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  1. Scary to think we might have our first real football person evaluating players and talent at Redskins Park. Much to be done, but will love to see where it starts and where along the way we get to...
  2. How much more can this team be distracted? Unless there is serious change, doubt it hurts them...probably fits right in with the circus at Redskins Park!
  3. I'm pretty sure the "Nobody wants to win more than Dan Snyder does" crap we hear every year is just a marketing slogan. The team's making money hand over fist. The only qualities looked for in hiring for the front office or head coach are 1)famous name, and/or 2)comfort level for Snyder. Winning certainly isn't sought. I don't buy that. Snyder is a Redskins fan first. That's why he bought the team when he had the resources to do so. I think losing and producing a bad product pisses him off too. If he didn't truly care about winning and was just about the bottom line, the team would have low payroll, wouldn't be firing/hiring coaches constantly, etc. Not saying his way is the right way, but to say he's not trying to win and just cares about $ is wrong IMO. It's not incentive enough because his pockets matter more than the fan in him. So far everything else is working for him. If WINNING really mattered to him, he'd scrap his way and actually have a front office that was in the traditional mold that basically ALL the other NFL teams run. He's successful in every way except for "ON THE FIELD."
  4. Redskins are the 4th highest revenue in NFL, so why change anything...Snyder's pockets are getting filled more than adequately with being a loser on the field. Nothing will change until the flow of incoming money takes a hit. Sad and unfortunate as it it is, it's the truth of the situation at hand
  5. Washington media who bash Redskins on normal basis, now are holding Redskins to task...asked very pointed questions to Allen about team and performance of Front Office. Of course, when Allen isn't fulfilling his part time drinker criteria, he is a part politician. Basically evaded any real answers and left everyone with scratching their heads.
  6. After the press conference, we are 4 -13 for the season or 0 - 1 for the off-season.
  7. I don't see much coming from this. If it was going to be an impactful presser, you wouldn't hold it on New Year's Eve. The best time to get washed up in the news cycle is on Friday afternoons and Holidays. I have zero expectations for anything good today. Yeah, maybe he'll just wish everyone a Happy New Year and announce that you can get season tickets for a 2% discount if you act within a week -- that is, if there are not too many people on the "waiting list." I think he'll announce that tonight is the team's first Annual New Year's Fest. Fans can come out to FedEx and check out the teams gold pants and hang out with alumni. That's all Allen is good for anyway. I'll add he'll also offer to tailgate before the event with fans in the parking lot if they bring the alcohol!
  8. Same exact crap that we needed last year, most teams fill at least one need per draft...then again, we are NOT "most teams"
  9. Doubt it! Organization lacks accountability on all levels, so they cannot even honestly evaluate themselves from top to bottom.
  10. 4-12 team and for some reason seems content to just sit and wait things out. Waiting for anger to subside and then tell us, no new GM and Haz stays. F'n Snyder!!!!
  11. If Haslett stays, I am DONE. To me it will be a sad end of a love relationship that I cannot endure any longer. The reasoning is simple, means this organization is not about winning and holding those responsible accountable. Plain and simple, not trying to sugar coat it or over sell it...just the bare bones heart and soul of the matter and unfortunately the breaking point. Not meant to be a ultimatum, but probably comes across that way.
  12. As they say in the UFC..."IT'S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!"
  13. This poor guy...he had better time with no QB in OAK than with Eli, who throws balls to defenders like it's his job to do it.
  14. The cool, seems like you've already thought this thing through. I asked cause I have KB but in a true Dynasty. You are sitting pretty then, true dynasty would make any KB owner giddy with his first year performance.
  15. Any Gordon owner at this point is like a kid on X-Mas eve...week 12 (X-Mas) is almost here!!!