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  1. I'm planning on upgrading my 360 to either a 1 or a PS4. I'm a light gamer-mostly Madden, NHL, COD, and Battlefield. I also use my current 360 to stream Netflix, HBO Go, etc. Now that the price is same, anyone have any opinions on which way I should go?
  2. I don't follow Casserly closely, so I don't know how reliable he is, but his excerpt doesn't inspire much faith. Flacco, Eli, and Stafford over Wilson? Yikes.
  3. I recently traded him for Andre Johnson. So there are people willing to pay the premium. Andre Johnson isn't really a premium asset in dynasty. I saw that trade and contract league helps a little, but Andre's holdout is a legit one. Kubiak being gone doesn't really help the cause either.
  4. Based on where Lee probably went in the rookie/start-up draft, that is too much for Green IMO. Based on my personal thoughts about Lee, if you prefer Green to Julio at all not a bad price to pay. Julio side for me.
  5. Yes. David Wilson and lamar miller. And those guys were going much higher than michael now. Not really-both those guys had a bigger sample size than Michael. They definitely didn't do less. I thought that both were being overhyped last year so I didn't buy them. However, I would say that as prospects after one year in the NFL, David Wilson was a more attractive asset than Michael is. First round pedigree, actually flashed his rookie season, and had an open path to a starting job. Michael has pretty much the opposite. Obviously things didn't work out with Wilson, maybe (probably?) they will with Michael.
  6. If I were to be draft in a startup, I'd have no problem selecting Michael at 60 overall-I'd go higher than that, top 40. However, I think this is a classic case of ADP not matching market value. Try offering any of the players within 5 spots of Michael on the ADP list, I can nearly guarantee a rejection without a counter.
  7. I must be missing something.
  8. My league just had it's 2015 only devy draft. It's superflex and our lineups/scoring kind of devalue RB, but here it is: 1.01- Jameis Winston 1.02- Todd Gurley 1.03- Amari Cooper 1.04- Marcus Mariota 1.05- Devin Funchess 1.06- Melvin Gordon 1.07- Brett Hundley 1.08- Dorial Green-Beckham 1.09- Stefon Diggs 1.10- Jaelen Strong 1.11- Mike Davis 1.12- Karlos Williams
  9. His ADP in new leagues might only be RB23 but I think that in established leagues, it is much higher. Across most of my leagues and on other boards, he's being valued as a RB1 in my experience.
  10. Start 2 RB league, not TE premium or anything. Give Le'Veon Bell Get Heath Miller, 2015 4th round rookie pick
  11. In that format, assuming PPR, Gio. I figured that would be the case. I am the side getting Jeffery. I inherited an old, mediocre team, tore it down, and wanted to build around WRs. Now with Alshon, I also have Julio, Mike Evans, and Jordan Matthews. RB wise, I still have Le'Veon Bell (though I might move him). I sent this earlier today and it was accepted pretty quickly, so I figured I was probably losing market-wise. I think the addition of Hill takes some of the shine off Gio-still like him but IMO Gio no longer has that top-3 upside. I could be mistaken, of course.
  12. 1/2/2/1/2 Team A gave: Gio Bernard Team B gave: Alshon Jeffery
  13. I think Foles' rookie season is being underrated by a lot here. He stepped in with no practice and into a dumpster fire situation (no McCoy, OL decimated, etc) and performed pretty well for a rookie. Definitely not like Luck was a lot better than him rookie year. Foles could regress from last year and Luck could improve and Foles would still be comfortably ahead. I think Foles is the no-brainer choice in redraft.
  14. Lol no, a late 1st rounder is still a 1st rounder.
  15. I know no one has commented because it seems pretty even but people are bent that this trade went down in my league, I have the harassing emails to prove it. Is 1.12 this year and 2.06-2.09 (2015) for 1.01-03 (2015) for 2.01-03 (2015) that bad? As you can see above the team above is pretty bad and has the 1.12 pick now so will have a later rookie pick. It doesn't seem pretty even, it's an awful trade. There's a reason the guy is picking 1.01.