR1. In the past decade since he got out of NFL coaching, he has watched a lot of film, practices, etc. of both college and NFL offenses in his job for ESPN. Isn't it possible that he has changed his philosophy, at least somewhat?
  14. I think that's all he is. Green seems to have a reputation as a good blocker, and media reports have indicated that is the role the Chargers signed him to play. FWIW, PFF gave him a terrible run blocking grade last season. So you may both be right here.
  15. I will take a shot at this. Assuming full health and no suspensions for everyone on offense. Assuming 580 passing attempts: RBs: 130 targets Lynch: 30 Martin: 30 Richard: 45 Others: 25 TEs: 120 Cook: 90 Others: 30 WRs: 320 Cooper: 120 Nelson: 95 Bryant: 80 Others: 25 Other: 10 Throwaways: 10