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  1. I think the subtitle vulnerability is a scare tactic honestly. I think krypton 17 offers an update check automatically? Atleast mine seemed to before I added titanium
  2. well im just some random dude on the internet so its up to you I was able to get a decent fridge for my garage for $100 from a friend. probably a bunch on CL around that price
  3. I have no clue. if that were the case you'd think thered be some type of warning written on it and all fridges would need to be properly disposed of. im guessing if anything maybe it was vacuum sealed like the yeti growlers? I wouldn't worry about it
  4. they use duct tape on space shuttles so I think youll be good to go. did you clean the surface and make it smooth before adding duct tape
  5. I actually saw those images early this morning on an UK news site so I don't know who leaked it first
  6. the leaked imaged are still on NY Times website why wouldn't they have been pulled by now
  7. post a pic I came here to recommend duct tape looks like you got that taken care of
  8. new pizza shop near me has super greasy pizza. Like you could put a few paper towels on each slice just to dry it off. What in the pizza is causing all that ? Guessing its the sauce?!
  9. it isn't as expensive as I thought. guess I wont be going to wegmans anymore for the deli
  10. just build an addition and have a year round indoor pool
  11. I Havnt gone down the iptv path yet currently running basic cable & internet $80 Kodi netflix Hulu & Prime working out pretty well. Saving $100 a month on crap I wasn't watching
  12. Kodi with iptv service new monthly bill internet ($70) + iptv ($15) = all channels including ppv and enough pr0n until your penis breaks
  13. I wanted to add steelmanville rd to my list but couldn't find it in imdb never mind I guess I did have it on my list. still cant find it though w/e
  14. has anyone tried the Costco deli meat? I haven't bought it but always wondered why its so expensive.
  15. fender bender - Saw @Scoresman review this one and I pretty much agree with everything he said. Decent, fun slasher hounds of love Aussie movie about child predators searching for their next victim. Slow movie but it was good. It seems to be getting some rave reviews in some places. 3.5/5 last shift A rookie cop's 1st shift in the last night of a closing police station alone turns into a living nightmare. That pretty much sums it up. There were some decent jump scenes in this one and a good ending. Enjoyed this one more than hounds of love 3.7/5 last house on the left (2009) We've all seen this movie & If you haven't then you need to. Solid remake 4/5 house of wax Paris Hilton & Elisha Cuthbert. Movie is a typical teen horror flick with a bit more graphic scenes. I don't mind looking at Elisha and Paris. Pretty good violence and gore. Its kind of like Chainsaw Massacre meets Deliverance 3.5/5 The Snowtown Murders This one was a little disturbing because its based on true events. IMDB has it categorized as a bio/crime/drama but id say there's a bit horror to be in that situation. My wife woke up to the gay rape scene so beware Based on true events, 16 year-old Jamie falls in with his mother's new boyfriend and his crowd of self-appointed neighborhood watchmen, a relationship that leads to a spree of torture and murder. 4/5 New movies on my watch list The Keepers 2017 Netflix mini Series The windmill 2016 Siren 2016 Don’t hang up 2016 The neighbor 2016 Spring 2014 The roost 2005 Deathgasm 2015 From the dark 2014 preservation ravenous 1999 Inner demons Hollows grove 2014 Apocalyptic 2014 Dark mountain 2013 Come back to me 2014 Phoenix forgotten Steelmanville road Bad ben 909 experiment 2000 The rake 2011