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  1. Keep an eye on Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham.
  2. Uh oh...Bruce is mad! Let me're upset I left Hitler off the list, right? Naw man. All in fun. Serious question though: how long did it take you to compile that list? The list was epic.Edit: Seriously, if that list were a football player, it'd be ODB!
  3. No one's "against him." I think everyone agrees he's having one hell of a season and he's terrifically talented. Some just aren't ready to anoint him the next coming of Jerry Rice/Randy Moss/ Jesus Christ/ Julius Caesar/ Alexander the Great/ Abraham Lincoln/ Martin Luther King, Jr./ George Washington/ the prophet Muhammad/ Thomas Jefferson/ Isaac Newton/ William Shakespeare/ Charlemagne/ Teddy Roosevelt/ Mozart/ Aristotle/ Leonardo da Vinci/ Benjamin Franklin/ Ptolemy/ King David/ Akhenaton/ Plato/ Saint Peter/ Genghis Khan/ Buddha/ Louis XIV/ Albert Einstein/ Augustus/ Winston Churchill/ Mohandas Gandhi/ Napoleon Bonaparte/ Nelson Mandela/ Descartes/ Saladin/ William the Conqueror/ Robert E. Lee/ Gandalf/ Darth Vader/ Mickey Mouse/ Charles V/ Bob Hope/ Michelangelo/ Sun Tzu/ Thomas Edison/ Galileo/ Bill Murray, or even the next Michael Irvin, Marvin Harrison, or Cris Carter. This is easily the stupidest, most uselessly childish post I have ever read on a message board. In the future please refrain from your pathetic attempt at comedy and see a psychiatrist. Not a psychologist, because you're gonna need some drugs.
  4. This is such a great post. Some people need to relax a bit. "What a complete and utter beast." "He's unstoppable." "He was absolutely the difference for me in my matchup this week. Single handedly won it for me." "A man amongst boys" "Thoroughbred" "HOLY #### IN LOVE" "My goodness...what a badass" ":boner:" "What the hell else can we even say in here? Speechless" I think he's having a great season. But we've seen talent like this before. First of all, stop with the Cruz comparisons. Every knowledgeable poster knew he benefitted from a TON of fluke plays. And stop with the Nicks comps while we are at it. Right now ODB is 9 yds shorts of Nicks' best season ever. And to the argument about the league adjusting, why didn't they adjust to Calvin or AJ or Demayius? The NFL does adjust but there are certain players who are gonna get theirs every week simply because they are the best talent on the field. Every team has schemed to take ODB out of the game and he still dominates. He's just that good.
  5. Do you realize how ridiculous this sounds? Alabama has a lot of guys drafted and drafted highly because they have a lot of very good players who are worthy of being drafted. The NFL doesn't care they go to Alabama or that Saban is their coach. If you want to spend a top 3 pick on a wr that has been described as "not a burner" and "not a matchup nightmare" then go ahead. There's dead money at every poker table. But it's like ole Freddy Nietzsche said, "If you want to make the crowd yell hallelujah you must first ride into town on an ###".
  6. Y'all remember when the original ODB changed his name to Big Baby Jesus? How gangsta would it be if Beckham followed suit. Beckham Evan Edit: Watkins Benjamin Beckham just has that "it" factor. And if Dirty want his money, I think y'all should give him his money.
  7. This thread is filled to the brim with full #######. One should NEVER go full #######. Seriously, one particular poster should take up crochet. Or at least needle point.
  8. Julio was the last Alabama WR drafted in the top 3 rounds. I wasn't strictly speaking of wrs. Since 2012 Alabama first rounders are Trent Richardson, Mark Barron, Dre Kirkpatrick, Donta Hightower, DJ Fluker, Chance Warmack, Dee Milliner, CJ Mosley and Haha Clinton-Dix. There are no difference makers listed here. But if you listen to draftniks they will tell you the Tide has future pro bowlers all up and down the roster. I remember when Wade Philips was hired as the Texan's dc. He said Kareem Jackson had the worst fundamentals he'd ever seen. This is a first rounder personally coached by Nick Saban. If you think every player will succeed/fail based on their own merits I agree. They do. I'm saying Alabama players get pushed up the draft board not based on their merits. In my opinion this is a trend.
  9. I'd personally take four wrs from this class over Cooper. When Kiper says "he's not a burner or an impossible matchup", that says a lot. Watkins, Evans, Beckham and Benjamin are those things. Then there's the three games he didn't go over 100 yds. Ole Miss has a good secondary but LSU's secondary was shredded by Miss St and Auburn. Pat Peterson ain't walkin through that door. I don't believe Arkansas has a legitimate NFL prospect in their secondary. And keep in mind every defense's primary objective when playing Bama is to stop the run. Basically what this means is Cooper hasn't taken over in a big game. Lastly, there's the Bama Bump. Alabama players are always overvalued. And I'm not just talking about for fantasy football purposes. Think about all the Bama players drafted recently. How many met the expectations relative to their draft position? There are many more misses than hits.
  10. Les Snead is an Auburn grad from Eufala. Jeff Fisher's son Trent plays on the Auburn team. They know exactly what they drafted. Mason steals Stacy's cookies by week 5.
  11. Not to nitpick but Auburn's o-line was the exact same the last two years with the exception of rt. Patrick Miller played the majority of 2012, Avery Young beat him out last year. It's amazing the difference a good coach makes. With the exception of Big Greg, they're all back this year too.
  12. If you want to know about Mason's work ethic watch some tape of him two years ago when Auburn goes 3-9. He was the only player on the team that didn't mentally check out. He consistently did the most with an apathetic team than anyone I can remember. He does get walked down a lot but he rarely gets stopped for a loss. Yeah he rarely catches passes but that's got a lot to do with Malzahn's system. The speed backs (Onterrio Mccalebb, Corey Grant) are usually the rbs catching passes. Also the reason he isn't known as a good blocker is because Auburn's offense was devastating using play action. I personally think he's the second best RB in this class behind Jeremy Hill, but Mason is much safer in my opinion.
  13. For people needing wr help remember this name: D'haquille Williams.
  14. A name to keep on your radar is D'haquille Williams. He's been almost a mythological urban legend since 8th grade. He's a juco guy now that'll probably end up at LSU or Auburn and most agree hes a one and done. Most scouts agree he's a better prospect now than Cordarrelle Patterson. He has major character issues but is the real deal talent wise.
  15. Four carries in one drive in his very first action as a pro and people are calling him a bust. I will reserve judgment for a bit.