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  1. Eagle fans ITT sounding just like Packer fans before we knocked them out and Viking fans before we knocked them out. Eagles next in line for demolition.
  2. Vector

    Lions vs Packers - Week 17

    Patricia wants to get fired and out of Detroit.
  3. The word for today is.... Aggression!
  4. Expecting Shaheen to contribute Sunday night using some looks the Viqueens haven't seen.
  5. Mack did not play last week, he was inactive.
  6. Just a reminder, the last time the Raiders had the number one pick in the draft... they selected Jamarcus Russell. Good luck!
  7. Vector

    Derek Carr...Lost in the shuffle? Big 4?

    I could never have a quarterback who wears mascara.
  8. Bears put a waiver claim in along with the Packers, Giants, Ravens and Titans. Giants got him.
  9. He was their starting RG all last year. He's pretty good, would be good addition for OLine depth and won't be overly expensive IMO
  10. Rams released Jamon Brown to make room for Fowler. Kyle Long replacement?