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  1. This seems to imply that you think this coaching staff would use Bell or DJ in RBBC if one of them was on the roster. Is that what you would expect in that scenario? Note, I'm not saying I expect Mixon to be Bell/DJ, just reacting to your statement here.
  2. 30K seat StubHub Center for the next 3 years, new stadium with Rams to open for 2020 season.
  3. Yes, 100% sure. If you are suggesting that both the East was not more competitive then than now, I have to assume you didn't watch back then.
  4. Ryan Mathews is set to be released in the near future, with Blount signed by PHI. Given he will turn 30 in October and has been injury prone, I expect he can be signed reasonably cheaply, say 2 years for $5M or similar. I would love to see the Chargers sign him to back up Gordon. Mathews has always been effective when healthy, including as a receiving back. With fewer touches backing up Gordon, he just might be able to stay healthy, and he is much better than Andre Williams, Farrow, Oliver, and Barner. Mathews also had the best season of his career in 2013 with Whisenhunt. Come on, Telesco.
  5. I think contracting would improve all of the major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB). Please elaborate on the "stacked" talent on this year's Nets, Kings, Lakers, Suns, Magic, Knicks, Hornets, Timberwolves, and Mavs. Now picture combining the talent on these teams into fewer teams, and how much better that would make them. How long do you think it will take two new expansion franchises to become competitive? I mean, if the league is so "stacked," it probably shouldn't take long, right?
  6. The most ideal way would be to contract from 30 teams to, say, 24 teams, with a dispersal draft for the talent on the contracted teams, where the draft was set up to disproportionately benefit the remaining teams with poor records and/or lower payrolls. Then lower the number of playoff teams to 12. But that will never happen. Sadly, the NBA is planning to expand by adding two more franchises, which will likely just result in further dilution of the quality of basketball and less parity.
  7. It was a lot different. The Bulls had more of a challenge in the East (NY, IND, CLE, ORL), and they played 5 different opponents in 6 Finals appearances and lost 2 games in all of those series but one. Overall, both East and West were much more competitive than now.
  8. What are the Vikings planning to do with Hodges? TE or WR? He could be as much or more of a red zone threat if he earns snaps on offense.
  9. Whoever voted Leonard as 3rd team All NBA should have his voting privileges revoked.
  10. Fair enough. Although I would point out a couple things. Using one of my fairly typical scoring leagues: Rivers was QB6 in ppg in 2013 He was QB4 in ppg through week 8 in 2014; injuries (most notably Mathews and Woodhead, plus had to play 5 centers) and resulting terrible OL play derailed the offense He was QB4 in ppg through week 8 in 2015; injuries (Allen, other WRs, OL) and resulting terrible OL play derailed the offense 2016 was a disaster from the start due to injuries (Allen, Stevie, Woodhead) and terrible OL play I realize results are results. But I think people who don't follow the Chargers don't realize what an abnormally high level of key injuries have occurred within the Chargers' offense in three consecutive seasons. OL has been a big part of that, and it is upgraded, with 3 starters gone. Woodhead and Stevie were a big part of that, and they are gone. Allen has been a big part of that and arguably remains a question mark, hence the addition of Mike Williams. We'll see.
  11. This is expected. It is only surprising because Roethlisberger is generally overrated and Rivers is generally underrated.
  12. So Roethlisberger has upside considering upgrades to PIT receiving corps but Rivers doesn't considering upgrades to Chargers OL and receiving corps? Seems inconsistent. I really think this is a case where past performance is not a great predictor of future performance. In 2015, Rivers was QB4 in ppg through week 8, which is when Allen went down for the season, and injuries snowballed from there. Last season, he lost Allen in game 1 and Woodhead in game 3. Those are situations that are not representative of his situation going forward.