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  1. Trump Health Plan Forces Question: How Much Is Covering The Uninsured Worth?
  2. This is an interesting comment. What do you think Woodhead is worth right now? On the one hand, he was a top 10 RB in total points and top 15 in ppg in PPR leagues in each of his last two healthy seasons. On the other hand, the Chargers could run more often and more effectively and shift some of Woodhead's touches to Gordon this year. My gut feeling is that Woodhead > Foster in PPR leagues, based on recent performance and Foster's injury history.
  3. This has to be the toughest category. Who's Next over Zep IV for me in an extremely tough choice.
  4. The statement above is the problem. No it isn't. Those who expect Elliott to finish as a top 5 RB are not "lucky" if they are right. If that happens, they are right and the naysayers are wrong, period.
  5. This is a myth. If anyone disagrees, please provide some evidence to back it.
  6. If you are going to do this, then shouldn't the rankings be shown in ppg rather than total points? I understand the logic behind this, but suspect this results in some non-intuitive outcomes. I'm at work and cannot test this, but an example would be if I draft Brady as my only QB and the DD weekly points shows me with any QB points in weeks 1-4. On the other hand, if you have inflated Brady's total points with "credit," would it show proper points projected for weeks 5-17? Yes, IMO it is necessary to explain the process used for giving "credit" to players beyond their projected fantasy points. Aside from a known suspension, in what other situations does DD give players "credit?" For example, I know some FBG projections account for less than 16 games based on the theory that on average players miss games. Are projections uniform in this regard, e.g., are all RBs projected to play 14 games, all QBs projected to play 15 games, etc.? Is "credit" applied in these situations? Etc.
  7. CalBear is killing it in here.
  8. Pretty sure this is false as written. (Decades.)
  9. Meaning what?
  10. Sure, he has capable backups. You said you think 240 carries is his best case. "Best case" implies you think there is zero chance he will exceed 240 carries, despite the fact that other recent rookie RBs have done so. If you didn't mean it that way, you should admit that you misspoke. If you do believe that, IMO that undermines your credibility on the subject.
  11. No more so than any other RB. If you disagree, please explain.