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  1. As they say in the UFC..."IT'S TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!"
  2. This poor guy...he had better time with no QB in OAK than with Eli, who throws balls to defenders like it's his job to do it.
  3. The cool, seems like you've already thought this thing through. I asked cause I have KB but in a true Dynasty. You are sitting pretty then, true dynasty would make any KB owner giddy with his first year performance.
  4. Any Gordon owner at this point is like a kid on X-Mas eve...week 12 (X-Mas) is almost here!!!
  5. Mike Evans better FF WR for the rest of the way now that McCown is throwing it than Kevlin B and Cam throwing it at this point? I was riding Kelvin much of the season, but between targets diminishing and drops. Any thoughts?
  6. Seriously thinking of starting him over Shady McCoy this week with Robinson and Thomas being out again.
  7. Can't stare down receivers in the NFL and get away with it. Kirk Cousins makes it easy for DBs and his INT totals for his 8 starts shows it.
  8. Interesting how Sproles can pop off 10 or 25 yard runs with the same offensive line, while McCoy slashes and jukes his way to 1 yard break aways.
  9. It is funny though as two weeks in a row, I go to catch up on where my team is standing in scoring and he is sitting with 1 point. I refresh and refresh, cuz it can't be RB with 1 point and they are in the second half of their game? Yep, its right...yep, its that bad.
  10. You forgot to put that the organization lost faith in him by giving him a new contract/extension this past off season.
  11. Dude's had one hamstring injury in his career. Don't you think the "weak hammies" talk is a little premature? If one hamstring injury means a guy has weak hammies, that must mean you're selling Calvin Johnson everywhere, right? Dez Bryant has had minor hamstring issues in 2010, 2012, and 2013. Hamstring injuries are pretty common. Most players don't become Miles Austin. I think lod01 was trying to be cute with the way he worded this but I have owned Reed since the start. His concussion history is common knowledge. The rest, it's not just the hammy injury, he always has something ailing it seems and he hasn't shown he will play through any injury. This is unfortunately true for all practical purposes...
  12. yes, nice anonymous quotes after the fact.Desean definitely did not have many friends on the team, but I do not see how he prevented them from winning. Anonymous or not, there haven't been any reports of him being missed. Here's the full quote: That's false on the missing part. McCoy said he would be missed and he was a major weapon for the team. He said he is the best deep threat the game has and the front office must have some kind of plan to let a player like that go.
  13. Nah, that is a west coast thing. There are just a lot of guys that look like this leaving the stadiums in the NFC East.
  14. Honesty, I love it! My first thoughts when DeSean was released was, at least we don't have to see him twice a year anymore. So I can sympathize with you on the " i wish Desean had landed somewhere outside our division" statement.
  15. As I have told both of my boyz while they were growing up: You don't have to be a Redskins fan, you can choose from any of the 31 teams in the NFL. When I say this, someone always points out that there are actually 32. My reply is "I know, but the Cowboys are not an option."