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  1. Michael is probably busy eating the manjuice out of korea patience he has a gimpy leg
  2. losing the interest on getting chests and daily crown chest. they need to fix these tournaments somehow bc ladder is useless
  3. heading to Iberostar Paraiso Beach this weekend anyone been? is it okay to leave the resort with kids etc ? don't know what the Mexican cities are like & im sure an american baby goes for a lot down there on the black market
  4. tournaments are all luck to get into, you have to spam the refresh and constantly click join on anything you see. most the time you get into a 3 day tournament and leave bc its 3 days for 30 cards
  5. I feel like this game is losing a lot of steam hard to get into tournaments and the ladder is a joke
  6. just caught a Raticate CP??? at my desk
  7. Ariana has been replaced Say hello to Madison Beer
  8. practice your fanny cough
  9. I would avoid the water, and just chomp until your jaw breaks you see my avatar? study it take notes goodluck
  10. got this on sale for $20 its actually pretty good and the range is a few hundred feet apparently it floats too .. will report back
  11. start['spoiler]' test /spoiler wow u cant delete posts anymore?
  12. [Star Wars spoilers](#s "Yoda gets Darth Vader pregnant")
  13. how are you doing hidden comments? I want to reply without spoiling