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  1. If you dropped Davis and Brown was available then it sounds like this league has really shallow rosters. 10 teams, Super flex, 22 man rosters, non PPR but points for first downs rushing/receiving, 56 RBs and 68 WRs currently rostered I suppose that could be viewed as shallow. Without getting into a lot of detail, I wanted Brown due to confluence of factors, and had no one I preferred to release over Davis. My remaining WRs are Juju, Watkins, Mike Williams, Tyrell Williams, and Samuel, so obviously I value those guys higher than Davis.
  2. Pouncey is out for the season. Okung's status is not known. In theory, he could return after week 7, but he is out due to a pulmonary embolism. That likely means he is on blood thinners, which makes it likely he will not play at all this season. The Chargers probably have the worst OL in the NFL at this point.
  3. Here are some facts about Melvin Gordon's career: He has played 59 career games. He averaged 4+ ypc in just 28 of them (47%). He has 943 career rushing attempts. Just 365 of them (39%) have gained 4 or more yards. Gordon's 1 season with a good ypc was 2018. He averaged 5.9 ypc on 64 carries running outside Okung in 2018 and 4.1 ypc on his other 137 carries. Okung is currently out and might not play a snap this season, maybe never again. Since Gordon returned from his second injury last season, he has played in 6 games. In those games, he has 68 rushing attempts for 187 rushing yards (2.75 ypc) and 15 receptions for 88 yards (5.9 ypr). In 2018-2019, the Chargers are 6-2 without Gordon and 9-7 with him. IMO anyone who thinks the problem with the Chargers record this season is that they didn't sign Gordon and get him into camp and the full regular season probably doesn't follow the Chargers and thus probably has an uninformed perspective on the matter.
  4. I dropped Corey Davis this past week to pick up and start Malcolm Brown. Forced into it by injuries, byes, and timing of Thursday night game... but I don't really regret it, either.
  5. I don’t know a single Chargers fan who likes, supports, or defends Spanos. So this take seems completely off base in this thread.
  6. Yes, and whoever made the decision to shift most of Ekeler's snaps to Gordon in his first 2 games back deserves to be fired, because he/they were dead wrong. Looking at you, Whisenhunt and Lynn.
  7. Having Gordon back and forcing snaps and touches to him over Ekeler in his first two games back has made the Chargers worse. There is really no disputing that, it is fact. It's not really Gordon's fault, it is the fault of the coaching staff. Drive #1: Gordon had 2 carries for 1 yard, putting the Chargers in 3rd and 9, and Benjamin dropped the 3rd down pass. Drive over. Drive #2: Gordon was the target on the lateral that was overthrown and returned for a TD. It is possible that occurred at least partly due to lack of chemistry between Rivers and Gordon, and possible that it wouldn't have happened if Ekeler was on the field instead of Gordon. Drive #3: Gordon had 1 carry for 7 yards that put the Chargers in 3rd and 4, and they converted. Then the tipped pass was intercepted, ending the drive. Drive #4: Gordon had 3 carries for 5 yards, which contributed to the drive stalling. By this time, the first quarter was essentially over, and the Chargers were trailing 21-0. The usage of Gordon was absolutely a contributing factor. The current Chargers OL cannot block well enough for Gordon to be effective. Gordon is a RB who, for the most part, gets what is blocked. He lacks vision. This is very well known among Chargers fans. The team would be much better off giving snaps and touches to Ekeler and Jackson (when healthy) given the state of the OL. The coaching staff apparently feels differently, but they are being proven wrong on the field so far.
  8. I disagree. This tangent started by me posting that the coaching staff made a huge mistake shifting so many snaps from Ekeler to Gordon the past 2 weeks. I don't think Henry's return has any bearing on that stance, and the game script last night evolved in part because of that bad coaching decision.
  9. Week 1 - RBs had 219 YFS and 3 TDs in OT win Week 2 - RBs had 200 YFS and 1 TD in 3 point loss... Chargers missed 2 FGs and had 60 yard and 22 yard TDs by the RBs called back on questionable calls... Chargers should have won this game Week 3 - RBs had 110 YFS and 0 TDs in 7 point loss Week 4 - RBs had 187 YFS and 3 TDs in 20 point win -- Gordon returns -- Week 5 - RBs had 139 YFS and 0 TDs in 7 point loss Week 6 - RBs had 76 YFS and 0 TDs in 7 point loss, but the game wasn't nearly as close as score indicates I don't think this data supports your stance on this.
  10. The coaching staff made a huge mistake by switching so many snaps to Gordon. The offense has been terrible the past 2 weeks, perfectly coinciding with Gordon's return. The OL is terrible and getting worse seemingly every week. Ekeler is much more likely to be productive behind that OL.
  11. This year's Chargers have a lot of issues. Rivers hasn't been great, but he is not close to the top of the list of issues.
  12. Rivers has a no trade clause, and I feel pretty certain that he would not waive it to go somewhere else, even if it was to a championship caliber team that was just lacking a QB (and I don't think there are any of those anyway).