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  1. Android boxes: Middlesbrough man to be first to be prosecuted for selling streaming kits if you don't have one now might be the time to buy
  2. so I have a 100%IV snorlax zen headbutt & hyperbeam only problem is his weight 317 (XS) does the weight make him ####ty as a defender or attacker? I did the appraisal and the dude was talkn #### about my snorlax weight should I bother powering him up?
  3. looks like Miami may be the best option
  4. goto 7-11 grab a bag of Cheetos - rip it open goto the nacho self serve bar fill the bag with chili jalapenos cheese & sour cream if you want grab fork bon appetite possibly grab some Mylanta on your way out
  5. What's the majority like here Chi -3. Phi +3 ???
  6. on 11 February 1490, at age 15, she married Francesco Gonzaga hoar
  7. D'ESTA not even sure how you pronounce this one
  8. I have this one Linksys-AC1900 looks like yours is the better deal
  9. I caught a 100 IV eevee mutated into a vaporeon watergun/aqua tail was thinking of keeping 1 of each pokemon I don't use with the highest IV.. not sure how useful that really is. half of them ill never use
  10. which router?
  11. has anyone tried to get kodi on a raspberry or something similar? not sure how the wifi will handle the stream going upstairs in my house