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  1. Regarding Lamar Jackson, it's worth noting a few things: He started 8 games. Using a sample size less than all 8 games is effectively cherry picking, whether intentional or not. The fact that his 8th game was dreadful illustrates this. In those 8 games, he had a lot of negative plays - 19 sacks, 4 interceptions, and 12 fumbles. He also only threw for 200 yards 1 time and had just 7 passing TDs. He is going to have to improve a lot to hold onto his job. It is also true that only 1 team faced him twice during his stretch as the starter. That team was the Chargers, which made him look terrible despite missing 5 defensive starters in that game, including both DTs and their best 2 LBs at defending the run.
  2. I could see them paying him $5M to $8M, though I wouldn't want them to do that. He has made it clear he is looking for $13M+. The only way I could see him back is if there is literally no market for him, and he is forced to accept the Chargers price.
  3. Clearly, Gordon knows what the elite RBs are making, and he has stated his position that he deserves to get paid much more than he is being paid. So obviously Elliott's contract doesn't influence his thinking, and I'm sure it is because he understands that Elliott's contract is dictated. As for Gordon next year, no chance the Chargers will tag him. They can't afford it, especially not given the history of his knee. Plus, they will be in position to just draft another RB next year and start another RB on a relatively inexpensive rookie contract.
  4. Rivers will not retire at the end of this season. He'll be back at least through the 2021 season IMO.
  5. Disagree completely. And I really don't think Gordon is prepared to have a lengthy holdout and forego the associated money.
  6. You're comparing apples and oranges. Elliott is entering the 4th year of his contract. Gordon is entering the 5th year of his contract. In his 4th year, Gordon made $1.9M, but when teams exercise the 5th year option for players drafted in the first round, they get a sizable raise for that 5th year. Elliott's salary is set to jump to $9.1M in his 5th year next year.
  7. I should have said a bit more in my first post. Some people think happiness is driven by the things that happen in your life. I don't completely disagree, but would add that IMO happiness is a choice. I believe we can choose to be happy when happiness doesn't come easily. And I have lived that, with a wife who has been disabled and in extreme pain for more than 20 years. Sure, bad stuff happens, bad days happen, etc. But we are able to choose to let that stuff go and move on. We are able to choose to find happiness in our lives, even if only in the smallest things. I hope all of you are able to make that choice as it applies to your lives.
  8. If you have some actual facts to dispute the estimated cost and the negative side effects such as hospitals shutting down, let's see them. I posted about the cost of M4A higher up on this page, citing Bernie's own "plan" and no one posted anything to refute the data or illustrate how the cost will be covered, or even close to it. If you have that, let's see it. That would be a neat trick, since Bernie himself doesn't seem to have it.
  9. I don't know anything about that specific hospital, but I know that hospitals represent 33% of US healthcare spending, they typically operate at a 7% profit margin, and Medicare usually covers just 90% of actual costs. It's just a math exercise. Implementing M4A will result in hospitals closing, it's just a question of how many and which ones. Good article on this subject: This Is The Part Of ‘Medicare For All’ That You Never Hear About
  10. How is it tailor-made for his argument? If all payments are lowered to Medicare levels, one of the side effects will be closure of some number of hospitals that will not be able to cover costs.
  11. Colts Steadfast In Believing Marlon Mack Is A Feature Back Draft preview: Colts believe Marlon Mack's a feature back, could still add another runner Will Marlon Mack Finally Get a 3-Down Role in 2019? I forgot that the Colts signed Ware, so Hines is competing with him in addition to Mack and Wilkins.
  12. By the way, what are the Colts coaches saying about Mack and Wilkins?
  13. Isn’t the best year of your life always the one you are in? If not, why not? The first half of my life was great, but there is no question in my mind that the second half is better. And this is from a man with a wife who is disabled and has suffered from terrible pain for more than 20 years. Not to be critical, but IMO later life is about maturity and properly weighting different life factors. Not rocket science but not everyone does it.
  14. Coach speak 101. I will take the under on 63 receptions for Hines this season.
  15. Justify the bolded and quantify what it actually means for fantasy prospects.
  16. Senators Manchin and Braun Are Attempting to Practice Medicine Without a License—And Fighting the Wrong War
  17. I see your point about playing through injury, but I disagree on the rest. Iin my scenario, NFL annual revenue would likely exceed $9B. I don't think adding 1.4% of that is "a tiny bit." I also seriously doubt the owners will ever allow the players to have 50% or more of the revenue, so my scenario pushes the players' share to a likely maximum. I think most players would be fine with the tradeoffs I outlined.
  18. I like the idea of reducing preseason games and adding a regular season game, especially if another bye week is added and/or rosters are expanded. I would support the idea of teams resting/rotating players more, again especially if rosters are expanded. But I hate the idea of limiting players to less than the full number of games. I would prefer something like this: Remove 2 preseason games and add 1 regular season game and 1 additional bye week - win for fans (more real football), NFL (more money), and players and coaches (extra bye week) Expand rosters to 60 total (+7), 53 active (+7) on gamedays - win for players (more rostered, more depth = less pressure to play injured) and coaches (more depth) Increase salary cap percentage to players from current 48.5% to at 49.9% - win for players (more money) Each team has 8 home games, 8 road games, and 1 neutral site game, where neutral site games include international games and US neutral sites (e.g., San Antonio, Orlando, etc.) - win for NFL (more international games) and neutral-site fans Each team that plays over a certain threshold of miles away from home for a neutral site game (e.g., London) gets a Thursday night game the week before and a bye week following - win for coaches and players (reduces burden of international games) I'm sure the details would be extensive, but this looks like a framework where everyone wins. I don't think everyone wins with 18 games and limiting each player to 16.
  19. The Chargers won’t franchise tag him next year IMO. They will just let him walk and draft a RB. They have too many other priorities next offseason and won’t have much cap space. Also, in the Gordon thread, it was posted that he cannot hold out all season and become a free agent. He has to report at some point. His situation is not the same as Bell’s. Bell was not under contract; Gordon is. I think the Chargers will wait him out and Gordon will cave at some point rather than foregoing the $5.6M he is due this season. Then he will get to test the market next offseason, and I don’t think he will get close to what he is looking for right now.
  20. I don’t think so. They already have a 3rd RB they like — Detrez Newsome. IMO the Chargers will wait Gordon out and use Ekeler, Jackson, and Newsome for as long as it takes.
  21. He was RB40 in ppg in my PPR dynasty league. Furthermore, you are ignoring the fact that Mack missed 4 games last season, and those games represented a disproportionate amount of Hines' usage: 4 games without Mack: 29 rushing attempts and 28 receptions = 14.25 touches per game 14 games with Mack: 59 rushing attempts and 35 receptions = 6.7 touches per game And Hines had just 3 touches in the 2 postseason games. How can anyone look at those facts and feel optimistic about an increased role for Hines in 2019?
  22. Here they are, along with first and second season touches: Barkley (91) - 352, N/A Bush (88) - 243, 230 Kamara (81) - 201, 275 McCaffrey (80) - 197, 326 Forte (63) - 379, 315 Hines (63) - 148, N/A Duke Johnson (61) - 165, 126 Tomlinson (59) - 398, 451 Best (58) - 229, 111 Bernard (56) - 226, 211 The 8 RBs in this list who played second seasons to date averaged 255 touches in those second seasons. It seems exceedingly unlikely that Hines will get anywhere close to that. More importantly, that group's second season success is skewed by Tomlinson, McCaffrey, Forte, and Kamara. Hines is not at all similar to any of those players. Finally, an arbitrary cutoff at 55 receptions seems like cherry picking. Make it 45, and it adds these players: Cohen (53) Kareem Hunt (53) Trent Richardson (51) Slaton (50) Helu (49) Doug Martin (49) Domanick Williams (47) MJD (46) Leveon Bell (45) Javorius Allen (45) That list isn't quite as impressive as the first. Bottom line, I don't think this data tells us anything about Hines' prospects.