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  1. just caught a Raticate CP??? at my desk
  2. Ariana has been replaced Say hello to Madison Beer
  3. practice your fanny cough
  4. I would avoid the water, and just chomp until your jaw breaks you see my avatar? study it take notes goodluck
  5. got this on sale for $20 its actually pretty good and the range is a few hundred feet apparently it floats too .. will report back
  6. start['spoiler]' test /spoiler wow u cant delete posts anymore?
  7. [Star Wars spoilers](#s "Yoda gets Darth Vader pregnant")
  8. how are you doing hidden comments? I want to reply without spoiling
  9. sounds pretty good will try that I made a seafood paella with the zoodles. just chopped them fine into rice size did all the typical paella veggies let them reduce, added shrimp scallops mussels, some chicken stock then finished with the zoodlerice.
  10. id say its on the scale of x files with a few parts being a tad more scary than regular tv for a 12 yo. but honestly I think he'd be can tell when the scary parts are coming so he can turn away or whatever
  11. only issue is the amount of water that comes out of zucchini
  12. or chop em up like rice and stir fry
  13. I gave up looking for the koozies . yeah I was reselling and giving as gifts