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  1. this week's ranking article is free if you register it's probably going to be the last rankings update until post Week 1 regular season
  2. Nassib and Anthony Fabiano got into it a little before the Giants game. Fabiano, a Harvard grad, points out that 10% is not always a given. In fact, over the past 90 years getting a return of exactly 8-10% out of the equity market never happened once. But Nassib, with his Syracuse/Tony Robbins pedigree, is at least historically correct. There have been years when the market returns 35% and that happened 9 times over the last 90 years. It's a volatile beast but over 90 years, 10% is about right. And at an average of 10%, money does double every 7 years. It's easy to be a pessimist and say the past was the good old days and that never happens again but there's not really an alternative place to put all the money in the FIRE economy. Every mortgage payment, every insurance check, it all has to go somewhere. for those looking for a TL:DR; put your money in S&P index fund (low fees) and don't look at how it's doing. Advantage: Nassib.
  3. New rankings, Preseason Week 2 for subscribers Note this was written before Thursday night games.
  4. just finished watching the game and agree on most observations. I can't give away all my training camp report content but interesting the first team oL was left in the game even after Dalton left the game. They just need to gel. also agree RG Is probably the weak spot but if they can find a lineup and stick with it they can climb the ranks quickly.
  5. Hart is not particularly athletic getting to the 2nd level in the way that say Brian O'Neill fits the zone scheme. That being said lists Hart at 316 (down from his 330) and he's been doing fine in practice. Cordy Glenn at LT might actually be the bigger concern than RT.
  6. Bobby Hart got railroaded by the Giants' local media after his tweet war with Geoff Schwartz, who called Hart a locker room cancer. It might be overstating the severity but as you say reclamation projects seem to have support system in Cinci. looking at the Bengals' depth chart, Fisher listed as backup LT, Ogbuehi as backup RT. That's where they probably should have been the whole time.
  7. this is a great idea, i'll take some notes during preseason week 1 games and see what sort of differentiation can be made. I suspect everyone tries to run everything. 32 entries of "Hybrid" wouldn't be that exciting.
  8. Bobby Hart winning the RT job from Jake Fisher isn't good news for the front office but could be good news for the line. Hart is an underrated player and more of a prototypical RT than Fisher (335 vs 310). Hart played hurt last season and his season fell apart but his form from a couple seasons ago was promising. He's still only 23.
  9. the rankings article is up for subscribers
  10. Fluker grades as a 3.5 Run blocking 2.5 pass blocking for an overall grade of 3 (B in grade terms) or "Good." He's better than many starters but not a borderline or former Pro Bowl (3.5) or a Current Pro Bowl (4) or all Pro (4.5). Fluker played 2017 on the Giants (was with San Diego in 2016), I could go back through the archives for SD stuff (it seems so far away) but he was a bright spot on a bad Giants line last year. In terms of what they had his size can't be overstated. He's 30 pounds heavier than Ifedi and Odhiambo and 45 pounds heavier than Pocic. Similar to James Carpenter (another Bama prospect) but even more violent in the run game. He's also a veteran not prone to penalties like Ifedi (who could lose his job to George Fant if he can't cut out the flags). The Tom Cable question is interesting. He remains a genius and highly paid. He carries a 4.5 grade on my OL coach grades (yes that's a thing). He is creative and can develop UDFA into starters. However, he tinkers with the lineup endlessly and it can hurt the team in the long run. The Seahawks pass protection issues can be traced in some part to having players in unfamiliar positions etc. Mike Solari won't have to be as creative, Duane Brown just signed a big deal and Fluker is also going nowhere soon. The lineup is firming up. As for Cable, he is now with an OAK unit that has 4 out of 5 positions solid and they will hopefully limit his mad science to the long-term RT project (assuming Kolton Miller swaps to LT after this season) and the 2nd team line (Vadal Alexander, Brandon Parker, David Sharpe, Jylan Ware) all need coaching.
  11. The OL perspective the Seahawks added D.J. Fluker who is a mauler. Next to Ifedi that could be a good power right side. Tom Cable is gone the line should have more cohesion. Take those moves with the drafting of Penny in rd1 (high but a historic RB crop), it's a signal the franchise wants to emphasize the running game, perhaps to take pressure off Wilson. the million $$$ Question is will it work? I can't predict yards or td with any certainty but the powers that be want it to work and will give this player every possible chance to make it work.
  12. "And at the end of the first quarter, it's Cleveland -2, the Jets -1."
  13. The Seattle breakdown is below. Not in the graphic is the return of George Fant who can either displace Ifedi at RT or be the best swing tackle in the league. Solari is an upgrade in the ranks but only marginally. The real improvement will be when the cohesion grade rises to 5 (its currently 4, a full point deduction for the DJ Fluker swap out). Cable swapped these guys around tough to build any trust. Jordan Roos I am only familiar with due to his KOR wedge duties. Cable used to love UDFA guys it's not clear how Solari feels about it. bringing on Fluker makes it tougher for him to actually get a starting gig with Seattle. Maybe he factors into the Pocic/Odhiambo mix at backup guard or maybe as a backup to Britt at C but could also be a camp casualty.
  14. Kelly is the swing guy and most likely to get that start if Conklin can't go. Pampfile is more of a guard of late but he has started a ton of games at RT. Spain is in trouble with these coaches, don't shoot the messenger. He's not really a ZBS guy. Marz is an interesting taxi squad type but has never officially been on TEN 53 man's roster. Good name to watch though. Since 2013 this is the lowest grade I've had on any OL at this point in the process. IT's not even losing Glenn, who didn't start much it's Incognito and Wood their two best OL and they didn't replace. I like Wyatt Teller btw but 5th round isn't usually immediate help. Someone else can speak on their QB and passing game but purely 5 guys on the OL it's the lowest grade I've calculated in 5 years. Bills fans please don't shoot the messenger. Agreed. The Lions line is one of the few where all 5 starters grade out B or better. They don't have any super elite talent and lose a full point of cohesion for the Frank Ragnow swap out at LG/C but if they stay healthy could be top-tier by week 5 or so, once the cohesion grade settles.