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  1. try The Beast for krypton its a pretty good build. I believe titanium is still working on their krypton build 'ether'
  2. do you guys subscribe to sites like vegasinsider and I see they give free picks out daily don't know if they are complete garbage or what vegasinsider did have ncstate last night for 3 units
  3. so newer > high miles ?
  4. saw this on reddit looks tempting NC State @ Georgia Tech -5.5, NC state is getting pummeled these last few games and the coach was fired. Tell me why this team isn't done for. GT is fighting for a tournament spot. its down to -4.5 now
  5. Drama & Sports ? Glad I joined the thread Entertaining stuff chaps
  6. Best Buy supervisor by day copywrite lawyer by night? was just completely random she even said that. Add in the whole flagging people
  7. Just went to Best Buy and picked up two fire sticks supervisor there said limit two per customer because people are jail breaking them and that they are flagging people cause according to her it's illegal