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  1. Pretty sure he is happy though. Still have to pay other players and stay under cap.
  2. I would vote for Klobucher over the dem candidates as we need more of a centrist dem at this point in time. I really don`t care if the "progressive dems" struggle with her.
  3. Very sad in this day and age. Religion is the root of all evil.
  4. Hard to believe Jackson is 32 already.
  5. Had a wee bit of cocaine in his system well.
  6. Other than workers are minorities allowed in Wrigley?? Whitest crowd I have ever seen...
  7. Yes. IMO this is founded in two questions. SHould we? Of course... in a perfect world we as a nation would feed and shelter all those in need. The reality is that's just not feasable. Every dollar spent on bringing in refugees is one dollar denied Americans in need (like homeless vets). The issue is that, fiscally, we are no longer in a place where we can shoulder this burden ourselves. What is particularly frustrating is when you see neighboring nations like Saudi Arabia sit on resources like the city of Mina (vacant air conditioned tent city capable of housing 3 Million) that they refuse to open to this problem. Saudi's only contribution is $ to build mosques in Europe. OF COURSE..... Bottom Line: This isn't a utopian environment. You can tap dance around it and sugar coat it with moral fluff pieces... but we have finite resources. Are you comfortable knowing one Homeless american vet/child starves or struggles for every Syrian refugee we take in? Need to get our own house in order before taking on more.
  8. How many refugees is Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand taking on? Everybody doing their share?
  9. Change the title. "Two black cops murder 6 year old white boy" That will get you more hits..
  10. I am backing the teachers here in Clock-Gate. Sad to say but it is the age we live in. With school shootings, church shootings, subway and marathon bombers, the media pushing ISIS bombings and attacks all school staffs can`t be careful enough.
  11. I think he needs a weekend trip to Gitmo to answer a few questions.