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  1. that movie made me feel bad for warren
  2. makes him avoid towers since hes pushed to the side by the skeles hides hog a bit hog hides a ton of skeles. eats a tower in seconds if it gets through
  3. ive been seeing them more since the patch trying to stay away from high elixir cards now that im not using pump anymore
  4. pretty good vid about skele pushing the hog made by pong
  5. how are you coming across these movies? just randomly selecting them?
  6. Dark Sun Shattered Lands 4.7/5 Platforms: DOS, MS-DOS Initial release date: 1993 I remember paying $90 to buy this game on 6 floppys
  7. I agree we really do need a pic of Angie. or at least a sketch from one of those doodle artists on the pier
  8. I tried the pron out and just got a bunch of dead streams
  9. what are you guys using 50% of the time? I find myself in exodus pretty much 24/7. haven't found much of a need to venture out and explore
  10. going as Michael for halloween
  11. my buddy just got a firestick and he had es explorer too.. I searched but couldn't find it all good im up and running
  12. titanium is pretty bad ###.i didn't realize what I was missing out on. only problem I have now is there's so much content to sort through I don't know what im missing out on no buffering issues with the new firestick so far, I can notice the speed increase while navigating the menus