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  1. Never heard of victreebel
  2. did you get her number yet?
  3. have you started looking at engagement rings? perhaps surprise her with a necklace that has her kids birthstones in it?
  4. starting to lean towards Jamie-Lynn Sigler
  5. that should even the playing field a bit.. intentional move
  6. prettier face takes us into kate beckinsale territory
  7. think I got this season wrapped up folks Winston /Bortles Charles/Freeman/Gore/Riddick/Woodhead Austin/Fitz/DGB/JULIO/Wallace
  8. from your description and finding an actress that closely resembles her. ive concluded with Evangeline Lilly
  9. has anyone tried kodi? I heard it gives free Netflix and hulu + nfl ticket??!!
  10. looks cool too lazy to try it though. ill stick with the modded wii its pretty much the same thing
  11. whats the max SD this thing will recognize?
  12. I binge watched it also. great stuff
  13. health wise you are better off sitting than standing in a spot for hours. now if you throw a treadmill into the equation you can eat 5 extra donuts a day and wont show any signs of getting fat