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  1. It is a Professional Employment Organization (PEO). Best PEOs.
  2. He is an obvious hold in dynasty. Redraft depends on league settings; he is a hold if it is easy to keep him on bench/IR.
  3. Yeah, I would love to discuss the Chargers more in season (yes, I'm a masochist), but normal Chargers regulars like @tommyGunZ, @BoltBacker, @Gr00vus, @Maurile Tremblay, @cstu, et al. haven't been posting much.
  4. FWIW, his company is based in FL but also has a large (for them) office in Cary, NC. Their plan is Florida Blue PPO (BCBS).
  5. WRs vs. Chargers CBs this year is not an appealing matchup, even though Hilton roasted Verrett yesterday. The Chargers corners are a great trio, and meanwhile, the Chargers are terrible at covering TEs and RBs. I'm not saying WRs will all be shut down like Allen Robinson was, but it certainly isn't a plus matchup if the Chargers CBs are healthy.
  6. I fully expect Rawls to be the starter as soon as he is healthy enough to handle a full workload for a couple weeks in a row. In the interim, I fully expect Michael to mostly play well mixed in with just enough WTF moments that the coaching staff will be ready to move Rawls ahead of him when he is ready.
  7. I thought the opposite. I thought he was implying there was no injury, that they just pulled him due to performance and said he got a contusion. If that is what he was implying, it was obviously false.
  8. I have a good friend who runs a ~50 person business. They have joined a co-op (not sure this is the right term, it is a HR provider for grouped small businesses). Joining enables them to get a healthcare plan that is the equivalent of a plan offered to larger businesses, because the combined number of employees of the grouped small businesses exceeds the threshold for qualifying for better plans. No idea if your broker would present this to you. Would it be in his/her interest to do so? Don't know.
  9. McCoy has been the head coach of the Chargers for 53 games. 32 of those games have been decided by one score (8 points or less). In those games, McCoy's Chargers are 12-20. More disturbingly, the Chargers are 1-10 in their past 11 such games. Of course, that means they were 11-10 in their first 21 such games. Does this mean anything? I have heard this stat cited on talk radio as evidence of poor coaching. Is there any merit to that? Or is this just randomness and/or sample size? On the one hand, one could point out that McCoy was 19-15 in his first 2 seasons, which was solid. And one could go on to point out that the Chargers had major injuries in 2015 and already in 2016. But it's a bottom line business, right? At some point, McCoy must own the results independent of injuries, right?
  10. Have you considered SHOP or joining a co-op? Small Business Health Insurance Options for 2015
  11. He missed more than a quater of the game due to an injury in game 2. From Rotoworld: Tyler Lockett caught 4-of-4 targets for 99 yards in the Seahawks' Week 2 loss to the Rams. He roasted CB Coty Sensabaugh for an early 35-yard gain, helping set up Seattle's lone three points. Lockett left late in the second quarter with a knee injury, but returned in the fourth quarter and caught a 53-yard bomb on the Seahawks' final drive. The Seahawks later lost a fumble to help lose the game. Lockett is the Seahawks' No. 3 receiver but needs to be owned in all formats. Things should lighten up next week when Seattle hosts the lowly 49ers. Sep 18 - 8:02 PM
  12. As for the Chargers, yes, they were idiots, as I posted at the time. Had he played in week 1, he might have made a difference in stopping KC's comeback.
  13. I posted in response to your post that you wouldn't let him play until week 6. It wasn't you saying he would be hurt, as he is, it was you saying you wouldn't let him play the first 5 games. You were wrong then and wrong now to bring it back up like you were right.
  14. Actually, there is definitely a point in writing it. And you stated it: Had you posted this weeks ago, and, better yet, emailed it out to all subscribers, I'm certain that the response from your subscriber base would have been more accepting and understanding. Hopefully, this can serve as a lesson learned for the future. Do you plan to email this to all subscribers, or just settle for those who happen to read this post to get this info? And hopefully this is another lesson learned. You clearly did not have enough resources or, more importantly, calendar time to implement the decisions you made in January. For you and Joe not to recognize this shows a lack of experience/understanding of the work you were commissioning and/or how to estimate and manage software development projects. Hindsight is 20/20, but what would have been a better plan would have been to maintain the old system and tools for the 2016 season while standing up your new system and tools beside it and building a team of subscribers to assist with requirements and beta testing throughout the season. Then you would have had several months to act on that feedback and roll out the conversion. Is that your plan for next year? Just as you have explained here what led to this fiasco, it would be great if you could offer some transparency in your plans going forward. The community might be able to help you. I appreciate your explanation and FBG's effort to resurrect the old MyFBG.