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  1. I need some advice. I like to follow Davids top 50 perfect draft strategy for 12 teams. He recomends drafting from the top 50 regardless of position but to use common sense and try to draft a balanced team with the first 5 picks. I have found that if I draft 2 or 3 running backs 1 2 3 the remaining receivers are outside the top 50. Should I draft receivers in round 2 or 3 ahead of higher rated backs or should I draft them outside of the top 50 and then resume draft running backs from the top 50 afterwards?
  2. The cheat sheets on this site seem to end after week 16. I'm in a league that has the final playoff game in week 17. Does this site have a week 17 cheat sheet?
  3. Demarco Murray has a lot of upside potential. Bucs don't get into scoring position very often. Touchdowns are limited. They will continue to stack box with rookie quarterback. Should I trade Murray for Martin?
  4. I'm in a 12 team non ppr trading league at work. We start 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers and one flex of r/b w/r or te. In my mock drafts I seem to be able to take 4 running backs with first four picks. Typically they are top 35 players regardless of position. Is this a dumb play if I concentrate on receivers for the rest of the draft? I usually wait on quarterbacks anyway.
  5. I'm in a PPR league that starts 2 running backs, 2 receivers and one flex of either running back, receiver or tightend. I typically draft 2 or 3 running backs and 2 or 3 receivers in my first 5 picks. I dont draft 3 backs or 3 receivers with my first 3 picks. I don't like having my first running back or my first receiver being my 4th pick. Am I wrong in thinking this? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  6. David Dodds has a top 300 ppr, ranking Aaron Rodgers at 30. In his top 300 ppr list factoring in adp he ranks him 32. In MFG custom he ranks him 10th? My league is pretty standard with 4 pts for td. Why the difference? Perhaps I should disregard the MFG custom feature?
  7. Since many high stake leagues have playoffs in weeks 12 and 13, and since there are several teams on bye week in week 12, do you adjust your drafting strategy accordingly?