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  1. This is exciting. I have a real shot at top 5 I think, mostly due to the low entries. I’ve done this contest for maybe 7 years and it’s the least amount of thought I’ve ever put into it lol. I’m 102932.
  2. I'm definitely interested in one of your league openings for the premier league if you still have open teams.

  3. You want them to do 60 1 minute sketches?You can develop sketches and make them more than one gag. Wayne's World wasn't one continual joke about public access tv, or Garth's mom, or living with your parents.It's bad writing. Same as a comedian who can only do one type of joke - see Foxworthy, Jeff.
  4. My problem with SNL is every skit is the same joke over and over and OVER. Like the puppet one - I got the joke the first time, he's a wacked-out vet. Then they do it again 7 times. Powerfully unfunny.
  5. No Chris Rainey in contest.... Oh well, less reason to change my roster 8,000,000 times.
  6. Anyone complaining about a punter needs to remember Matt Turk. Look, we all think we're smart enough to run a team, but don't watch film and aren't scouts. This means EVERYONE who visits or writes for fbg. I don't think Gene Smith gives a darn about what everyone else thinks of value - this is his shot to run a team, and he's going to do it how he wants. I'm not saying the value was great, but Smith clearly would rather eschew value and get his guy. Throw out the draft chart or Mel Kiper's mock draft. If the same idiots who rip Smith were running the jags, they'd have Michael Crabtree and Derrick Morgan instead of Eugene Monroe and Tyson Alualu. And they'd probably have Tim freaking Tebow at QB. No thanks. In Gene we trust, good times and bad.
  7. I think every league has the owner who only makes the worst trade offers. Never makes a deal unless he's completely ripping off the other guy. Here's the most recent I got from him... McFadden, Darren OAK RB Holmes, Santonio NYJ WR Sims-Walker, Mike JAC WR Dreessen, Joel HOU TE Year 2012 Round 1 Draft Pick (This is a top 5 team in a 32-team league) for: McCoy, LeSean PHI RB Cobb, Randall GBP WR Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR Graham, Jimmy NOS TE
  8. Supposedly Collichio is mega mega mega anal about eliminations, and has it in his contract he gets final say on who stays and who goes, because he doesn't want BS producers determining who wins/loses.
  9. Nooka Watches These are very cool. The better ones are a little closer to $250-300, but still. Very hip imo.
  10. Top 10 what? In value in your eyes? In production? In likely to go down with an injury at any moment? I don't see how you can say Jones is a Top 10 dynasty RB in value if that's what you're implying.I don't see him as a mini-Faulk at all, and I'm guessing you're taking the Mike Martz connection and Jones' ability to catch the ball to the illogical conclusion that Jones is similar to Faulk as a player. If I'm wrong, please correct me. Jones' effectiveness as a runner has been below average for a NFL RB since he came into the league and simply pales in comparison to Faulk's. He may well be an above average receiving back, but he's not even close to Faulk's neighborhood there. But to answer your original question, there are two main reasons I have Kevin Jones where I do: 1. I have zero confidence in his ability to stay healthy. I don't think you can count on Kevin Jones for more than one game at a time, and that is a major problem in dynasty leagues. If you're not put off by his constant injuries, then I'm sure he has more value to you. Personally, I'd find a Kevin Jones lover in your league and wash my hands of him....but that's just me. 2. Despite his reputation as an offensive genius who is great for his RB's value, Mike Martz' use of Jones is simply unacceptable from a dynasty value standpoint. Let's take a look at the last four weeks: four rushes for -4 yards, 11 rushes for 25 yards, 20 rushes for 93 yards, and three rushes for one yard. Thud. That's a recipe for sustained fantasy football failure right there. Martz had the same problem later in his St. Louis career too: he simply abandons the running game and gets pass happy, which leads to losing football games in addition to poor RB production. Keep in mind how he held down Steven Jackson's production while he was in St. Louis as well. It wasn't until after Martz left that Jackson was finally given a regular workload. I agree, Jones isn't Marshall Faulk. Faulk is a hall of famer who scored 20+ TDs. But I do think Jones' last few weeks have had a lot to do with Detroit playing poorly more than his lack of ability.Even so, you take away weeks 1 & 2, he's ahead of guys like: Willie Parker, Frank Gore, LenDale White, Chester Taylor, Thomas Jones, etc. I'm just saying, I think he's undervalued according to this system. He's a solid RB2 imo, for dynasty purposes. I don't see why there's that much trepidation with him, and not say, Brian Westbrook (a PPR beast, who I also think is underrated). Jones started 39 of 48 games from 2004-2006, and that's with rookie issues too. That's pretty durable for a RB. Nobody likes to have a guy who had a lis franc, but I think he's better than where he's listed. Just my .02
  11. You SHOULD go through 26 pages of comments in this thread. IMO, this is probably the best thread in the Shark Pool and worth reading just about every post.OK, I don't have time to go through 26 pages of comments *right now*. Bosses tend to frown on that much time away from work. I do appreciate the thread.
  12. I don't get why Kevin Jones is so low on this list. He's top 10, maybe higher for PPR. Yet he's at the bottom of tier 3? Below Ryan Grant and Earnest Graham? Cmon. I get that the Lions aren't exactly the biggest running team on earth, but I see him like a mini-Marshall Faulk. Sorry if he's already been mentioned, but I didn't want to go through 26 pages of comments.