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  1. Just Win Baby

    LMAO@ SD, uh LA, uh.... Mexico chargers?

    Karma’s a #####
  2. Just Win Baby

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Another rationale for Barkley > Tyreek
  3. Just Win Baby

    *** Official 2018 Chargers Thread ****

    I posted this a couple weeks ago: The bolded is key. The franchise value took a one-time increase, but will likely now stagnate if it stays in LA long term. The franchise finds itself in a very difficult spot now. A lot of former San Diego-based Chargers fans have abandoned the team due to its scorched earth exit from San Diego. If they were to return, it is likely they would return to a smaller fan base, and this was already a market that usually had a sizable attendance from opposing fans at every home game. Plus, the Chargers are on the hook for that $650M relocation fee, to be paid over the next 10 years. Would the NFL suddenly waive that $650M and lose that expected league revenue? If they didn't, the Chargers franchise would remain cash poor in their return and would be unable to contribute even as much as they originally offered to a new San Diego stadium. Even if they did, how do they make better progress on a stadium now after working unsuccessfully to get a deal done for more than a decade previously? Is the NFL not only going to waive the $650M but also contribute money to a stadium? Meanwhile, since they made the decision to leave, the Raiders have been approved to move from Oakland to Las Vegas, which puts them 150 miles closer to San Diego, which could further impact the Chargers' market. All those issues on top of the abject failure for the franchise and the NFL that a return would represent. I can't see it happening.
  4. Just Win Baby

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I know you are agreeing with my point, so not really arguing with you, just commenting. The only player you named here with talent comparable to Barkley is Dickerson, so I dismiss the rest as apples to oranges. Dickerson is arguable, but, even if his rookie season was his best, he was still 1st team All Pro in 4 of his next 5 seasons, and had more than 2000 YFS and 11+ TDs in 3 of those seasons. Now consider that Dickerson was 23 in his rookie season, and Barkley is 21. Even conceding Dickerson fits @Milkman's criteria, that is 1 RB, not plenty. Whereas we have a much larger sample of elite RBs in NFL history whose rookie seasons were not their best. And if Barkley's career was to unfold exactly like Dickerson's did, IMO it would clearly be preferable to keep him over Hill going forward.
  5. Just Win Baby

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Really? Please name "plenty" of rookie RBs who had "historic" rookie seasons that turned out to be their best ever.
  6. Just Win Baby

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Regardless of your reasons, for you to say you would rank Hill over Barkley puts you on an island. It's good that you are comfortable on that island, but it is still an island, and for good reasons.
  7. Just Win Baby

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    He is 21 years old. You aren't being objective about Barkley here.
  8. Just Win Baby

    Classic Album discussion thread: Steely Dan-Aja

    This. Very surprised to see this album in the classic album thread title.
  9. Just Win Baby

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Yes, more is better!
  10. Just Win Baby

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    I can live with it, but I agree it is odd that the font color was lightened against a pale gray background. More contrast would be better.
  11. I don’t believe prorating 6 games to 16 is valid, particularly when the majority of his production in those 6 games occurred in just 2 games. @Dr. Octopus posted the prorated stats, and they would have put him around TE14 if he sustained it all season.
  12. He had 2 good games in PIT.
  13. Green was not better in PIT. Yes, sometimes Rivers knows where he wants to throw pre-snap, because he knows the routes and his read progression and reads the defense, which tells him where he should go. Every great veteran QB does this. But your take on this is that Rivers frequently makes bad reads or fails to see and target open players. It further implies that he and the coaching staff fail to see this on film and make adjustments, despite the fact that you - @Milkman at FBG - can supposedly see this. That stance is absurd and undermines your credibility. If Williams moves on this offseason, his best case is to sign as a WR2. Depending on where, that could be better or worse for him - possible difference in his target pecking order, change in offense, change in QB play.
  14. LMAO. The Chargers are the franchise that gave him - a UDFA - a shot. Rivers is the QB that put him on the map. Despite the fact that he doesn't run good routes, makes bad reads/decisions, and doesn't play up to his physical talent. Rivers has Hated Williams for years...…..He makes a lot of decisions before the snap. I've seen some many plays where Tyrell was running wide open and Rivers forced it into triple coverage to Allen instead of throwing it to Tyrell Williams. He will do great somewhere else...….The Chargers organization has miss used a ton of talent...…..they are a joke. LMFAO. "Many plays where Rivers forced it into triple coverage instead of throwing to Tyrell, who was wide open." Post some examples. Even if you don't have links, I have NFL Game Pass and can go in and find whatever plays you reference. Seriously, name one play. I'll wait. What's that? You can't name one play? That's what I figured. You have been posting nonsense in the Shark Pool for years about Rivers not throwing to open players. Your previous favorite was Ladarius Green, who, that's right, doesn't play in the NFL any more. Good luck with that. He better sign with a team with an elite passing offense and a hole at WR2 if you think he is going to improve his fantasy prospects. Can you name any such teams?
  15. Just Win Baby


    12 team PPR, start 1Q, 2R, 3W, 1T, 2F, 1K, 1DST Team A (currently tied for 2nd place) gave up Crowell + Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick from Team A + Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick from Team C (currently tied for 10th place) Team B (currently tied for 10th place) gave up Mixon + Year 2019 Round 3 Draft Pick from Team B Not involved. The 2 first round picks gained in this trade are currently the only 2 picks Team B has within the first 3 rounds in the 2019 draft.