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  1. In 2004, Harrison was WR5, Wayne was WR8, and Stokley was WR11. Kind of ridiculous, and unlikely to ever be repeated barring major rule changes.
  2. Maybe so. But I envision the process of going from here to there to be painful and time consuming, so it won't change the fact that I will have already missed out on those opportunities, and my wife may end up with lesser care as a result. It is a risk I prefer not to take.
  3. I have no reason to believe that a Government healthcare plan/option would cover all of my wife's treatments and medications. She is an outlier case. Government plans are not designed to be good for outliers, they are designed to be (theoretically) good for the masses, and often enough they fail at that.
  4. What you seem to be alluding to here is expanding the pools so they don't contain only "the sickest." Public option isn't going to expand the pools, unless public option is accompanied by yanking employer provided healthcare forcing all of those people into the individual marketplace. That said, even with the same pools, if we don't care about covering the money required from the Government to treat all of those sick people in the pools, because we don't care about deficits, national debt, etc., then it should be possible for the prices to be made more affordable for those in the individual marketplace with the existing pools as they are. And, to the extent that those public option costs were covered, that would come from everyone's taxes, so it would spread out the cost burden to a much greater share of the population.
  5. Just following up on the earlier tangent about forcing everyone off employer provided healthcare, and the difference between those who have it and don't have it. My wife needs regular medical treatments that require us to travel from CA to the East coast, which is very costly and very difficult for her. So I have been investigating job opportunities. Last week, I received a great job offer to become the VP of Engineering for a relatively small company (~50 employees). I worked there previously for a couple years, so I know all of the principals, and it is in our second most desirable city. The offer would be a huge raise (>30%), plus I would gain even more from a reduced cost of living. The offer also includes a small stake of ownership in the company. Super compelling. Here's the kicker. They are on a BCBS employer provided insurance plan. I learned today that it doesn't cover my wife's most helpful pain medication, which is still under patent and has no generic equivalent. That prescription would cost us $10K out of pocket per month, obviously not feasible for us to pay for it ourselves. So I am going to have to pass on this job offer because I need the stronger health coverage provided by my current employer. And it isn't the first time. I strongly considered partnering with a good friend and starting our own business several years ago. I ultimately did not move forward because of this same issue. He did move forward, and has a successful small business. Many people have made career choices and career compromises based on getting employer provided healthcare. I have. Hence, why I am opposed to the Government taking it away.
  6. He was a top 3 fantasy QB for the first half of last season. Then WR1 Allen missed the whole second half, WR3 Johnson missed 4 games in the second half, the starting OL missed 20 games in the second half. He may not be a top fantasy QB, but he's not done.
  7. That is salary, which is paid out in game checks. Bonuses are not tied to games.
  8. So what you're saying is that the Govt public option would hemorrhage money, but that's okay, because it's the Govt, which has unlimited money, i.e., we don't really have to care about deficits, national debt, etc. That doesn't really sound like a great solution, but maybe I'm missing something.
  9. On your first point, that definitely isn't true for regular jobs. I have worked remote from my company's state before and paid tax only in the state in which I lived and worked, not in the state where company offices/HQ existed. I have also moved between states before, and it was only necessary to pay tax to each state in that year for the portion of the year I lived and worked there. If Bosa gets paid his signing bonus upon signing his contract, he is being paid before taking up residence in CA.
  10. My understanding is that public option means a Govt sponsored healthcare option to compete in the marketplace. Isn't that exactly what the Obamacare co-ops were? 2/3 or so of those have already gone under, with the rest expected to follow suit. Why would public option be different?
  11. Well, someone is free to prove me wrong with a link. If what I have posted is indeed wrong, then Bosa is even dumber than I thought for taking the stance he has taken.
  12. Someone please explain to me how the public option would be likely to succeed when the Govt supported Obamacare co-ops have almost all failed. I'm a layperson here, but based on what I know about a public option, it won't work, and would likely just be another failed step at moving to single payer/universal Govt healthcare.
  13. I have to admit I am surprised that Gordon was 'successful' on 43% of his runs last season. I watched the games, and it didn't seem like it. I'm not sure how to reconcile Gurley and Gordon having such disparate ypc performances (4.8 and 3.5, respectively), yet having identical success rate. From the same link, among the 44 players with 100+ rushing attempts, he ranked #32 in success rate and #43 in DVOA. From the link: "A player with lower DVOA and a high success rate generally gets the yards needed, but doesn't often get more." Interesting, considering he was among league leaders in long runs, broken tackles, and yards after contact.
  14. This is contrary to what has been reported. I think what you say is true for (a) salary and (b) bonuses earned after he starts playing in residing in CA. The up front portion of his signing bonus is paid to him while he is a resident of FL. The signing bonus is not attached to games like salary is.